Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mechanics Talk: Augments

We had a comment request for more information about Augments lately, and Augments are a ton of fun, so let's jump right into them!

We talked about Augments a long time ago, but that was back in the dark ages. Back then, we said that Augments always refer to a Blessing, and that they affect its function in some way, changing it and making it better.

For the majority of Talent Augments, this is still true! Augments on the Web of Fate mostly refer to a Blessing in the same Talent, and modify it in some way; some of them allow the Blessing to affect new targets (for example, maybe you couldn't use it on yourself before, but now with the Augment, you can!), while others change its cost (making it less expensive, or allowing its user to pay a higher cost for a boosted outcome), still others let you mess with the mechanics a little bit (such as automatically adding to a random roll for a better result), and others add extra functionality to a Blessing (like allowing it to also deal damage or also regain a resource in addition to its usual use). Here's an example of one of the Augments from Naturalism:

Augment: Naturalism
When a Hero uses the Beast Tongue Blessing, they may choose to pay a Saga Labor instead of its usual cost. If they do so, the Blessing automatically rolls a 10, and remains in effect for the remainder of the Saga.

For perspective, Beast Tongue is a Blessing that allows a Hero to attempt to communicate with a type of animal (for example, penguins) for the rest of the Chapter for the cost of a Chapter Labor, and they roll a die that determines how well they managed to understand and speak (a high roll means they speak flawless penguin; a low roll means they're only getting some of what is being communicated or make severe translation mistakes now and then). So that's pretty great, but with the Augment, they could choose to not only be able to speak penguin for the rest of the Saga without having to use the Blessing again, but they can make sure their honks and peeps are flawless, too.

So that's what most of the Augments look like for the Talents... but as an astute reader looking at the spoiler web and trees noticed, those aren't the only kind of Augment out there! The Talents also have occasional Augments that grant a permanent extra Labor, which is a big deal since there aren't many ways to get those; in those cases, the Augment is giving a Hero more opportunity to use the Blessings they have, instead of juicing a single one up.

That's just the Talent Augments; the Spheres have their own set of Augment options! Because the Spheres are a little different from the Talents in a lot of ways - they don't roll for general actions, they have more Blessings with more magical effects, and so on - their Augments are a little different, too. They don't have Augments that buff their Blessings; instead, their Augments do a variety of other cool mechanical effects that Heroes normally don't have access to, such as broad reroll options, effects that increase the power level and availability of Blessings in general, and even things that interact with the Divinity system that the Devotionals use. They do also have the extra Labor Augments as well, but their purpose is spread out to large mechanical benefits instead of the Talent Augments being focused in on specific Blessings.

So there's your quick look in on Augments, which hopefully do exactly the job in their name - additional benefits for Heroes, but that aren't necessarily required and that can be mixed and matched for the best effect for individual characters!


  1. Sounds good. I know this is preloaded, but hope you're feeling better. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Every Preview just whets the appetite that much more... I love all the little things that you guys have been putting into the Spheres to make them feel like distinctly different power sets when compared to Talents... I'd love to see a Sphere Augment Preview someday, but overall these seem amazing :)

    1. I'm glad to hear that! Making Talents and Spheres compatible but distinct is one of our design goals, so it's good to hear we seem to be on track.

      Preview request logged!