Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hopefully Fortune Smiles on This Update

This update is queued because Hurricane Irma is coming to kill us all. The next few posts are queued, too, but after that we may have trouble communicating for a while. We'll try to keep you all informed.

Us being chill while being the only survivors of the apocalypse

What's Up With Writing

Sun was finally beaten into submission (something... sort of joke about beaten gold goes here), and we went on to finish Moon Mortal Blessing refits these past two weeks, so Celestial is on its way as well. Moving over to Spiritual, we cleared out Fortune (known as the "easy one" if you can believe that) first, and are somewhat appropriately and morosely working on Life and Death this week.

After that, there are a few systems marked for double-checking to make sure everything goes together right - durability, Archetype advancement, and environmental damage come to mind, also that table where Creators make things that blow them up - and we need to go over the Devotionals, too. No sleep for the wicked...

That feel when you finish the entire section but then find one more "??check??" tag in the document

What's Up with Playtesting

Two of the playtest groups are done with character sheets and almost ready to roll (though obviously acts of an angry nature are beyond our control so it might be a little bit longer than we planned before anyone can actually start). In the meantime, here's a quick look at what a bit of the Web of Fate looks like with 2/3 groups on it ready to go...

Every single one of these assholes decided to take Trickster so good luck to me, I guess

The Personal Stuff

Anne's surgery went well and she's doing great. She probably has to do a couple more this year, but she keeps saying she's fine and she can be a weightlifter now if she wants or something. She's wrong but it's positive.

Like I said at the beginning, there's a hurricane so powerful it defies the usual hurricane category system barreling down at us right now... so depending on what happens we might be stalled for a while. If we get lucky we'll just be out for a week or so, if we don't we might have to replace our home and/or not have power for a long time. So while we're out begging various ocean and storm deities to spare us, we might not have as much work time as usual, but we'll give it our best shot.

Whatever we did, sir, we apologize

See you all next time!


  1. So, I am full of questions, but firts things first... I hope you guys get through Irma intact and with minimal issues... to that end, you always have my prayers :) Here's a personal favourite:

    "The chanters of the Sama extol Indra with songs; the reciters of the Rig, with prayers; the priests of the Yajur, with texts.

    Indra, the blender of all things, comes verily, with His steeds that are harnessed at His word, - Indra, the richly-decorated, the wielder of the Thunderbolt.

    Indra, to render all things visible, elevated the Sun in the Sky, and charged the Cloud with abundant Waters.

    Invincible Indra, protect us, in battles abounding in spoil, with insuperable defences.

    We invoke Indra for great affluence; Indra for limited wealth, - our ally, and weilder of the Thunderbolt against our enemies.

    Shedder of rain, granter of all desires, set open this cloud. Thou art never uncompliant with our requests.

    Whatever excellent praises are given to other Divinities, they are also the due of Indra, the Thunderer. I do not know His fitting praise.

    The shedder of rain, the mighty lord, the always compliant, invests men with his strength; as a bull defends a herd of kine.

    Indra, who alone rules over men, over riches, and over the five classes of the dwellers on earth.

    We invoke, for you, Indra, who is everywhere among men. May He be exclusively our own."

    - Rig Veda, Mandala I, Hymn VII

    I hope Indra elevates the Sun for you guys sooner rather than later, and protects you with his strength :)

  2. With that out of the way : questions.

    1. When you say Sun was completed, do you mean all tiers or just Mortal, like Moon?

    2. What makes Life and Death worse than Fortune (I have a great interest in all three Spiritual Spheres, so any insight into the design of this powerset fascinates me :D)? (Here's also hoping Fortune didn't end up being too punishing :p)

    3. Evilmarmelades's comment on the Archetype advancement system and it's occasional tendency to feel punishing seems like a good point now that you bring up Archetype advancement systems as one of the things you wantg to double check? Do you feel, the way you decided about so many Endowment mechanics, that Archetype Advancement mechanics might need to be slightly adjusted to be more consitently rewarding?

    4. Have Augments changed? I thought they were supposed to manipulate Blessings... of the six Augments in the trees spoiled, only two seem to do that... the other four inlcude a bonus labor per type and a Throwing SPecialization.

    Also I know I probably won't be getting the answers to these for a while what with the Indra and Zeus apparently playing Thunderball outside your door, but |I'm keeping them here now for whenever you guys get back online :) Good Luck, and may the Gods be with you :)

    1. This one is actually me! :)

      1) Mortal, the same as the other ones we've been talking about in these updates.

      2) Talked about a little in the "problems with Spheres" post, but essentially Fortune has a lot of mechanizable ideas, whereas Life and Death have a lot of symbolic and mythological concepts to cover, but a lot of them are difficult to express in mechanics or hard to make relevant to a go-on-adventures style RPG.

      3) We're checking everything. :)

      4) Augments do for the most part manipulate Blessings, although that was never the only thing they can do. Additional Labors (which otherwise you can't really get outside of going up a tier) and combat specializations are two of those extra things!

  3. I hope you guys made it through the storm okay. I live in Florida and we were squarely in Irma's crosshairs. We got lucky and she weakened substantially before she arrived at the Tampa Bay area. We still don't have power yet, but other than that we made it through okay, and according to estimates power should be coming back soon.

    Hope you guys are as lucky as I was.

    1. We were pretty lucky, we had some damage and lost utilities but we're back! Glad you were too.

  4. I'm probably late to the party but here's one prayer from me: Dear Stribog, I'm not Polish or Russian. But I don't have a problem with your policies (Mostly). Please be nice to John and Anne and I'll ask my friends to send you some free cookies. :)

    1. Stribog was merciful, we have succeeded

    2. Damnt... I just realized I made all these comments as Anne because she didn't log off... #computerfail

    3. Would call this a "Damn Stribog" moment but i wouldn't want to jinx things after a successful petition.