Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Progress Update: The Votes Are In!

Okay, everyone! It's been a few weeks, so we're officially going to call the Kickstarter voting. (If you're not a KS backer, sorry, this post will be less exciting to you, but we will hopefully make up for it in the near future!

The final tally looked something like this:

A Votes B Votes C Votes
22 2 9

Those following along from afar may notice that there's an option C on that table, which didn't actually exist in the original KS post, where we offered options A and B. That's because a startling number of people over at Kickstarter (but very few here) suggested "option C", which was essentially "just keep doing what you're doing and let us know when it's done, we're not bothered about it", which was very excellent of them. (Salutes, you folks.) Not represented on this table are also a large number of votes of "C, but A I guess if that isn't an option," which started popping up around the same time as well.

So, without getting into it too greatly: you're all fantastic, but when we offered options A and B, it was because we were hearing from various backers and followers of the project that they really needed to see something concrete sooner rather than later, and since we agree that this project has gone on much longer than anticipated and you folks deserve to see some return on that investment, we came up with a few ideas for how to do that. Option C, nice though it would be for us because we wouldn't have to do anything extra, wouldn't help those folks whose voices we were responding to in the first place, so we're going to have to decide not to go with it.

But of the original two options, A clearly won by a landslide (even more so if you could the "C, but I guess A" votes, which jump that 22 up to a 35), so A it is! We will be working toward fulfilling that plan!

First Important Thing: Everything we're working on to implement Option A is stuff that had to be done before the book was finished, anyway. That means that those of you who voted C, or who aren't voting at all but were worried about delays, can mostly rest easy that we're not stopping to do things that make it take longer for you to get the final product. What we are doing is mostly redirecting the specific things we're working on so that the things Option A needs done get done first, and everything else will be done later after it's out the door. There will still be a small delay, I won't lie to you - at the end we'll have to stop to proofread everything and then put it into a form we can release to backers - but it won't be a very big one.

Second Important Things: As we have all discovered together on this winding journey, date estimates have been difficult to come up with and often don't reflect the actual final completion date. So, instead of taking a guess (educated, but still a guess) at when Option A will be finished and ready to rock, we've put together a checklist of all the things that need to get done before that, so you can follow along as they get completed.

There's a more thorough run-down of what each of those things on this list means and what we're doing with it on the Kickstarter update for backers, but suffice it to say they're all Good Stuff and they all have to be finished for the final game anyway, so hopefully even those of you not on KS will be able to follow some progress that way, too.

That's it for today's announcement! We'll let you know as things progress, and Cameron will of course continue to update while we move forward!


  1. I'm very happy to hear this. ��

  2. Looking forward to seeing the end product.
    Great work here.