Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Health and Status Update

Hey everyone!
My apologies this is a few days late. Its health update and I've been trying but failing to write it for a while now. Going to give up trying to write it like normal and do some bullet points.

Meeting time!

1. About a week and a half ago Anne had a relapse. Overworking, plus holidays, plus some other stresses just all came at once in December.

2. She is fine. As usual she doesn't want me to go into details. But some parts of her routine have been changed up and hopefully she'll be back in good health soon.

3. Anne is back to voice to text. So she won't be able to write much for the near future. We're going to try to ease her back into it, but she loves doing it and is very sad when she can't write (and worries about disappointing people), so who knows.

4. For the near future my responsibilities will also be taxed. I'm going to do my best to make Hero's Journey time each week But its going to be rough the next 2-3 weeks while Anne heals.

5. I'm going to keep running the three playtests. Getting data and taking notes on everything. There have a been a decent amount of blessing tweaks so far. Each game has very different types of players and its interesting to see them interact with the game in such different ways.

6. I urge you to keep an eye on the HJ twitter on game days. The character tweets are pretty entertaining and its a great place to ask the players (or me) if you have any specific questions about the playtests.

Game Times are (EST):
Monday: 7-10pm
Thursday: 8-11pm
Sunday: 12-3pm

My apologies again that this was late and doesn't have much interesting stuff. I hope to bring you a better update next time.