Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End of the Year Wrap-Up: Hero's Journey in 2016

Hey, everyone! We hope that everybody who celebrates winter holidays is having some wonderful ones, and that everyone who doesn't is having a great time with whatever they're doing regardless. The year's about to wind down, so we're here for a quick run-down on what's up with HJ, what's doing great, what hasn't done as hot as we were hoping, and where we're headed. (Cameron is on vacation, so don't blame him for not knowing this stuff in his last few posts.)

The Good:

Blessings are done, y'all! I don't think I can express exactly how exciting that is from our perspective because oh MAN they were a lot of work, but baby, they are done! At final count, Hero's Journey will have exactly six hundred and eighty Blessings when it ships, which includes 420 Blessings from Aspects (the ones from the Web of Fate that have to do with your skills as a Hero), 180 Blessings from Domains (the ones that have to do with areas of magical/elemental/spiritual powers that normal people don't have access to), and 80 Blessings from the Devotionals (the ones that are unique to the pantheon you, as a Hero, serve). We have tiny little Blessings for Heroes who are just starting out and are just that little bit more impressive than normal humans who haven't been touched by the divine, and we have enormous world-shaking fundament-altering Blessings for Heroes who have become deities themselves. And everything in between.

Basically we are really excited about being done with these. I would say that you don't know, except I'm pretty sure that after listening to us talk about them and complain about them and say we're alllllmost there for months, you're probably pretty excited to hear it, too.

Augments, on the other hand, are not done yet, since they depended on the Blessings before they could really achieve velocity, but they're in the process of being worked on right now. There are no Augments for Devotionals (and I mean, really, they don't need them, they're ridiculous all on their own), but there are for both Aspect and Domain Blessings, and they range from "slightly extend time that Blessing's effects last" to "make Blessing do whole additional dimension of ridiculousness", and a lot in between. They're (hopefully) moving faster than Blessings, since they're adding to existing material instead of reinventing the wheel all the time, and we'll keep you updated on them.

Playtesting has been super useful lately, with some more concrete feedback on things that weren't working for players or didn't pan out as intended in play in spite of how good they looked on paper. Having long-running games that had time to figure out their skills and get entrenched in and develop characters has definitely paid off with info about issues we might not have encountered in shorter-run stories, and we've done some good tweaking lately (some of which you'll hear about in the next section!).

The Bad:

Subsystems having to do with the Aspects, as we suspected and talked about a few months ago, have been revealed over more testing to not all be stacking up equally. That sucks, because it would have been nice for them to be done, but has resulted in us rewriting them to make them better, which I think we can all agree is a good thing that will make the overall game more enjoyable. For those who were following along with this post a while ago about Aspect subsystems, the Empowerment, Overextension, and Persistence systems were performing poorly in comparison to the other subsystems in play, consistently enough to need retooling.

There's a silver lining on that one, at least - we have updated versions of the subsystems for Creator and Warrior Heroes ready to go, and we'll get to share them with y'all in some blog posts soon as we try to get Hunter to cooperate and finish out the lineup. So stay tuned on that one.

Art delays, something that we haven't actually had much of a problem with over the course of this project, have cropped up in the past few months, mostly revolving around the additional art of Kickstarter-pledged NPCs we're waiting on. This isn't really a problem as far as publication goes - obviously, it's not like we're waiting on art and nothing else right now, so no one get on the art department about DELAYING THE BOOK because it is totally not on them - but it has resulted in fewer NPC spoilers than we were planning on, so apologies to those waiting for them. We've just seen one more character come back recently and are waiting on the last few to make their way back to us. Barring some kind of Canadian zombie apocalypse tragedy, those should all be completed with plenty of time to spare as far as actual printing of books goes.

The Ugly:

Obviously, the big sadness is that we aren't shipping you books right now. Those of you following the blog have heard a lot of the reasons why, so I won't rehash them; but we are still not there yet, which is disappointing to everyone here, and we know to all of you, too. Obviously, with the issues of first-time game devs being bad at estimating time investment needed, occasional playtesting hiccups, and sometimes members of the team falling deathly ill, providing you with new deadlines hasn't been working, so instead, we're going to focus on what we're doing, and how close that gets us to being finished and on our way. So, let's look at:

What's Coming Next:

Here's what our to-do list looks like for the beginning of the year. (Well, not actually, our actual to-do list is on like three whiteboards and is covered in scribbles and side notes and is basically incomprehensible to anyone except for us, so this is the clean version, readable by human beings.)

  • Finish the Augments. These are the last large piece of the actual game left outstanding, and they've already been started, so we just need to confront and kick their asses as efficiently as possible. This will involve checking them against each other and the whole big sprawl of the Blessings landscape, so it is intensive, but we're hopeful that it won't be nearly as slow as the Blessings process was.
  • The Hunter Subsystem. Hunters. Every time. This is the last of the Aspect subsystems to need an overhaul, and will hopefully get straightened out organically as we work on the Hunter Augments here and are immersed in Hunteryness for a while... but if it doesn't, it'll be next up. Ideally this won't take too long, other than testing it in live games to make sure the darn thing works this time.
  • Outstanding Appendix Tables. Like most RPG books, HJ's has an appendix that has maps and tables and other good stuff in it, and a couple of those tables are still in the sketched-but-not-fleshed stage. Off the top of my head, I know we still need to finalize some sample Divine Favor, work on the ever-popular Volatile Item table, and some other things of that nature. Again, hopefully not a very time-intensive step, but one that needs to be done to make sure all player tools are in place. This is the last thing that actually involves any writing - after this, written content is done!
  • Finalize NPCs and their Art. As noted above, we're still waiting on some art to come back for these folks, although you can see that they're not pressing right now. Finalizing them will mostly have to do with cross-checking them with the finished Blessings and Aspects to make sure their character sheets are correct, and making sure no one is an unbalanced Unplayable Character Mess after all's said and done.
  • Jess, John, and Anne Proofing Party. After all that, John and I will have to sit down and read the entire book, now in its final order, from cover to cover a few times and make sure everything makes sense, there aren't any weird quirks or legacy rules left from earlier versions in there, and that nothing jumps out as in the wrong place or section or as being worded poorly. This will probably happen over a week or so while in pajamas and yelling passionately at each other about minute details no one cares about. Somewhere, probably being about fifty times more professional, our lead editor, Jess, will also be doing this, and hopefully telling us that we did great and there don't need to be too many more changes.
  • The Final Layout. At that point, the book's done and the art department is in charge of final arting and laying-out of pages. They've done a lot of prep work for this and we have full confidence in their ability to be amazing at it, so holy bananas, that will definitely be an exciting day. Because after that day... things get to be printed!

And that's the end, y'all. That's what we're doing and where we're headed. Today, Augments: tomorrow (or at some point) the world.

Future Updates:

Despite Cameron's diligent attempts to drag us out of our poorly-lit writing dungeon for meetings once in a while, news has been slow to come out to you folks, so we're looking to get that moving again. Cameron's updates will continue to talk about where we are in the process and what we're working on at the moment, while I'll be doing some more focused updates on specific issues and spoilers that will hopefully be fun for all of you. In no particular order, I have posts queued and outlined for talking about the new subsystems, spoiling some finished blessings, discussing a few mechanics you haven't heard much about yet (Travel Episodes, y'all!), co-op play issues in HJ, and of course more NPCs.

We'll talk more about the future of HJ (hopefully, a bright one) as we get closer to the end of the tunnel, but that's all for now!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Monthly Update 12.11

Hello Everyone,

So I understand that those of you reading this cross multiple faiths, languages, and countries. But for our North American team the time-period from the last week of November, to the January 1st is generally pretty jam packed. With travel, holidays, closing out the year at our day jobs, seasonal affective disorder, we haven't gotten to talk as much as we usually do.

So what can I tell you about the progress of the game? Unfortunately not as much as I'd like. The work on the game continues, and the thorny few remaining bits remain. Anne's health is improving, but as with anything health related the path is never straight. She continues to perform the Herculean balancing act of health, day job, and Hero's Journey work.

In random (but awesome) other news, John is in Las Vegas, where he was invited to participate in Magic: The Gathering event, he is there this week. I don't have all the details, but will fill them in my next update if you're interested.

This will be the last post from me for the year, and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all for your questions and comments throughout the year, for baring with my late posts, sometimes evasive answers, and for your patience as the team works to finish the game. You are a great community that I look forward to seeing grow as the game is actually released.

So that's it for me this year, I will no have guaranteed access to a computer for the remainder of the year, but this isn't going to be the last update. Anne is preparing something, that will hopefully serve as a "Thank You" for all of your patience. But I will let her tell you about that when it's ready.

So thank you again! I will be back on January 8th (Yes, it will be the second Friday in January).

Have a great rest of the year!


Friday, December 4, 2015

This isn't the Post You're Looking For...

This isn't the post you're looking for...

As has been par for the course for my monthly updates, this will be delayed one week.

See you all next week!