Sunday, August 27, 2017

Progress Marches On

Me doing the update posts was a lot better looking when Anne wasn't making me look bad with other blogs. But here's more updates.

Artist's conception of what trying to drive this game sometimes feels like

What's Up With Writing

All the basic system refits are complete! We finished all the re-writing of the Endowments, which were the major systems thing still needing updates, and Anne wrote you guys a post about it so you could see some of them. Mostly, we just had to adjust numbers from testing for the Persistence, Innervation and Empowerment. They were all working well with their assigned concepts but sometimes needed a little "more" to make sure they were competitive with each other. Faithful Allies, Sway, and Gambits got totally rewritten to match them up with the updated systems mechanics and are all way better now (sorry, playtesters who got frustrated with old versions, but you were taking it for the team). Also Focus, the Sage Endowment, got a whole system instead of just being a resource adder, so grats, Sages.

We then moved on to fixing Blessings that were based on any of the systems that got updated, because some of them didn't work right anymore or were based on something that got changed. We blitzed through Fire, Thunder, and Water, so the mortal level Elemental Blessings are a clean sweep and ready for the playtesters, and also finished Heavens before getting stuck in the quagmire of Sun. Stupid Sun.

Stupid Sun.

What's Up with Playtesting

It looks like we'll have three playtest teams, although schedules are a challenge. Players have character sheets now and are tackling the web while we figure out the last of the scheduling stuff, and then we'll hopefully get to start playing pretty soon. The solar eclipse we just had here in the States was an omen for beginning the story that we couldn't pass up!

Playtesters hard at work, choosing the most strategic of nodes

What's Up With Technical Stuff

The website keeps going in and out, so we apologize for the annoyance. We're investigating whether it's a hosting issue or what. Remember you can always find the blog here even if the site is down!

The Personal Stuff

Anne goes into surgery tomorrow, so she's calm about it and I'm yelling and frazzled all the time. She's been writing all the blog posts she can come up with to queue ahead of time so they'll post for the next couple weeks since she doesn't know when she'll be able to write again. So there will be some to look forward to and if they disappear, it's because she's in bed. We'll keep you updated, but hopefully it won't be a big deal.

This is exactly how dramatic Anne is every time someone makes her stay in bed

There's only one Sun Blessing left that won't cooperate at Mortal and I'm going to yell sun-related keywords in my head while I sit on a plane tonight. See you guys next time!


  1. Thinking of your Anne as you go into surgery. Hope it and your recovery is smooth

    1. Thank you, I will put her in a bed and she will use all her labors on regeneration.

  2. Best of luck with the surgery, and hope for a speedy recovery for you!

    And thanks again for keeping the updates coming. :-)

  3. Hey, good luck Anne! I am sure everything will go awesomely. Thanks so much for putting in all this work to keep us updated.

    Out of curiosity, what made Sun so tricky to deal with? Just getting the mechanics right, or was it the problem of Stars where getting a consistent thematic tone was a brutal challenge?

    1. Mostly it's just making Blessings at Mortal level that are cool and useful but still like... mortal. Spheres are more "magic" than Talent Blessings but mortal ones should still be pretty low key, and Sun wants everything to be bright glowing superparties all the time. Had to come up with ways to show connection to the sun while still a mortal. Higher level sun ideas are easier.

      Moon is the one with a consistent theme problem but that's another story...

    2. Now that is actually interesting... the complications of designing Sphere Blessings versus Talent Blessings, and the unique issues presented by each Sphere (which I feel would probably be more complicated that Talents since Talents by definition have a semi-consistent theme, being sub-tropes of the super-trope that is the Aspect, whereas Spheres can mean many things to many Heroes and have to cater to at least most of them) is stuff that I think is kinda fascinating and wouldn't mind hearing more about :)

  4. Well, since I am praying for a quick recovery for Anne, and now I'm also praying for John's Sun troubles to go away, I figure I might as well combine them with a Hymn to the Asvins, Twin Gods of Light and Healing, who can probably take care of both issues at once :D

    "May Your elegant and rich car, swift as a hawk, come, Asvins, to our presence; for it is as the mind of man, surmounted, showerers of benefits, by three columns, and rapid as the wind.

    Come to us, with Your tri-columnar, triangular, three-wheeled, and well-constructed car; replenish our cows with milk; give spirit to our horses; and augment, Asvins, our posterity.

    Dasras, having come, with Your quick-moving, well-constructed car, hear this hymn, recited by one who reveres you. Do not the ancient sages say that you are most prompt, Asvins, to avert poverty from the worshipper?

    May Your quick-moving, prancing steeds, rapid as hawks, yoked to Your car, bear You, Asvins, hither, who, quick as falling water, like vultures flying through the air, convey You, Nasatyas, to the sacrifice.

    Leaders of sacrifice, the youthful daughter of Surya ascended, delighted, this Your car. May Your strong-bodied, prancing, fleet and shining horses bring You near us.

    By Your deeds, Dasras, You raised up Vandana, and, showerers of benefits, Rebha; You bore the son of Tugra over the sea, and made Chyavana young.

    You gave relief to the imprisoned Atri, quenching the scorching heat, and fed him with grateful food: solicitous of worthy praise, You gave sight to Kanwa, blinded by darkness.

    You filled the cow with milk, Asvins, for the ancient Sayu, when imploring Your aid; You liberated the quail from danger; You gave a leg to Vishpala.

    You gave to Pedu, Asvins, the white and foe-trampling steed which You had received from Indra, loud-neighing in battle, defying enemies, high-spirited, the acquirer of a thousand treasures, vigorous, and firm of body.

    Earnestly we call You, leaders of the sacrifice, such as You have been described, and Who are well-born, to our succor, - soliciting, Asvins, wealth. Contented with our laudations, come to us, with Your wealthy car, to bring us felicity.

    Come to us, auspicious Nasatyas, with the fresh velocity of a hawk. Bearing an oblation, I invoke you, Asvins, at the rising of the ever-constant dawn."

    - Rig Veda, Mandala I, Hymn CXVIII