Friday, November 13, 2015

Monthly Update 11.12

Hello everyone,

Thank you for being patient, or at the very least not digitally storming the castle. I am here with your monthly update. As with many updates there is a mix of progress and setback, and even a question answered.

First, switching things up the question asked by mikijuciso is:

"How many dice will me and my group need once we pick up the game? For starting heroes and for late-game heroes?"

When you pick up the game at the Mortal level you probably won't need much more then 10 dice. As you progress through Mortal, you'll be rolling up to 16 dice. As you journey, surviving and growing (John threw out over the course of several years of play) you will eventually max out at 50 dice after your character has achieved full fledged godhood.

Next, comes good news and a mix of bad.

Good, is that there are only about twenty talents left before finalizing the book goes into effect. The bad part of this, which won't be a surprise if you've been following this blog, is that these are the twenty talents that have vexed Anne and John. They are the rogues gallery of talents, that like to defy balance and definition. So they are taking longer than expected.

The second bad part is harder to talk about; walking the line between honesty and excuses is tough. Throughout this project we have endeavored to be as transparent as possible when it comes to roadblocks and delays (of which there have been many). The core development team for Hero's Journey is Anne and John. They are a two person team, the key drawback of this is that there's not a lot of redundancy.

We know that at this point, many of you just want the finished project, and not hear about the lives of its creators. But the truth of the matter is that Anne has not been well this past month, this is something she is generally able to work through at a diminished capacity, but without details this month has been pretty bad. There have been multiple doctor's visits and her getting healthy has consumed a significant portion of both John and Anne's time.

There has been very little progress on finishing work this month. The good news is that Anne is now on the mend. The bad is that this setback, means that even with the most aggressive timetable, the book will not be in your hands by the end of the year. There aren't any dates that I can give, but what I can say is that the work continues, and I hope to have better news for you next month.

Have a great rest of the month, I will talk to you again on the 4th (but probably the 11th).


  1. I appreciate the update. You guys have done a great job with your efforts at transparency.

    Anne? I hope you'll be better soon, and no one should be the least bit upset with you because of these set backs. Hero's Journey is cool, but it's just a game. Your health comes first. No one's going to die if the book is a little later than expected.

    So best wishes to the team, and thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. As frustrating as the delays are [and I know they are for you, as well], your health absolutely comes first. Take care of yourself, and do what you can - we'll still be here when everything is done.