Friday, August 7, 2015

Monthly Update 8.7

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is in progress and is an attempt to give you a glimpse in the process of making the game. Abilities, powers, and mechanics discussed in this blog my not work as described here in the final product.

Hello Everyone!

Great to be back. I'm sure it will come as no surprise that John and Anne have been deep in the jungles of Blessings. I've come back from my meeting with a few updates, though sadly, no spoilers this time around.

I'm going to tackle the first thing head on. The timeline, when will the core book be released?

Anne and John are more than halfway through blessings, but there's no timeline for when that will be finished. They are knocking them down finishing several spheres and trees. Some are going faster while others need a lot of debate. So while they work I can lay out some estimates for what to expect when all the blessings are complete.

  1.  John and Anne say "We're done writing!" everything then goes to the Art and Design team. They will finalize the layout and design for finished blessing and the remaining chapters in preparation for printing.
  2. The final content for the book will go to the printers, they'll get back a copy for review. If all goes well, they'll give the go ahead to print the books. This may take some back and forth with the printer. The printer is not in the State, so there will be some lag in shipping.
  3. They order the books and get sent giant heavy boxes of books.
  4. Anne, John, and probably an awesome team of volunteers will pack up and ship books and rewards to all the backers.
  5. The packages ship. PDF's get sent. (The PDFs probably arrive first)
Steps 1-4 will pessimistically take something close to two months depending on multiple factors. Shipping to all the supporters will add to this given the nature of international shipping. We're all hoping that this will go faster than that, but that's the timeline. From the point at which "We're done writing!" gets posted we're probably looking at two months. We will be updating every step of the way on that.

Next up, we haven't talked about Devotionals for a while. Anne is finishing up a post talking about the process they took to finish them, look for that on Monday. Also, Anne has been working on appendices with things like sample creatures and items you heroes might encounter or acquire along their journeys. 

The test games continue. Anne has been posting updates things they're learning as they go. Check those out here, here, and here. Look for those on Thursdays. The Canadian team will also be starting up a new running test game, so they'll probably be taking it to twitter soon.

Last month I mentioned that there would be a live streamed game coming. You haven't missed it, John and the players have been talking back and forth, this week the players finished their characters. So the game should be scheduled soon. Stay Tuned.

Have a great August, and I'll be back here on September 4th!


  1. So, if all goes well, we could all be getting a pretty cool Christmas present this year!

    1. We're hoping, and aiming, for an early Christmas present.