Sunday, November 12, 2017

Doing All the Favors

Time to do some more updates from the trenches.

Yo get over here, there's a blog

What's Up With Writing

Our big focus the past couple weeks was cleaning up Divine Favor. We haven't talked about it much, but it's the benefits or tools given to Heroes early on in their adventures, when they need something helpful to make sure they don't just go into the wilderness alone and never come back out again. The old system for Divine Favor was really messy, with too many options that weren't balanced as well against each other as I wanted (when one option is obviously better than the other two there's just no saving it with "but lore") and too much confusion. In playtests, it made choosing them too much of a headache.

So the new cleaned up version now has a smaller selection of options that have uniformly better and more balanced benefits, which is good stuff. We also removed some things that were kind of railroady as far as character goes to make sure people didn't have to take something very counter to their character's aesthetic just because they wanted the buffs. Some of the old ideas were shelved for the future, so they might resurface another day.

Now that those are out of the way, we're talking about a recent rewrite of the Archetype system. I know you're all groaning, because that's supposed to be finished, but playtests were showing us too many Feel Bad moments, so we made some changes that make it more about feeling good that you're succeeding at your Archs instead of bad if you fail at them. More carrot, less stick. In the next week, we hope to finish that plus do our go-over of the Devotionals, and that should be the last of the outstanding system stuff that needs to be tightened up.

This guy has too many accoutrements and the new DF options will fix that.

What's Up With Playtesting

We were hoping to debut Team Elk, the third playtest team, but too many things got in the way, so look for them next time. In the meantime, the two groups are doing some cool stuff. Now that they've had time to get into their first adventures, they're completing the steps of the Hero's Journey (as defined by the game which are slightly different from but based on Joseph Cambpell's monomyth) and both doing it in kind of their own ways. Check out the twitter feed or Anne's game recaps on Roll20 for specifics on what Team Python has been doing.

Also, they have contributed a lot lately to test-driving the fixed Blessings we finished a couple of months ago. Go teams!

Baby how about that call to adventure

The Personal Stuff

It's winter and winter is rough, so some of you probably saw the post last week that Anne died a little. She'll be okay, but she's resting more and we're going some slower as a result.

This is giving me more time to work separately on the Call to Adventure, though, so we're splitting that time up well. She's got queued posts coming for those who missed her!

Artist's depiction of arguing trying to get coverage from the HMO

Things are moving and we're all pretty excited about it around here. Stay tuned for next time!


  1. Do I detect the signs of impending breakthroughs? And the approach of a completed Hero's Journey?