Friday, March 13, 2015

Weekly Update 3.13

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is in progress and is an attempt to give you a glimpse in the process of making the game. Abilities, powers, and mechanics discussed in this blog my not work as described here in the final product.

Hello! So here's the deal this week; John and Anne only got back from their trip to Florida on Monday and our weekly meeting happens on Wednesday. As a result they did not have much time to get anything done to report on. They are of course both working, most likely as you are reading this.

Immediately following the meeting, John and Anne were both set to work on the Beauty Blessings. Their challenge with Beauty has been that in mythology Beauty tends to be a passive thing, and blessings are more active powers. Gods and goddesses who are beautiful, are just that, they're passively beautiful. So you can look forward to your beautiful characters will not only be able to be passively beautiful, but be able to "wield" their beauty.

This past Tuesday, there was another beta game being played. If you're interested, and heaven't checked it out yet, you can see the insanity of what happened by checking out Hero's Journey Twitter.

So another minor update, have a great weekend, and I'll talk to you next week.


  1. We got TONS of work done the past two nights though! We're really excited!

  2. Here's something that I've been wondering for ages...the original description of Beauty as per the blog post said that it "measures a lover's strikingness of appearance - not necessarily in traditional "standards" of attractiveness, but rather in how important their presence is and how much it makes others want to be near and see them"...well, that, and the whole word 'Beauty' would strongly indicate that this Talent is for, for lack of a better term, 'positive' looking people. What recourse is there for those who want to reflect the myths of people like Tlaloc or Hel? Do they just not take any Beauty and leave it at that, or are there powers (here or in another Talent) that they can utilize? Does Beauty encompass people who are 'Beautiful and Terrible as the Dawn'?

    1. A couple of things... that may become a blog post later. :)

      First of all, you are indeed correct - Beauty is not so much a stat that "measures" your hotness, but rather represents that you're very noticeable, recognizable, and able to impress others with your mere presence and appearance. It's not like Scion's Appearance stat; if you don't have Beauty, you can still be attractive (and a lack of it doesn't necessarily indicate ugliness or blandness, either). Not having Beauty means that your appearance isn't an appreciable part of your character's story, and doesn't figure importantly in it; you can describe yourself as being as hot as you want, but your hotness will not affect your story in any real way, and you won't be remembered or celebrated for it. Like other stats in HJ, its job is to allow you to do things, not be things - if you want your appearance to matter to the story, then you have Beauty, and if it doesn't, then you don't.

      As for the creepy faces of the mythic world, it's interesting: there are certainly people who are hideous and/or scary, but they do not affect their tales and stories to any really great effect, for the most part. Great beauty is a common mythic trope that often strongly affects a story, but great ugliness usually isn't; it's something a character may be, but doesn't usually do anything. Figures with great beauty cause wars, pit gods and kings against one another, beguile and enchant people with their mere presence, and otherwise vastly change the course of events with their beauty; figures who are ugly are usually pitiable and sometimes have personal problems because of it, but they don't change the course of nations or cause massive-scale events because of being ugly.

      So, the difference is that Helen of Troy can cause a gigantic war by being too hot, and in contrast, Hel and Tlaloc are ugly, but other than noticing that they are ugly, no one particularly cares. Their ugliness doesn't "do" anything, and therefore it doesn't have an associated stat.

      Players who want to be famously and world-changingly ugly can still do neat stuff with that, but they're blazing a mythic trail where one doesn't already exist, so they'll have to be creative! Many of the effects folks are looking for from ugliness are available in places like Sovereignty, Empathy, or literal shapechanging powers that give Heroes a lot of options for customizing themselves into terrifying monsters if they so choose.

    2. You know, I just reread the character creation spoiler, and I realized something...pretty much all the character creation samples I've seen for other games (admittedly not a lot) have been along the lines of "This is what your character is, therefore put points here."

      All throughout the character creation for Zoe though, the language used is 'Susanna wants her character to DO this and therefore takes this trait'...and ridiculously nerdy as it sounds that kind of subtle use of language makes me smile :D Kudos to your writing as usual Anne :)

      That being said, I have to that the end of her character creation, because nowhere did Domains and Spheres make an appearance.