Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mechanics Talk: Explain to Me How to Warrior

And so we finally come to the last of the Aspects that we haven't yet covered - the indomitable Warriors, who are out there punching the bad guys and jumping off of tall structures. They're about fighting, true, and nobody's better at it than they are, but they're also about physical championship and skill, feats of strength, and pushing past the barriers that normally constrain peoples' bodies. With style, of course.

What do you do on your adventures and for your group when you have Warrior?

Running, Jumping, and Climbing Trees: Warriors are badasses at sports of all kinds - competing, sure, but also just everyday adventuring stuff. They climb cliffs and trees, they jump over and through things, they throw things distances or catch them when they're coming in, the lift heavy things and move them around and they hurl their companions piggy-back and run them personally out of danger. They can succeed in athletic pursuits even if they've never been athletes themselves - or if they are, they're really, really good ones. People who climb the roofs and jump between cars are usually Warriors, or at least they probably wish they were when it comes time for that roll.

Good Old Fashioned Beatdowns: Some problems just have to be solved with violence when all else fails, and Warriors are the people who are good at that. They have a lot of different options for subduing or succeeding in a violent situation - of course, they can just punch enemies into submission, but they also have a nice selection of Blessings to let them take other semi-violent physical actions, including wrestling and restraining people physically, crippling people with physical injuries that slow or stop them without hurting them too much, or just knocking them down with nonlethal force so they can think about their decision to pursue this line of anti-Hero misbehavior. Of course, they get kicked around a lot in the process, too, but they're good at tilting the odds in their favor so that they stay up longer than the other guy.

Murder Time: Every Hero has the option for the most final of solutions, but Warriors are the best when it comes to literally killing enemies. They usually do so with weapons, which they can use with deadly skill and force, although they can go the slow bare-knuckles route, too; other Aspects have their dangerous moments, but nobody is just a literal menace to life without needing any extra skills or powers like a Warrior is. Of course, lots of groups like to try to solve their problems in ways that don't involve murder, but sometimes, when the giant monster piranha wants to eat you, there just isn't any other way of discouraging it.

What Are Warriors Effortless At? Warriors are the pinnacle of physical awesomeness, which means that whatever physical pursuits they're pursuing, they're generally better at them. They lift heavy things more easily, jump and climb and flex more naturally, throw things farther, hit things harder. They don't even know they're doing it, or if they do, they just know they can bring their force to bear when they need it, and they're better at it by far than people who don't have their physical skill. Anybody can pick up a little physical force buffing in the web, but Warriors have access to more of it just by virtue of being themselves. When you need someone to strain a muscle or two, they're the best bet.

What Are the Downsides of Warriors? Warriors are incredible at what they do, but their skillset is one of the more limited ones in the game. They are great at problems that can be thrashed into submission, jumped over, or hurled missiles at, but after that point they kind of run out of problem-solving skills. Warriors also rely on non-Aspect stats - Defense and health boxes - more than do some of the other Aspects, just as a function of how often they're in combat or otherwise doing things that might bash them around a little, so they tend to feel more pressure to make sure they shore those things up via the webs.

Warriors in the playtests are, of course, busy punching the bad guys and attempting to save the day as a result, but they've also done some awesome other things lately, too, including dragging struggling mortal bystanders out of magical whirlpools, wrestling reptiles into submission for magical breeding programs, jumping from roof to roof in order to escape pursuing motorcyclists, and destroying invading monsters before they can continue to injure people in the local area. So many points of Brawn have been sent off into the aether, never to return.

The Talents under the Warrior umbrella are Athleticism, Brawn, Unarmed, and Weaponry; Unarmed and Weaponry can at first glance seem similar since they're both concerned with visiting mayhem on an opponent's face as necessary, but they mechanically result in different kinds of injuries and have very different options for Blessings underneath them, so Warriors have specialization options even within the realm of beating people up!

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