Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekly Update 6.19

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is in progress and is an attempt to give you a glimpse in the process of making the game. Abilities, powers, and mechanics discussed in this blog my not work as described here in the final product.

Hello everyone! This week Anne's furious working caught up with her, she has been sick this week, but both John and Anne finished work on Devotionals. The catch is, with Anne sick, transcribing duties fell to John. When John takes notes, he writes in a language that is tangentially related to English and requires John to fully interpret. So next week Anne will be working with him to translate the finished blessings into meaningful text.

So, as work continues.

We do have some questions from an observer of the Aspect and Domain Spoilers. You can find some examples Here and Here. These questions prompted a lot of discussion which I'm going to try to coalesce into a coherent post.

There are multiple nodes in the Sovereignty Tree that give Bonuses to Talents, however, there are no similar nodes for Spheres (such as water)?

For the sake of transparency, I edited this question slightly, if I misinterpreted the spirit of the question, please correct me publicly or privately. But you are correct, there are not similar nodes that give bonuses to Talents in Spheres, hopefully the follow-up questions will answer the why.
[Edited based on a conversation in the comments]

Are there bonuses to Spheres to be gotten anywhere else?  Do Sphere Blessings not roll as much as Talent ones?

Sphere blessings are not rolled as much and tend to not need as many bonuses.

Talents in Hero's Journey serve a dual purpose as both powers and activities that you'll be doing regularly. For instance, if you're advancing your Pursuit, you will find the talent is helping your character get better at running and movement in general, not just pursuing things.

Are they designed to provide more 'bang for the buck' so to speak with fewer successes?

Using a Sphere Blessing tends to be more "explosive" they need less big rolls to accomplish what their purpose.

What was the design thinking that went behind this?

Spheres tend to be more, and my language is not as precise as I'd like it to be, "magical" than talents. This is keeping in mind we're talking about a game where your character is more than human already. But controlling Water tends to have a more overtly "magical" feel than being a phenomenal leader or a superhuman tracker.

Mechanics-wise the design behind this is that talents set the foundation for the game and your character. They were designed to be in a interconnected within huge web. Once the core book is released, they will be set in stone. All the talents that will be in Hero's journey, will be in the core book (perhaps revisited in a second edition, but that would be way in the future).

Spheres on the other-hand, are self contained, and there will be more Spheres released if future books. Their self contained nature give more leeway to do different things with them, which you will see in the future.

This might spark some clarifying questions, so keep asking!

That's it for the week, have a great weekend!


  1. "But you are correct, there are not similar nodes that give bonuses to talents in the Spheres"

    But the Water Sphere Web that we saw DID give bonuses to several Talents...has that changed? My question was basically that there were a lot of bonuses to Talents in the Webs, but not Spheres that could be seen...I was merely curious as to why that was. The rest of the post answers my questions quite well, but this line still confuses me.

    1. My misunderstanding, I am going to have to lean on John and Anne for that follow-up.

    2. This is john not logged in though.
      That was meant to say that there wouldn't be buffs to spheres in any nodes.

    3. Ha, John beat me to it. From work, yet.

      Yes, there are no bonuses to Spheres from nodes anywhere, but there are bonuses to Talents in both the Web of Fate and the Sphere trees. :)