Sunday, August 13, 2017

In August We Fix Things

It's me again, updating things like an update boss.

This is what this blog would look like three thousand years ago

What's Up With Writing

Anne took pity on me this last two weeks and helped more than usual, because we were putting a lot of stuff from the last round of playtests rewrites into final and I couldn't figure out where she put things in chapters. There are so many words in them. She says I deserve it because she can't read any handwritten notes I make.

The playtests showed us a lot of problems with Endowments that could use fixes so we finally finished the updated versions of all of them (except Gambits, Gambits are....hard). Mostly they are the same idea but with some mechanics fixes. Some of them were too punishing and we wanted them to be more fun so they didn't have such a high rate where they weren't helpful in specific situations. Other ones were too hard to run. When I am looking at a system I wrote and saying "this is really hard to GM on the spot", maybe something went wrong. Anne wants to do a post about the specifics so maybe that coming soon, because it's been a long time since we posted, even though the changes aren't new for us they aren't the same as the last time you saw spoilers.

I was trying to float some other fixes but Anne put this big note that says STOP TRYING TO CHANGE BRAWN on my computer. Balance is important!

If the Leader Endowment doesn't feel like this, is there even any point in having it?

What's Up with Playtesting

Character creation has wrapped up for all but a few people and there will be multiple groups running at the same time in the same shared setting - kind of a big sandbox with rival teams in it. Not sure yet if it will be two teams or three, depending on the last few people. So far there are some great characters and the players are being very helpful about trying new combos and powers so we can see how they perform in the real world.

Since we're working on getting some playtest stuff on the website so you guys can all see it (and also the players but also you!), I want to take this opportunity to ask what things you want to see. Character sheets? Story summary? Highlight powers they used? If you were going to pay attention to any playtest stuff, what would it be? (Not that we can promise everything but let's all dream together.)

More feasting hall pillars, as voted by the people

What's Up With Technical Stuff

No tech stuff this time, but we'll let you know when new website stuff happens.

The Personal Stuff

Progress has turned into surgery for Anne at the end of the month. This is supposed to be a good thing, with problem fixing. We can rebuild her, faster, better, stronger. It's not super severe so she hopes she won't be out of commission for very long afterward. (Actually she said she would just type on her laptop in bed but we probably have to put a stop to that sometimes.)

She did however tell me she's been working on a blog post for a couple days so...stay tuned for her triumphant return, she's coming.

Artist's rendition of bionic Anne of the future

I'm going back to Gambits now because they're making me too crazy to sleep.


  1. Oliver Lindholm SørensenAugust 13, 2017 at 12:18 PM

    Thanks for the update, glad to hear that things are moving forward.

    Also, good luck on your surgery Anne. If you get lazer eyes and a built-in jetpack, please don't tell us. We'll just get jealous.

  2. If I get to vote on play-test stuff, I'd like to see something concrete. We've seen character sheets and charts - there's no context to them. I'd like to see a selection of actual skills and abilities, or a section of the character creation rules, or a sample of the Gods in the game, or a bit of the world background. I want something tangible that says, "This game is coming together, and here's what we can show you to keep you excited and interested." We've had a long wait - I think we'd all like something tangible to read over and speculate about at this point.

    1. Thanks for the input, that's very helpful. You make good points.....

    2. I vote for Character sheets +

      Reveal a character sheet, but add in the mechanics of all the abilities on that sheet! :D
      That'd give us more characters and in a concrete way ;)

  3. Character sheets, character sheets, character sheets!

    [Goodluck on the surgery Anne. I hope you come out swinging.]

    -cough- I mean whatever would be good.

    1. Character sheets vote registered. Also I'm sure she will.

  4. If you go back to April 13, 2016, the character sheets already got a preview. Unless they changed a lot since then, we don't really need to see them again.

    1. They have not changed a ton, mostly smaller stuff. You'll get to see them but they probably won't be the only thing you get to see!

  5. I look forward to Cyborg Anne :)

    On the updates stuff... we've all seen character sheets before, amazingly designed as they are, and seeing character sheets doesn't do us much good if we don't know what's on them. What I would like to know about are the powers they use... what they do, and why they were chosen (were they actual powers the players wanted or just the fastest path to some other node on the Web?).

    As for tangible things I'd love to see... firstly, I'd love to see some high level Blessings... we've seen some Mortal level powers in your Aspect posts, and even if they might not all be the same in the current iteration, we still have some taste of what they do... what I'd like to see is what GODS can do with their powers.

    In addition, I'd love to see Domain Blessings, of whatever tier you feel comfortable spoiling... we hear so muchabout Aspects and their talents and their Endowments and the Web of Fate that it's a little too easy sometimes to forget that Domains are even a thing that exist in this game :)

    Fianlly, and this is the least important because it's entirely up to Anne and how she's doing, but long long ago, there was talk of a post where we got an example God from the game that exemplifies each of the Archetypes :) I'd still love to see that, but pending Anne's health.

    1. Roger that, Blessings would be good, putting it in the file.

      I asked Anne and she says she has the old draft of that post so she will try to work on it!

  6. Not to labour the point, but you posted a table before the long silence that showed how the assorted mechanics were coming along - how accurate would you say the table of progress is now? Are we nearing the end, or is there a general overhaul of the game and systems underway?

    1. I went back to look at the table and... we need a new table. Most of the things on it are done but they have been replaced by other things.

      After playtesting there were things that needed a fairly sizable overhaul. There's backlog of "stuff John fixed/changed" vs. "stuff Anne has to edit so it's good for humans" so that's been the priority, there are few things left to actually write, if that makes sense.

      Basically this question tells me we need more mechanics and process on the blog where you can see it.

    2. So what I get from that is, "we've finished creating and testing the basic elements - chargen, endowments, combat, background, experience, etc - but we have some individual detail thingies to tweak, play-test, re-write, and polish. Otherwise, the basic system and book are essentially complete." Would that be a fair appraisal?

    3. Which is not to say I think you mean it's "almost ready" - I just think you mean "we don't have anything essential to complete, we just have things to fine-tune and playtest before we call it a day."

    4. Interesting. Because I read it as "We had a lot of the bare bones done but we realise we need to scrap a lot of it and kind of re-design it.", rather than "Basic elements are done. We just need to fine tune."

      Maybe I'm wrong?

    5. A little column a, a little column b. For the most part the basic elements are done and tested (the ones you mention all but one I think?), but we did have to strip and fix a few of them and we just finished, so that took some time. I think Anne is blogging about it. The outstanding thing is blessings because they use those base systems, so ones that used things that needed re-design have to get taken out back and punched until they conform to the new fixed versions.

      So yeah, mostly done, but also, still some mechanical fixes and also re-writing and polish to finish everything that is already done. "Done" meaning "I don't have to design it but it isn't all fit for human eyes yet" kind of done.