Sunday, July 30, 2017

Updates for July

Time for the two weeks check in!

John bestowing blog posts on the people and also being a horse

What's Up With Writing

Anne and I have this difference of opinion where I hate to talk about anything that isn't done already because it's in-process trash, and she wants to tell someone every time something gets done because she likes progress. We argue about it and since I write the blog posts now I win lately. But she makes some good points about how you guys also like to hear about progress.

So these past two weeks I did a lot of painful editing in the setting chapter. It's full of so many words. Anne worked on the system for conflict between PCs, which has gotten changed a lot over time in playtesting, and had lots of notes left over to process from the last round of tests that we finally got folded in. We're cleaning up basic systems that have tweaks since a new playtest is going to start that will use them, so probably more about those next time.

New and improved PC conflict resolution, now with more spears

What's Up with Playtesting

Character creation is still rolling and we added in some new people who haven't tried the game in its current form yet for extra insight. It looks like at this point I'll probably run a couple of playtests at the same time so different groups can try different things. If you are a new person, do not be afraid, everyone dies this much.

The twitter feed is great for comedy but since we are running tests anyway, we're going to reach out to Stephen to see if we can put some information about the playtest games on the site so you folks can follow some of it. See some character sheets, keep up with some story and get a feel for the Heroes and their setting. Stay tuned.

Test Team A discusses the bullshit Test Team B just did

What's Up With Technical Stuff

We noticed that the site is down today (so you might not even see this blog post... but the blog is still up because it's hosted separately), so we're working on getting it back up. Not sure what happened but probably just a hiccup with the hosting service. We're waving at Stephen from a neighboring state and we'll get it figured out. Same goes for the forum, they should come back up at the same time.

Speaking of the forum, we had to set it so that new accounts have to be approved by an admin before they can post, because even all the banning we were doing wasn't stopping the invading horde of spammers. So we'll check often to make sure we're approving real people but if you happen to be a new forum user, you can also comment on the blog here and we (or really... Stephen or Anne) will go make sure you get approved.

If you sent in a change to your Kickstarter address, Anne marathoned through updating all our records for those last week also!

This is what it looked like when Anne emailed me the web maintenance document

The Personal Stuff

Things are still going well but doctors move at the speed of glaciers. Anne is doing better but lots more stuff still coming in the future. She wants you all to know she hates not writing blog posts.

See you in two weeks!


  1. Ha! :) Hayagriva pic for the win! :)

    It's good to hear that Anne is doing better. She speaks wisdom though, as she usually does :) We do love to hear about progress, and I think it's a pretty safe bet that we won't mind it if the info you shared had a big 'This may change before final release' disclaimer on top. We understand that this is a work in progress, and now that we better understand the reasons behind the delays, I think we'd be perfectly happy to understand that what we see now may not be what we end up with pending final tweaks.

  2. Also, a system specifically for PC conflict?
    If you're ever wondering what to drop a teaser on, i'd love some info on that!
    It's what my players use 50% of the playtime on anyways ;)

  3. Always good to hear from you on HJ. I'll join the group that feels that an update with information, no matter how little, is much better than "We're still working. See you in two weeks!" Frankly, I'd like to see some concrete stuff; maybe a paragraph of the game world, or a chart or two, or a new character sheet, or a pantheon [even a write-up of a sample God] - just something that is from the actual game. I don't care if it changes later, I would just enjoy seeing a peek under the hood. Glad to hear things are progressing on the health front - maybe Anne will feel up to writing something to us soon. See you in two weeks!

    1. Okay, I'm sensing the pattern, we'll see what we can do. I always hate taking time away from working to post things up instead...but obviously you guys could use some stuff!