Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Devotional Domains: The Last Holdout!

You've all seen a semi-spoiler for the Devotional Domains before, right? You've seen some teasers about the Hindu and Norse powersets in one post, and the Greek powers in another. But it has been rightly pointed out that we've been lacking a peek at the powers available to the Egyptians among us... sooooo...

Lots of adventures in orthography when it comes to ancient Egyptian concepts, considering the questionable different vowels and transcriptions to choose from. (For those of you worrying about the difference between "Heka" and "Heqa", there is one, but we're considering going with the alternative "Heku" for the first because really, demanding that y'all are familiar with the slight uvular differences of a dead language seems possibly like asking too much for people just trying to enjoy a game without confusion.)

For those of you making guesses about the Theology branch of this tree including powers based on the ancient Egyptian religious concept of the manifold soul... good call! Ritual has a lot to do with traditional ancient Egyptian magic, spell-casting, and protective amulets, while the Divinity section has to do with the heavy emphasis among Egyptian heroes and gods on symbolic representation and the power of different images and names to affect their natures.


  1. Heku over Heka would be vastly appreciated...I think that kind of confusion would drive newbies away super quickly.

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  3. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Devotions reflect the identities and themes of each pantheon in play. A Norse hero shouldn't seem like a Greek one, or a Sumerian one, or a Chinese one, and it looks like the Devotion systems will make that possible.