Sunday, October 8, 2017

Check Out These Playtests!

Welcome, we're back!

Us showing up late to this update from our rad jam session

What's Up With Writing

All the Sphere Blessings are finally finished - Life and Death have been kicked into submission. Anne also added some explanatory sidebars and concept pieces to help make everything pull together. She's now working on re-designing how Blessings are written out for maximum clarity and ease of use. (And also maximum space saving. There's a lot of stuff in this book.)

Next up we're going over Sphere Augments and the Devotionals. Anne keeps saying "make sure everything that needs testing is done before your stupid math" because she hates tuning and durability balance.

Join us in pointing and laughing at a new crop of bad player decisions

What's Up With Playtesting

We're still working on whether or not we get a playtesting hub on the website. (There are continuing technical difficulties which you all might have seen since the site goes up and down a lot.) But in the meantime the playtests are up and here's all you need to take a peek at them.

The games are being played over on, each with their own page. Currently, you can look there to see recaps of the game sessions, character sheets and bios, and any other updates that we end up posting there.

Hero's Journey: Magic City (Team Basilisk)
Hero's Journey: Magic City (Team Python)

If you want to see the placement for the Heroes on the Web of Fate and Sphere trees, you can peek at those, too! (Which, by the way, is #Spoilers for what's on those webs - the Sphere trees we have posted don't have their Blessings labeled, but the Talent Web and Devotionals do.) Check those out here:

Magic City Web of Fate Nodes
Magic City Sphere Nodes
Magic City Devotional Nodes

You can also follow the characters with their Twitter handles (although they're also in the feed on the HJ website and here on the blog, so you can see them there, too). @beachybaby_95 (Valencia Rosales, called by Zeus), @helenaaaahguado (Helena Aguado, called by Dionysos), @IslandeChery (Islande Chery, called by Hathor), and @NeelSharma1985 (Neel Sharma, called by Ganesha). The other players are being lazy and haven't made theirs yet, but we'll post them when they do and also put them in the feed.

The third game is still creating characters and scheduling, so they're not online yet. We'll add them in later when they start rolling.

Live footage of the bedroom flood of 2017

The Personal Stuff

We lived through the hurricane and most of the recovery is done. Among other things, we lost power and water, couldn't use cell phones or the internet for a while, our bedroom flooded and our door blew off like six damn times, but we were lucky that there wasn't anything worse. After the putting the door back and the drying the house and the dealing with the bugs and the finally being able to buy groceries again, we're back to normal, pretty much. Thanks for all your good wishes and we hope everyone else in the hurricane path is also recovering well.

Anne has to be doctorized five or six times this month so she might not be around as much as usual, but as usual hopefully that means that we know more and things are better in the future. Wave at her from the comments on her queued posts!

Like this scourge of the underworld, we're tired now. Time for underworld naps.

See you next time!


  1. -waves to Anne-

    Great post, can't wait to see and hear the shenanigans of this world.

  2. Hmmmm, I've noticed one of the nodes of the devotional blessing for is named after one of the Norse, verdanti,can I ask,what does that born does?

    1. There are nodes for all three of the Norns, representing powers that tie into a Hero's past, present, and future. :)