Saturday, January 2, 2016

Quick Note from the Tech Department

A quick note on tech stuff, which we meant to include in the last update and forgot!

Thanks to all of you folks who let us know about the forums and contact links going down last week. According to our webmaster, Stephen, our hoster decided to perform a surprise database update on the 23rd (perfect timing for all of us out of town for the holidays here in the US!), which caused the outage since we needed to take some steps to respond on our end.

Stephen, who is a badass without peer, actually fixed the issue on Christmas morning after receiving our confused text messages in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, so huge thanks to him for taking a second out of his holiday celebrations with his family to get us up and running again!

He also wanted me to let all of you know that we're aware that the spammers are at it again on the forums, so in addition to being more conscientious about responding to reports faster, he's working on seeing if we can get a security audit and/or a software upgrade in place to try to cut down on the number of times you come to the site looking for mythology and leave with an ad for sneakers.

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