Friday, September 4, 2015

Monthly Update 9.4

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is in progress and is an attempt to give you a glimpse in the process of making the game. Abilities, powers, and mechanics discussed in this blog my not work as described here in the final product.

Hi Everybody!

This past month John and Anne have continued to work on Hero's Journey. Anne actually posted about their progress on Kickstarter towards the end of August, which you can read more about that here. Some of the information here is going to double up with what you may have read there so please bear with me.

The bulk of the work is now done, which is the hardest thing to say, but it's not the "We're finished! Initiate the Two Month Timeline!" that we all want to announce. The work now is in the fine tuning, the fiddly bits of tweaking based on playtesting feedback. This is probably the most frustrating thing to read about because it's, well, boring.

They would read like patch notes. For example:

"After internal testing we have decided that X will occur at a 4% chance, down from 5%."

These are powers that are "done" in that they're written down and usable, but haven't been balanced. All of these tweaks are coming from the result of playtesting. The Playtests are still happening on multiple fronts and power levels. Much of John and Anne's development time is spent meeting with players and poring over the information gained from these sessions.

So is there anything else new I can share? Starting in the next few weeks, most likely on Wednesdays, we're going to start revealing the NPC's created for Kickstarter backers. It might be a couple weeks, but that will be coming.

You haven't missed it, the streaming game, either. Character sheets are still coming in, but nothing has been scheduled. Stay tuned.

Have a great Month, and I'll be back here on October 2nd!

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