Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekly Update 3.20

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is in progress and is an attempt to give you a glimpse in the process of making the game. Abilities, powers, and mechanics discussed in this blog my not work as described here in the final product.

Hello! So this week I have updates, a whole bunch of questions, some good news, and some bad news. First, the good news; All of the Lover Blessings are done, and according to the Blessings Count we are at...

9 out of 10

Awesome right!? But there's the bad news, the last blessings are the big ones, the ones that John and Anne looked at and said "We'll come back to it." or they had "fiddly bits" that were difficult to pin down.

To give an example of the difficulty I'll use a blessing from Beauty. As I mentioned last week, it's hard to make beauty an active thing. In mythology, beautiful people tend to have things happen to them they don't necessarily make things happen. It's a difficult proposition to create a blessing that says "Use this to be abducted and start a war." or "Use this and be given to someone as a prize." or "Use this and be pursued by an amorous Zeus".

Most players are going to look at a power like that and say "NOPE!"

But the above things have happened in Mythology. Anne and John wracked their brains to make a power like that appealing, but that still reflects the mythical nature of beauty. After a long six hours, they came up with a Blessing that allows someone with Beauty to give themselves (I'm not specifying) significant bonuses, but using it risks having things happen to them. When the power is used, the GM rolls a die, maybe nothing happens, maybe one of the above things happen, or maybe something else happens.

Regardless of the outcome, using the power potentially changes the direction of your hero's journey.

The remaining Blessings are similar to the above, they have big risk/reward mechanics or can change a story with their use.

They're working, but from this point on it's going to be slow going with the remaining blessings.

The remaining three chapters, are dependent on Blessings being done. One of the remaining chapters is The Blessings Chapter, and is not complete for the obvious reason. The other two chapters rely on Blessings to also be completed. So they are in a holding patterns until Blessings are complete.

What else? John and Anne discovered that the majority of the novels were badly damaged. Not wanting to send out defective rewards, they worked with the publisher to reprint them. Fortunately the publisher recognized the issue and will be fixing it.

Which brings us to the question-nado!

With respect to Empowerment (Described in this blog post), does each Creator Blessing have a short note added that says 'use a Reserve to...', or is it only for certain ones?

There are a total of nine Creator Blessings that can be empowered. There is one blessing in each Talent at each tier Mortal, Immortal, and Divine that will be able to be Empowered.

Heroes get access to the three Endowments for their highest Aspect automatically? What happens if that list changes?

At each transition of your hero's journey (Mortal, Immortal, and Divine), you will get access to endowments for your three highest aspects. It will be at these milestone, moving from mortal to immortal and from immortal to divine, that your endowments may change.

What if two or more Aspects are tied for a spot?

If you have Aspects that are tied, you will be able to pick which one gets an Endowment

Divine Favors sound neat, could we have a blog post on them?

Maybe? I can see that is gets added to the list, but I can't guarantee that a post will be out before the book is published.

What is Renown?

Renown is the Hero's Journey term for Experience.

What counts as Unarmed in HJ?

When you are not using a tool or implement to add to your damage you are considered to be unarmed.

Would a boxer wearing gloves count as Unarmed or Weaponry?

A boxer wearing gloves is wearing them to do less damage to themselves and to others, not more. So boxing gloves would be unarmed. If you were to alter boxing gloves to do more damage (adding spikes for instance) they would be considered a weapon and you would be considered to be armed.

What about Bagh Nakhs and similar weapons?

Bagh Nakhs, and other claw type weapons are still weapons. They are an implement meant to do more damage than bare hands. The general rule is, if your character is using a tool to augment their damage dealing ability, they are using weapon.

Can Unarmed and Weaponry Blessings only be used while using the appropriate implement?

Most Unarmed and Weapon Blessings (not all) will require the appropriate status to use them.

Specifically, there was a Blessing in John's Warrior post that reduced incoming damage from the Unarmed Web...could a weapon user activate this Blessing to shrug off damage, provided he had the proper investment in Unarmed?

That is an example of a blessing that would be usable whether you're armed or unarmed.

If all Blessings in those trees are mutually exclusive then what potential motivation would a Warrior have to go up both trees?

Most of the Blessings in the armed and unarmed trees are mutually exclusive.

The motivation for going into both trees is to be a versatile warrior. Mythic warriors tend to be able to fight (in some capacity) regardless of their circumstances. They have a preferred method of fighting, but they don't become useless if they lose their weapon. This would happen if you only took armed blessings.

But maybe that's the kind of hero you want to have. Most of the plot of the first Thor movie revolves around the fact that he is kind of useless without Mjolnir. Thor loses his hammer, proceeds to be overcome by mortals with Tasers.

Do any other Aspects have a similar relationship as armed and unarmed?

One might be able to argue that there is a similar relationship between Knowledge and Mysticism in Sage. Both deal with acquiring and working with information.

Whew, thanks for the questions! That's it for this week! Have a great weekend, and I'll talk to you next week.


  1. The more tidbits we get, the more I'm looking forward to the release of the game.

  2. Are all Blessings (Talent and Sphere) actively used, or are there Blessings that are passive? And I'm not talking about Augments.

    1. I've put that in with the questions for this week!