Saturday, September 19, 2015

They Claim They're Having Fun, Though

Today, I asked the players in one of the playtest games what playtesting issues I should write about in the blog next week.

Their suggestions included:

  • John's Mean: The Post
  • Why Maging is the Hardest
  • What to Do When Your Group Keeps Ruining Everything
  • The No Mettle Blues: a Story of Regret
  • How to Deal With Horribad Dice Rolls: a Guide to Spending All Your Resources on Your Terrible Group
  • I Strive, You Strive, We All Strive and Then Cry About Our Resources

Meanwhile, with one of the other groups...

Yep, just another day on the farm over here.


  1. Speaking as someone who is very fond of maging, that second one piques my interest. As does 'wtf is Strive?'.

  2. The No Mettle Blues: a Story of Regret

    This has been taken to heart as a future player ;)