Sunday, October 22, 2017

Spoilers: Artwork!

Question: Hey guys! As a spoiler, could you maybe post some art from the book, or the cover? We only really got the 4 backgrounds and a couple of the overworlds depictions, and they're gorgeous. Might we get some other spoiler?

All right, some art coming at you!

There are a lot of art styles going on in the HJ book. We've recently posted a spoiler of one of the cosmology maps, which are the gorgeous work of one artist; but we have a fantastic art team of at least six other artists, providing various amazing pieces for us, and I'm glad to share a bit of those!

First up, here's one of the completed god portraits: the Greek god Hephaestos, patron of smiths and craftspeople and lord of the forge.

We've seen a spoiler of a completed god portrait before, but it's been a while, and since we have so many of these and they're so great, here's one more! Sam and Steph Braithwaite, the artists, are also contributing to other scenes elsewhere in the book, but their portrait work is stunning and always worth enjoying.

But since we've seen gods before, how about we see some Heroes - the people we're all here to talk about?

This is Padma Billingsworth, a young college student from London called by Lakshmi to become a Hero in her service. She's one of the sample NPCs, so you'll see a larger write-up and stats for her in the book; she's an example of a brand new Hero, just starting out to make her mark in the world. (For those curious, she is a Rebel/Scholar, dedicated to trying to help humanitarian causes and learn everything she can.)

This, on the other hand, is a Hero who is well-established and already wielding supernatural power with ease. This dude isn't a sample NPC - rather, he's artwork for elsewhere in the book, where we want to illustrate an Awesome Hero being Awesomely Heroic (a job he completes with ease!).

And here's something completely different, since we had a question in the comments recently about world-building: part of the HJ world map depicting various religions' regions of origin and greatest influence.

Note that the key is cropped off this map (for future reveals and also possible tweaking), but these are areas of origin and major influence (not the only areas these religions are practiced - there are maps for that, too!), and that the labels there represent large groups of related religions and are not representative of a single "religion" covering that whole area. More details await in the final!

In addition to the excellent artwork (and graphic design - the map is a joint project between our Graphic Designer, Royce Piels, and Art Director, Alex Preston-Bosch)) above, there will also be traditional art showcased in the book; ancient depictions of gods, heroes, and adventures from each culture represented by a pantheon and probably some others will also be present, adding some of the old-time imagery of each pantheon to the awesome modern art as well.

That's all for today, except for our fervent and undying love and appreciation for the artists who make it all possible!


  1. Hephaestus looks so calm beating that thunder into place. I like him.

  2. Seeing the Map made me wonder about something. What decides which afterlife each person gets? If Valhall,The Elysiumore and all the heavens exist,which persons goes into which?

    1. If you're the person who sent this question into the box a while ago, I already answered it and have it queued up! :) If you're not, great minds apparently think alike, and it's coming!