Sunday, December 10, 2017

Elks on Parade

It's hard to be productive in December. But we soldier on.

This is both an example and an image of us realizing there are no rules for elephant combat

What's Up With Writing

Anne tanked some this week (she wants me to say sorry there was no Wednesday post this week). But she's working hard on some mechanics posts and is trying to get a queue up to carry through the holidays. We continued working on the Archetype update and then updating all the Blessings that relied on the old Archetype system, which was... more than we thought. It's always more than we thought. The playtesters are patient and good natured about the transition period, thanks guys.

Devotionals are going to need the biggest redraft after that, but we're getting close to all done there!

It'll be okay, they promised our Divinity power will work again someday soon

What's Up With Playtesting

Finally, Team Elk is ready to rock! They'll be playing on Thursdays, and are trying out some different things from the other group as well as being created with the updated character creation and archetype rules right off the bat. The game can be looked in on here.

Here are some quick peeks at the characters:

Team Elk: The Jock, the Brain, and the Dropout

Character #1: Miguel Micco, called by Ares

Miguel is a war veteran with the skills to match: he's the Warrior Champion ready to meet and overcome any obstacle, and his team is counting on him to kick ass and take names as needed (because their patrons all collectively know they probably aren't about to do it). He relies on his allies for skills outside the realm of action sports and woodscraft, which leads to...

Character #2: Mika Eriksson, called by Loki

...Mika, who is decidedly not the same type. Charming, smooth-talking, and liable to walk off with peoples' wallets and keys, Mika is a problem child who skates by on the strength of his ability to blame others or look innocent at the right moment, and runs for it when that doesn't work out. He may at some point stop couch-surfing and start taking responsibility for himself... but he hopes not any time soon.

Character #3: Randall Ivarsson, called by Odin

Randall is a classic Sage Scholar - smart, creative, and disdainful of those around him, full of grandiose schemes about changing the world but possibly not 100% solid on how exactly he's going to pull them off yet. His brains support his teammates' endeavors and theoretically contribute to mission success... if he feels like it, anyway.

Since they're just starting out, we don't know what their big moments will be yet... but we're excited to find out!

The Personal Stuff

The team is mostly holidaying this month, so there aren't a lot of personal updates to be had. We'll keep information and posts coming so you have something to read if you have downtime though!

Holiday revels or beloved family pets gone bad?

This was a small update, but hopefully better ones soon since Anne will have some time off work (which is time ON work for us). Until then!

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