Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Extra post this week because:

Question: When will we get an update on when the book is going to be released?

I could give you an update on release date but it would be bullshit. Which is the main reason we aren't doing it.

The sea of responsibilities

Basically, what we have learned through this whole process is that shit keeps happening and since we aren't a big enough operation to have backup people who can jump in to hit deadline targets when something happens, we can't give accurate long-term dates because if anything happens, they get bombed.

There was a time once when we thought we'd be done in a few months. (That was because we hadn't done this before. It was too optimistic and we would not say that now but us of the past won't change their minds retroactively.) Then there was a time we thought we'd be done within the year, but a team member started getting sick. Then there was a time we thought we'd do a compromise release with most of the content, but then we lost that team member for an extended time. So we've put out lots of time estimates and none of them were right, and if we're tired of being wrong about it we can only imagine you're all even more tired of that.

So we don't want to give you an update on when the book is coming out until we hit a concrete milestone where we can make a reasonable estimate. (Like say, "it's done and the layout department is putting it together" or "we sent it to the printer and here's their estimate" or something.) If we do, there's a chance it'll end up being wrong like the last set, and then people would be justifiably upset about what's essentially a broken promise between developer and backer/player. That sucks.

So the best I can do is say "our heartfelt guess-wish is summer 2018 but there is no official estimate update" and that we'll tell you as soon as we have anything useful like "this is done" or "this process started". Also that we're as always committed to working on it and moving as fast as we can move.


  1. You know, I'm happy with that. I recognize that shit happens, sometimes in triplicate, but knowing that things are moving forward, and that you guys are "aiming" for next summer, at least gives us a sense of forward motion [which was lacking for quite a while, sorry to say]. My fingers are crossed that things go smoothly for you and the project, but as long as we're getting peeks under the hood, that's all I can ask at this point. :-)

    1. Good to hear. We're getting those peeks out there. Always ask if you're interested in hearing about something. :)