Saturday, September 16, 2017

Mechanics Talk: Those Pesky Spheres

An excellent question recently asked over on Twitter was what exactly the Spheres are being such pains in the butt about. Hilarious though watching John yell at and about them is, not to mention imagining personified Spheres capering gleefully around eluding our attempts to call them to heel, it doesn't actually tell you much about what the problem is and why they're their own uniquely special kind of obnoxious.

This is mostly discussing Mortal-level Blessings, which have been the project lately.

The Elemental Domain: Fire, Thunder, Water

The Problem with Fire

Fire's problem is one of expectation vs. level-appropriate reality. We know what we expect someone who has "fire powers" to do: set things on fire. But we're looking at a Mortal, a generally human-level user of fire, so if they're slinging fireballs and setting the house ablaze every which way while Heroes with other Mortal Blessings are doing things like saying "hey, look over here at me real quick" or "I heal three damage!", Fire's going to look more than a little overpowered. In fact, it's almost always overpowered - whenever you see the pyrokinetic in any modern sci-fi or fantasy story, they're generally immediately considered to have one of the "strongest" powers, regardless of what other people can do, because, well. Fire.

Another issue is that at the Mortal level, Blessings should be things that Heroes who are generally recognizable as mortal human heroes could be doing, so even though the Spheres are more "magical" than the Talent Blessings, and they definitely have Blessings with visibly magic effects, we want things to remain generally Mortal in nature to give the Immortals somewhere to grow to. Summoning fire from nowhere or murdering everyone with explosive flame hardly screams "human being called to adventure" as much as "terrifyingly powerful mutant that humans should get away from" (which again is a decent description of Immortals, possibly!).

The solution: Fire's Mortal Blessings focus on humanity to keep that mortal-level feel, specifically on how fire is tamed and turned toward humanity's purposes. There aren't many mortal heroes in mythology who are out there setting things on fire - generally, destructive fire is the province of either enemies/villains, or high-level deities and spirits - but they are doing things to harness fire for the good of their people or adventures, such as providing heat, light, cooking, smithing, and so forth. Of course, if they go deep enough into Fire, they get the option of lighting up their enemies in a spectacular blossom of flame (every Sphere gets one of what we consider a "showstopper" power), but most of the Mortal Sphere tree looks for other, level-appropriate uses for Fire.

The Problem with Thunder

Thunder has an odd problem: who are the Mortal-level Thunder Heroes? Can you think of any? Usually, Thunder is the province of literal gods, which makes sense since storms are a big scary event that humanity for the most part can't do much about and has to hope are being governed by a deity who will either be merciful about it or who can be bribed with worship and sacrifice not to smite them. Or, alternatively, rain is also something that humans desperately need but can't just call down when they want it, and have to request via elaborate ceremonies and hand-wringing. But we don't want to have Thunder as a concept be one that is cut off from Mortal Heroes, so it has to do something, right? (Something within the bounds of the same issues we just talked about with Fire and overpowered elemental zapping!)

The second issue is that Thunder includes lightning and lightning means electricity, so there's a tempting question of whether or not to have electricity-based powers... but in a game based on mythology and mythological Heroes, electricity-based powers are in a weird limbo due to the sheer modernity of electricity as a power harnessed by humanity. If these are the same cosmic powers that ancient Heroes used, how weird would it be to write a Blessing that has to do with manipulation of grounded current flow when that concept wasn't even close to existing yet during the first Age of Heroes? But by the same token, electricity is now a large part of the modern world and the modern Heroes who are about to use these Blessings, so pretending it doesn't exist or can't be affected when most other things can feels tone-deaf at best.

The solution: Thunder's Mortal Blessings work on allowing the Hero to in small ways embody the ideas of rain, thunder, and storms - since calling them down is probably out of their reach, they can instead affect the world on a smaller scale by being little storms inside their human bodies. While there is still the showstopper "zap thine enemy" power, most of the tree involves affecting other people and structures as if they were themself stormwise; being impressive or gloomy, powering objects that draw from the stored energy of their inner connection to lightning, and so on. It's a little more varied than Fire just because of the sheer lack of non-godly things mythological Thunder ideas do, but averages out to a character with an interesting toolset.

The Problem with Water

Water weirdly has an issue with heroic figures doing a lot of things that, well... aren't actually about water, at least directly. Mythological figures that are associated with water do of course do water stuff, but more often their powers are about things that are in the water, but not water themselves - they talk to fish, or dredge up treasure from the bottom, or are great at driving boats, and so on and so forth. Few of them are just doing water stuff, which makes sense to a certain extent; after all, other than "make water", "purify water", and "water-bending", all of which are impressively powerful enough that they might be out of a Mortal Hero's reach anyway, what else do you do with it?

The science questions are also present here: water is the same as ice is the same as steam, so how and where do you draw the line between what Water can and cannot affect? Some stories make water-manipulators able to affect it in any of its forms, making it incredibly powerful; others restrict it to only liquid, and therefore limit how much Water can even be used in environments like ice caps or deserts. Many ancient peoples conceived of liquid, solid, and gaseous water as completely different elements and have different heroes or gods to govern them accordingly, so how do you reconcile that with modern Heroes who learned basic physics in school?

The solution: In this case, we made the opposite call from Thunder; where Thunder incorporated modern electrical use to give Heroes access to appropriate tools for the setting, Water explicitly affects liquid water only, not ice/mist/etc. Partly this is because the different conceptions of different forms of water in mythology mean that there are already different deities and concepts associated with those things - winter gods have snow and ice specific powers that don't cross over with the water gods, who are usually conceived of as being inhabitants of liquid bodies of water, and likewise if we gave the Water users all the fog and mist and steam, the gods of the sky would have some of their traditional powerset diminished. As for the issue of Water people doing a lot with things that technically aren't actually water, we leaned into it; while there are Blessings that have to do with specific water issues such as breathing and swimming, many of them have to do with related powers over environment and objects in or around water. Sometimes, when mythology around the world is telling you "water gods talk to fish", then man, you let them talk to fish.

The Celestial Domain: Heavens, Moon, Sun

The Problem with Heavens

Heavens' main problem is that it tends to feel too samey. While there are a lot of different concepts wrapped up in Heavens - air, clouds, wind, flight, heights, the vault of the sky itself - the ones that are easiest to use down at the Mortal level are pretty much mostly related to air, and there are only so many versions of "air happens, affects a thing you were already doing" that can be exciting. Of course, some are good, and reliable buffing is appreciated by players who like solid benefit Blessings, but we don't want Heavens to end up being the Sphere where you don't get to do anything cool and players who like neat magical effects should not even bother.

There's also a real temptation for Heavens to stray too close to the Elementals instead of having its own unique character; because it contains most of the concepts of wind and air, it's easy to fall back on considering it an "honorary Elemental" Sphere. But we put it in Celestial for a reason - gods of the sky and the heavens generally don't behave like or have the same mythological functions as gods of the elements, and, like Moon and Sun, Heavens-aligned Heroes and deities are leaders and representational figures much more often than they are direct interferers in the affairs of the world. So Heavens needs to use concepts involving air, but not become the Air Sphere, either. A happy medium is needed!

The solution: Distinguishing between "air" and related concepts like "wind" and "breath" was a useful tool, since they frequently have different connotations in myth, and we made sure to collect effects that allowed the Hero to call upon the great cosmic powers of the sky with which they are associated, but without necessarily forcing them to be enormously cosmic themselves, keeping it appropriate for Mortals. Higher-level concepts will have an easier time distinguishing themselves from the Elementals as more godly Heavenly ideas come into play, but the Mortal level now strikes a good balance between usefulness and unique sky associations.

The Problem with Moon

What problems does Moon not have? For one thing, it has an enormous issue of focus. Where some Spheres are pretty universally focused on specific issues around the world, lunar deities and powers are very different in different cultures, most likely because of the moon's association with wildly different features and systems. The moon is associated with madness and mental manipulation, but also with rest and healing, but also with travel and light in the darkness, but also with physical effects such as reproductive health, but also with controlling the tides and currents, but also with timekeeping and calendrical events, but also with occult mystery, and so on ad infinitum. It has so many different associations that choosing just some of them is difficult, especially when you want the ones that are most relevant and universal for Heroes of different pantheons!

Moon also has a very slim roster of examples of Heroes who are aligned with the moon - and that's not just mythologically, but in any media, modern or otherwise. Once you get past Sailor Moon and Moon Knight, how many others are there that are actually using powers based on the moon? Mythologically speaking, there is usually a moon deity in most cultures' cosmology, but they often just hang out up there, existing and symbolizing but not doing much, so there was a real pickle when it came to figuring out what these powers should even do. They should be awesome, useful, interesting, and capable of stacking up against other Spheres - but we had to invent a lot more here to work with their ideas.

The solution: Moon ended up with a lot of powers that are more "auxiliary" - because the moon is associated with affecting a whole lot of concepts and systems by existing but not with actively doing things, many of its Blessings have to do with augmenting or affecting other powers or skills in the game, making the Moon-aligned Hero one who enhances their other heroic traits because of the moon's pervasive influence over so many aspects of life. They do of course also get some powers that directly do things, but it's a Sphere that, like the moon itself, has a more subtle influence over the game than something more straightforward like one of the Elementals.

The Problem with Sun

Sun has a very simple problem: it wants to make light, and kind of nothing else. The sun is, mythologically speaking, very good at doing one thing, and that's being super bright; it has the side considerations of warmth and helping stuff grow, but that's kind of it. Sun gods are out there being the sun, and they don't have time to do anything else, a fact that most of mythology considers self-evident because they're the sun, and it is very important that the world isn't plunged into everlasting darkness. They don't need to do anything else. Somehow, the idea of seven Blessings that are all some variation on "and then you glow" isn't the most exciting pitch for a powerset ever.

Sun is also another offender for the list of Spheres that massively powerful cosmic gods obviously demonstrate powers from, but Mortals seldom do, so coming up with Mortal-level Blessings for Heroes who are basically souped-up human beings is a challenge. Even just powerfully glowing is pretty magical, so when we want the majority of these Blessings to be less visibly magical, how do we do that with a Sphere whose entire mission statement is about being super visible?

The solution: As with Thunder, a lot of the Blessings here ended up being based on a foundation of the Mortal Hero embodying the sun in a limited way, being able to do very tiny versions of the big sun deities' party powers of waking the world, smiting the darkness, or providing light and heat to those around them. We also went with some powers that involve drawing energy from the sun, so that the Hero aligned with the sun can in effect be a little bit "solar-powered" when compared to others.

The Spiritual Domain: Death, Fortune, Life

The Problem With Death:

Death is a gigantic concept and while it's a very necessary one for a game where your Hero can access mythological concepts and maybe even ascend to godhood, it's still one that's really hard to reduce down to concrete powers. Most death deities are administrators, basically; they run their underworlds, make sure the dead and the living are kept separate, sometimes judge worthiness or mete out punishment or reward, and prevent any shenanigans and nonsense. Obviously, this isn't particularly useful for Mortal Heroes - they don't have an underworld to administer and even if they did, being a combination warden, judge, and file clerk isn't most players' idea of a good time. So Death overall has to come up with powers that are on theme with the core concept of death - that feel like things a Hero aligned with the idea of death should be able to do - but that aren't all irrelevant high-level cosmic dungeon-running.

The secondary problem with this is that when asked what sort of powers a death-aligned Hero or god might have, most people say, "um... killing people?", which is understandable but not really helpful. For one thing, everybody can kill people - Warriors kind of have that as their main skillset, not to mention all the other ways of doing that such as Elemental users frying people or Tricksters using their assassination powers or just good old political intrigue and so on. For another thing, there are only so many powers you can get out of "kill people", and Blessings that are just yet another variation on "deal some damage to an enemy" are not exactly new, groundbreaking, or exciting. And for a third thing, one powerset just being a literal kill-your-enemies win button is overpowered no matter how we try to spin it, and hardly fair to everyone else who has to work so hard to beat the bad guys.

The solution: This is the one Sphere where working with low-level Mortal concepts is actually helpful. Mortals do interact with the dead fairly commonly in mythology, folklore, and storytelling in general, so we got to draw from those ideas; being a medium, connecting to and working with corpses and spirits, performing funeral and sanctification rites, and so on. The middle ground of Immortal is probably where Death is going to be the biggest pain in the ass...

The Problem With Fortune:

The biggest problem with Fortune is one of execution. There are loads of good concepts of good luck, bad luck, curses and blessings, random chance and fate that you can play with in Fortune, but since the major way the game mechanizes fate and chance is rolling dice, it's easiest to affect dice rolls with Fortune. The problem comes in because it's really, really boring to have an entire Sphere built around adding and subtracting to dice rolls, especially when other Talents and Spheres occasionally do that, too, so we needed to find alternative ways of illustrating your powers over the concept of randomness and luck.

Another problem is that because Fortune lends itself to modeling random chance so well, it's hard not to write powers that actually feel bad for the player instead of good, which is an understandable design flaw. Randomness is all well and good, but it needs to be beneficial to the Hero, or at least beneficial most of the time, or there's no point in having the Sphere at all. Different players have different tolerance levels for how much uncertainty or danger is baked into their powers, but Fortune, being a Sphere, should be available to different types of luck or probability Heroes in different cultures and stories, so we don't want to restrict it to only the Heroes who are into big-risk-big-reward (they already have options for things like that). It's also tempting to use "bad luck" downsides to balance powers - after all, if there's a chance your power wrecks you, we can make the benefits that much better - but that just plays into the issue.

The solution: While Fortune does have some roll-affecters - it really can't avoid them - it also has the ability to affect other random effects triggered by Blessings and Endowments that Heroes normally have no effect over, making the fortunate Heroes literally the only ones that can cheat in their favor a little bit on core mechanics. We also diversified into some more concrete effects of being lucky, such as getting hurt less, winning at games of chance, or getting extra benefits when luck comes through and the Hero does something especially lucky all on their own.

The Problem With Life:

So many. So many problems. Life encompasses a lot of concepts - so many that way back at the beginning of the game, we discussed whether or not it should really be two Spheres, like one for animal life and one for vegetable life, or one for reproduction and one for health, or one for fertility and one for life cycles, etc. into infinity. But in the end, it's one Sphere because Heroes and gods aligned with those concepts always double-dip and cross into others - there are only a tiny number of figures who can do one of those things but not the other, and giant numbers who do both - and in the end we decided we had to bite the bullet and let the concept be. Life covers health, disease and wellness, reproduction and fertility, human life, animal life, plant life, and so it has to do a lot of things but still feel like a coherent whole for the user. (Also, it has a lot of overlap potential with Talents - in particular, Energy users are already doing some health and injury stuff and Naturalism users are already messing around with animals and plants some - so it also has to be unique and more of a Sphere set of powers rather than a humans-interacting-with set of powers.)

Another issue is the fact that some of these things are very important cosmic powers and areas of influence for culture heroes and gods, but not super useful in the context of an adventure-based roleplaying game (another reason Life was combined and not farmed out into separate Spheres). Things like pregnancy and fertility, in both humans and livestock, are important concepts that various mythological figures need to affect, but how often does a Hero in a roleplaying game need to use those over the course of their adventures? How do we reconcile concepts that need to be present, but that players may consider "dead" or "useless" powers even though they do cool world-affecting things?

The Solution: Life probably feels a little "potluck" compared to some of the other Spheres, since it has a lot of conceptual ground to cover, but we worked toward making sure to fill in areas where the Talents weren't already covering concepts and making sure that Life Blessings were a little beefier and a little more impressive, the better to let the Life users flex their more magical powers. "Useless" powers were some sent off to higher levels and some accompanied by a benefit or a sideways approach to the issue - so that Heroes would be rewarded for using the power and fulfilling Life's mission statement, even if they didn't strictly care about whether or not the locals were going to have a good year. With so much going on, it might be the Sphere where we end up coming back at the end for tweaking, but for now it looks like it's rolling with the others reasonably competitively!

This is a queued post so I may or may not be able to answer comments, depending on the seriousness of the Great Storm Wars. See you later!


  1. Yes! I have been waiting for this post since forever :D

    Fire : So, does Mortal Fire have any Blessings to do with sacred purification, which is a thing Fire does and alos seems appropriate for Mortals? Also, nice to hear that even Mortal Heroes have some options to throw some heay duty magic around :)

    Thunder : This actually reminds me... what would be the Talent/Sphere/Blessing for shouting very loudly? I figure that has at least some overlap with the concept of Thunder (which is, after all, literally named after a loud noise :) ). Also overall happy to see that Thunder covers electricity... I can understand keeping Water and Ice seperate since they are different forces in mythology, but electricity simultaneously doesn't exist in mythology and also is too ubiquitous a force in the modern day to just ignore power wise.

    Water : The many varied effects of Water fits the myth I guess, where a lot of Water things don't seem to be so much Water things as 'things other Aspects are handling just fine, but IN THE WATER'. I do wonder how the whole 'Water speaks to fish' gels with 'Naturalism speaks to Animals' and how one doesn't make the other redundant.

    Heavens : Ok, first things first... who is that in the picture? I'm interested in seeing the Heavens Sphere finally in action... all the Celestial Domain actually, since Celestial Deities by and large seem to only EXIST and not so much DO things.

    Moon : I'm really interested to see what calendrical powers Moon has... there just doesn't seem to be a lot of 'calender' powers that are interesting and also not straight up sci-fi Time manipulation (which I admit I wouldn't rally hate cuz I have a soft spot for powers that mess around with Time, but which also don't really fit thegenral mythic theme that much).

    Sun : Ooh, so Mortal Spheres get seven Blessings? Also... hmm, so where Thunder Heroes act as living batteries, Sun Heroes get to use the Sun as a backup power source?


    1. Samudra with the questions as usual! :)

      Fire: Most of these concepts actually ended up in Devotionals (that's where you're doing most of your sacrificing/purifying stuff, depending on the pantheon), but there are some related concepts!

      Thunder: Ha, there is a Thunder Blessing that is specifically about loud, booming, thundery voice, specifically for intimidation/leadership purposes. In general, being noticeable falls under various areas depending on what you're trying to do - Tactics if bellowing battlefield orders, Beauty if just trying to be really noticeable in a crowd, etc.

      Water: In general, powers in the Spheres are a little "better" - since Spheres don't get rolled for everyday actions the way Talents do, their Blessings get to be a little more powerful to balance out that taking them is a different kind of investment. In the case of powers that are similar to ones in Talents, they usually are either less expensive than the ones over in the Talents, or have specific additional effects based on the Sphere - so while both a Hunter and a Water Hero could talk to a fish with their powers, the Water Hero also gets an additional benefit due to being confined to water critters only (said water critters also like the Hero better and are inclined to help them, versus Hunters being able to communicate but having to make friends or convince creatures to do things the hard way!).

      Heavens: That's Ishtar, Mesopotamian Queen of Heaven, from an early 1900s illustration. :) And yes, a lot of powers in Celestial deal with embodying concepts as opposed to actively doing things, since that's the Celestial way!

      Moon: At this time, Moon isn't rocking obvious calendrical powers at the Mortal level... but all will be revealed in time. (Ha.)

      Sun: Yes, Mortal Spheres have seven Blessings each. :)

  2. ...

    Death : Now this is probably the Sphere I'm most looking forward to... I know, back in the day, Fertility was the butt of all the useless Purview jokes, but by Kali Death was almost as bad... 'here's ten levels of ways to interact with Ghosts... here are precisely zero reasons to care about ghosts. Oh, and the prerequisite Raise Zombie power because we have to include this.' That last one, necessary as it was, was also kind of useless for a Pantheon that doesn't tend to leave dead bodies behind, which made the entire power set kinda useless... which sucks cuz I like Death themed power sets :) And I look forward to how HJ handles this. As an aside, what Trait do you use to actually move between the different planes of existence? Like, what would you roll to go to the Underworld? Also also, 'Immortal is probably where Death is going to be the biggest pain in the ass' that statement makes me smile for no reason :) You'd think Immortals wouldn't have to worry about Death being a pain.

    Fortune : Agreed on the more rewarding than punishing bit... and given that you essentially rebuilt half the Endowments for this purpose I'm happy Fortune is taking this route from the start. Also I begin to see why Gambit using Tricksters might go bonkers with Fortune by their side :)

    Life : Out of curiosity, how do you bring the dead back to life? Death? Life? Energy? All of the above? I'm also significantly cooler with potluck powers in HJ, where the general tree system ensures that I usually won't have to pick up too many powers I don't explicitly want that don't fit my mythic image, as opposed to games with strict power progressions where you always need Power X to get Power Y even though your character will never ever use X.

    I loved this post... not only is this an excellent look at the trials and tribulations of game design, which are both enjoyable to read and also a good look at the issues you guys face, but it's about Domains :D which can always use more time in the spotlight :D I hope we get to see some Blessings from the Domains someday soon, once the Storm Wars end :)

    1. Death: In HJ, you need to first find an entrance to the Underworld in order to enter it (refer to individual mythologies for traditional ones!); once you have, you use Mysticism to be able to perceive and pass through the portal. (This is actually true of all travel between different realms, with varying special circumstances!)

      Fortune: Yeah, I see that the upcoming playtest is not exactly light on characters that beelined directly for Rebel > Trickster > Gambits > Fortune sets, so we'll see exactly what that bonkers looks like...

      Life: There are multiple forms of resurrection in HJ; some are in Devotionals, others in various Spheres where appropriate. They don't all work the same way or affect the same targets, since they're tied to specific powersets and their themes! And yeah, the tree setup hopefully gives people more room to ignore powers they aren't interested in (and we pay attention to placement so that the most "niche" powers are usually off the beaten path, so to speak), and at least lets you grab some useful stat bumps as you go by even if you do end up picking up a power here and there that wasn't one you specifically wanted to aim for.

      Glad you liked it! Out of curiosity, what kinds of Blessings are y'all interested in seeing? The Big Bad Powerful ones, or the everyday use ones, or the Starter Blessings that each person who takes a Sphere gets automatically as their first one?

  3. Some interesting stuff in here, for sure. On the subject of abilities for one sphere: Death - to see how long someone has to live; to see if they have a terminal illness that might shorten their life; to tell if they have been touched by death [been in a fatal accident] or actually caused it [like a serial killer or soldier]; to interact with the dead in all ways [speak with them, lay them to rest, raise them; to influence the Undead; to judge the worthy and guilty at the end of their life; to end someone's life, of course, but also to hold off death for a time to enable another to heal; to locate places associated with death [cemeteries, killing fields, accident sites]; to sense and possibly identify other death-connected beings such as necromancers, mediums, and offspring of other death deities - that's just off the top of my head for abilities beyond "kill them". If a player is playing a chosen of Anubis, and expecting to be something other than a death god, they are probably barking up the wrong tree; the gods are supposed to be limited to particular spheres of influence, and not be jacks/jills of all trades.

    1. Well, technically, as Anne mentioned before, Gods give bonuses not to Talents and Spheres, but to Aspects and Domains... so the Chosen of Anubis can technically happily aspire to be as much a Master of Life or Fortune as she could aspire to be a Death user :) Just like a Chosen of Demeter could master Death (which is funnily enough pretty much exactly what Persephone did :) ) It also works for Gods who are strongly attached to particular Talents... chosen of Hephaesthus can just as easily be Doctors as Smiths, since both fall under Creator, and Chosen of Sarasvati can likewise be Engineers as much as they can be musicians and writers :)

    2. Purple Snit: Thank you for this list, a lot of it is on the same page with us so it's nice to hear a thumbs up, and there are a few we could consider more strongly! :) We have to of course do careful balancing with "information gatherer" powers so they don't stomp on Sage/Knowledge/Sight or Hunter/Tracking too much (as we noted above with Hunter vs. Water, that doesn't mean there can't be overlaps, just that we have to make sure they're all good in spite of that!). It's worth noting here that Sages with a lot of Sight may be able to perceive and interact with spirits/ghosts even without Death powers, much as stories of psychics and mediums who have advanced senses sometimes involve communicating with the dead. But of course, a Hero aligned specifically with the dead would have a different, perhaps better perspective on all that... ;)

      Samudra: That's correct, gods give Heroes extra access to the broader Aspects and Domains instead of their sub-specialties, so Anubis gives his Heroes a closer affinity with the Spiritual Domain, but they don't necessarily have to go into Death with it. They could go into Fortune or Life, or some of any combination of the three (or the future Spiritual Spheres but ONE THING AT A TIME Y'ALL LET'S GET THIS CORE BOOK OUT HERE).

      (Of course, he might be disappointed in his Hero if they don't follow in his mummified footsteps, but you never know, maybe he's looking for a diversified portfolio.)

    3. No worries - I'm full of thoughts, and some are even useful! :-) Of course, there should be some overlaps in some areas, otherwise you end up more with "character classes" than with "archetypes", so the Sage/Necromancer overlap isn't a problem, and might even benefit the party. It all looks pretty good. And if I have any more thoughts, I just might share. :-)

  4. And on another note - you made it through the storm! Yay! Everything okay?

    1. Yes, we're all right! There was damage and we lost power and water for a while, but everyone survived intact. :)

    2. Good to hear. :-)

  5. Can i use moon to drive my enemies mad?

    1. Not directly at mortal, but you can allow the moon to affect your own state of mind in the hopes of gaining benefits!