Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sundays Are For Updates

The world turns on and so do our constant efforts!

John bestowing updates on eager traveling blog-readers

What's Up With Writing

Sphere Augments are completed for the Mortal level! This actually didn't take the majority of our time as much as setting up future stuff. Because there are going to be other Spheres in the future past the core book, and we want to make sure everything is balanced so they don't end up being weird things that get stapled on later and don't match, designing Sphere Augments meant also figuring out what the Augments of the future would be. So annoying for you guys because it took some extra time and you won't see it for a while, but the good news is that means it's balanced and in the future it'll already be done.

We also did that with some Blessing types that cross different Spheres, so you'll see recurring themes in some Spheres. So if you wonder "hey, why do two Spheres have THIS Blessing but these other three have THIS one," it's because they're balanced across the Spheres of the Future. Which hopefully will be available sooner than later but every time anyone says that both of us just wave desperately at the core book.

Next up are fixing some busted Divine Favors (thanks to playtesters helpfully abusing them for us!), Devotional go-overs and checking old math on things like durability, damage, and players throwing themselves off roofs.

This last week we also did some work on the Call to Adventure, which you folks may remember is the quickstart small adventure for the game to give people a try-out of the system and its concepts. HJ is... not an uncomplicated game. It has a lot of stuff going on in it. So we did a lot of work on getting the Call to a more simplified and easy to pick up form.

Congratulations, you rolled so high you also got a goat!

What's Up With Playtesting

A new player finished creation and is joining Team Basilisk: Adrian Caius!

Adrian Caius - accountant firm who works for amy's father (legal side of the business, stocks and such), when father started getting indicted he was in legal trouble as well (he may not have done it but he knew there was shady stuff going on); started having prophecies about the coming of the age of heroes, so he went to psych eval instead of jail, spent a few years trying to appear normal to be declared rehabbed, recently released... then meets Thoth a few days later

Adrian is an unassuming little man who spent most of his adult life in an unassuming occupation: accounting. But he happened to work for someone who happened not to be particularly scrupulous; as accountant to a semi-famous drug smuggler, his comfortable career ended when his boss was indicted and he was brought under legal fire as well (and while he never doctored anything himself, he couldn't quite claim that he didn't know something shady was going on). However, he had recently begun having disturbing dreams, which he became convinced were prophecies about an impending Age of Heroes, and he was sent for psychiatric treatment instead of being imprisoned. After a long period of learning to think of his dreams as mere psychiatric aberrations, he was released...

...only to immediately meet concrete proof in the shape of the Egyptian god Thoth, who informed him that there was more at work than he had any way of knowing, and neatly destroyed his idea of living any kind of a normal life.

Adrian, in spite of his rocky path toward heroism so far, brings a much-needed intellectualism to the group, and is ready to shine in matters of magic, creativity, and seeing a solution that his fellows might not. Assuming that any of them figure out how to trust one another in time!

Relief carvers immortalize Team Basilisk on parade

The Personal Stuff

Anne says she went to the doctor but even though I waited in doctor waiting rooms, I'm pretty sure instead she was going to Fight Club, because she kept coming back with giant bruises and less blood than she went in with. She says this is the result of "tests" but I await the day when we retire from our day jobs because she just won the MMA championship.

She's on doctor's orders to type only as much as is "professionally necessary", which she interprets as day job and HJ only, but she's trying to cut it down so she might be around a little less. We have giant whiteboards, which are big enough for my terribad handwriting so I can do the writing for her for a while and we can keep working.

Artist's depiction of Anne preparing to come down from an elephant and destroy her challenger

Anne says she's short on blog questions and she wants to try out her voice to text writing software to see how well it goes, so if you want weird robot posts, she's taking suggestions. Until next time!


  1. I'd still love a post about the Greco-Roman conceptual deities, particularly why so many of them were feminine in a patriarchal society.

    Perhaps a blog about American history in this new world, particularly how the different religions would effect regions of HJ universe and the politics. What of the four dominant religions in HJ are a minority ... which are a political minority, etc.

    How about a post about the thunder dieties, as a what if post, if the four of them went out drinking (Thor, Zeus, Set, and Indra) what happens?

    1. These are great ideas! I'll put them in the queue. :)

  2. I think I might have mentioned this before but an update post about Augments would be great... we did get one ages ago about how Augments modify Blessings... but a lot of the ones in the spoilt Aspect trees are doing a hell of a lot more than that :D

  3. If I can make a request...something on the Pantheons and Gods/Goddesses of Mongolia, Vietnam, and/or Korea, would be cool. It's hard to find anything concrete about those countries, and their Gods would be an interesting addition to any campaign.

    1. Awesome idea (and yeah, they're hard to find information on, particularly in English, I feel your pain).