Sunday, July 16, 2017

Update Party

Here we are, two weeks later. While writing this, Anne kept making me redact things she felt were too personal.

Old man John at work

What's Up With Writing

What's up currently is: I'm working on things and Anne's helping me whenever possible. Since a lot of things have already been through a few drafts, it's lots of cleanup and confirming that numbers still add up and systems still balance against each other. I think we are all aware that when it comes to writing/editing and the English language, I'm not Anne, I'm the systems guy. Slower and generally worse, in other words. I usually do a lot of design and testing and numbers stuff, but she's the Head Writer, so this is slow and she is assisting to keep me from wrecking anything she already wrote. Mostly it's the double duty of making sure there are no holes in the system, but also that the copy actually explains the systems right so that readers understand what's going on.

This phase will hopefully not last very long, but it's important to make sure we know exactly where everything is as we return to the project so we don't duplicate any work or accidentally waste time to fix something we already fixed a different way.

Archival footage of Anne being better than John

What's Going On Outside of Writing

I'm currently working on setting up a new playtesting group (as of this moment, they're in character creation). It's important that this isn't something that will slow things down or anything. We won't be waiting for the playtesting game(s) to conclude before printing or anything like that, if the timelines don't line up. But it's just smart to have folks testing things while we're still working - the playtesters have time to look at it while it isn't yet finished, and new tweaks can get a field run. Live testing will also be a good way to get back into the swing of things.

Amicable playtesting discussion about group makeup

The Personal Stuff

Recent hospital visits were good but not as good as we hoped. We're both still pumped about doing things and we'll keep you posted. Thank you to everyone who commented with kind words, we both really appreciated all of them.

Right now we're planning to try to do an update every two weeks or so, even if it's just to say "hey, we're still here and still working on it", so there won't be a long silent stretch again. For the most part we'll probably do those updates on the blog so we don't spam Kickstarter peoples' emails, but we'll put them on the Kickstarter too if there's important information. Anne is also better at updates so I hope to give them back to her someday.

Salutes to you warriors, back to the trenches!


  1. Sorry to hear that health things weren't as good as you hoped - I know how chronic illness can drag you down [I'm presuming that's what it is, at least - the details really aren't anyone else's business but yours]. Hopefully there was at least a light at the end of the tunnel? Anyway, keep at it, we're still here. At least you know you'll get good honest feedback when the game is finally released!

    1. Every doctor has different opinions on the tunnel lights. But we're on it.

      Yeah, we can always trust you for feedback, you guys are awesome.

  2. I love the memefied pictures. Adding them was a sign of pure Arete!

    There's a certain fantastic feeling of having been at work for the entire evening, being tired to the bone and opening ones browser, to discover that there's an update from you guys. It's kathartic and i have missed it while you were away!

  3. Also really important news is the fact that website is manageable. Yay all the spam is gone! Good luck with all the things folks though, health stuff is hard to deal with.

    1. Yeah... stupid spammers. Keeping an eye on it now.

  4. I am really sorry to hear that the news wasn't what you were hoping for. Best of wishes for yourself and Anne John. Thanks for keeping these updates coming.

  5. Kudos for the Ganesha and Moksha Picture. Love seeing my two faves just chilling out. Thanks for posting art with these new updates since pictures are really helpful for me when I start to get mopey. :)