Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sample Characters: New York's Very Own Superheroes

So, we're in Florida right now (which means you're reading this from THE FUTURE), but we figured that was no reason there couldn't be fun while we were gone. Since Royce, who is a bamf beyond bamfing, recently completed the actually for real this time final version of the HJ character sheet, we thought we'd do a post with a set of sample characters and their stats, the better to show y'all some of how the sheet works, what's on it, and what you have to look forward to.

And who better than to show off these shiny new sheets than the crew of Containment Prime? For those who didn't follow us back in the day, Containment Prime is a superhero team put together by several of our players, who played Heroes in a previous system before converting them to Hero's Journey; as divinely superpowered individuals dealing with supernatural dangers in New York, they thought it was only reasonable that they go to the mayor, get official sanction, and sign Underarmor up to sponsor them while they save the day. As a grab bag of heroic figures representing a mix of divine patrons from the Greek and Egyptian pantheons, they cover a wide spectrum of skills and together make a formidable force when it comes to challenging the bad guys!

Anton Volconi (AKA The Hammer)

Anton is a crochety old mechanic when he's not saving the world - he loves working with his hands and repairing and restoring things that have been broken, which is easily evident in his expertise in the Creator Aspect and its attendant Talents, Art and Energy. He's not quite as creative as some of his fellow heroes, but he makes up for it by being handy with a stick shift and at home in the concrete jungle with copious amounts of Streetwise, and more than capable of using either a weapon or his own fists to take care of himself with Weaponry or Brawn. He has middling skills in a lot of areas, but all Heroes must accept their shortcomings; he's just not personable, and others don't like him very much thanks to his abrasive manner, illustrated by his total lack of dots in the Lover Aspect.

Isaac Green (AKA The Spyder)

Isaac is a hacker extraordinaire who is constantly on the run thanks to his habit of leaking government secrets on the internet, and the epitome of a Trickster, with tons of Streetwise for his familiarity with technology and a pile of Determination to back up his ideals, and hefty amounts of Legerdemain and Disguise to keep him successfully on the lam. His focus on cerebral pursuits means he also has a good number of dots in Sage, mostly in Knowledge (the better to help him find secrets and share information!), and he's no slouch in Lover (especially the Persuasion that allows him to talk his way out of danger) and Creator (with Vision to create new programs and technological ideas). The wilderness would put him completely out of his element, as we can see from his tragic lack of Hunter, and he's not much of a fighter, either, with only a smattering of dots in Warrior. His mixed bag of extra stats lets him do many things in a pinch, though - a true jack of all trades!

Russel Pride (AKA Assault)

Russel is the group's frontline fighter, rocking devastating powers of martial arts prowess in Unarmed along with the capability to perform feats of awe-inspiring Athleticism. He's so good at fighting (hence his superhero name) that he doesn't branch out into too many other areas, but he's also pretty good at Hunter, specifically the quick movement of Pursuit and the Mettle to keep him on his feet for the long haul, and the energy to not only keep himself intact with Willpower but also support others with Energy. He's also not too hard on the eyes, so while he may not be the most empathetic dude in the world, there's more than a little bit of the Lover about him.

Skylar Copperwithe (AKA Rocket)

Skylar is all about what's going on in his head, which we can see from his deep dive into the Sage Aspect; he knows all, sees all, comprehends all, and then explains it all to everyone who shows even the slightest interest and frequently also everyone else who doesn't. Unlike Isaac, who's all about theory, or Anton, who's all about working with his hands, Skylar is the best of both worlds - he can dream up designs beyond normal human ken and then build them with barely any crying about how tired he is and how no one has made him pancakes this morning. His close connection to technology, as a user of machines and electronics, gives him some clout in the Trickster area as well, although we're all better off not asking him to necessarily do anything particularly sneaky. Alas, he is pretty much terrible in all other arenas, though - he just doesn't connect with other people well, making Lover and Leader lost causes, and is physically frail enough to always want to leave combat to Russel and Zoe.

Zoe Vrontopoulos (AKA Skyblaze)

Zoe is the group's leader, and it shows on her sheet - the Leader Aspect is clearly her calling, with high doses of Diplomacy for mediating between a hostile population who isn't sure if superheroes are really a good idea, and a ton of Purpose to help her get the best out of the people under her command. She also excels at the Lover Aspect, making her capable of commanding attention and understanding and responding to the needs of others, always helpful to a budding superhero trying to save people and make their lives better, and is able to act as an Inspiration for both her followers and those who see them doing their thing. She's a decent Warrior, able to go into battle, but can't really compete with Russel's fighting savvy, and in most other areas is basically competent but nothing to write home about. She has very little capability when it comes to envisioning or making new things; Zoe is all about the here and now.

As you can see, there are a lot of similarities between these characters - apparently the folks in Containment Prime loooove the Creator Aspect, as well as the Fire Sphere - but even though they have some things in common, they are still unique in how they combine them and complement one another. This set of characters has shades of difference in common themes - other groups may have several completely different ideas even farther removed!

(Yes, for those of you about to ask: this is just the first page of the character sheet, and there is a back page that contains Heroes' Blessings and a few other important things. But we have to leave something to your imaginations, right?)


  1. Well, first things first...congratulations to Royce for an amzing looking sheet :) I love the archetype's nothing fancy but I love how simple and exact and visually demonstrating of the concept it is.

    BUT...these bring up so many delicious questions! Does this mean Spheres are now things you invest in seperately from Domains (I might have thought that there was a direct one to one thing going on but Russel has more dots in Elemental than he does in Fire)? Even the space for bonuses is now per Sphere, not Domain. Are those bonus Labors the things we were told we would get from our Divine Patrons (Which if it is, your earlier Twitter comment on Shiva makes a lot more sense...that guy really does do EVERYTHING)? And I've been meaning to ask this since the spoiling of the first part of the character creation (I say first part because it had no reference to Domains and I cannot imagine that Heroes don't start out with any)...what the Naraka are Reserves?

    Also, what do we do if we invest in more than two Domains? Is there another Box like that on the second page?

    Also, questions for Royce...will the pdf sheets be editable or will they be print and fill? Also, I'm assuming the colouring in was done by the players?

    BTW, I had to look up what BAMF meant...thanks for the vocabulary increase ;)

    1. I see questions about Endowments below, and since Reserves are involved with those, maybe a wild blog post will appear to discuss them!

      Heroes do indeed get bonus Labors from their divine patrons, although some may be able to get extra ones from elsewhere. Good guess. :)

      And you're right, we haven't talked about Domains/Spheres in quite some time... guess I need to write a lot of blog posts.

    2. Yay for blog posts! And now you have me fighting with myself on which I hope comes out first... knowing about new things is always great, but Domains and Spheres are so fundamental to a lot of characters that I also really want to know how they work now. :)

  2. I wrote a big long comment and then the blog ate it.

    Basically, thank you! I'm glad you like the sheet. Spheres are to Domains what Talents are to Aspects, essentially. Don't think we've touched on Reserves yet so I'll leave that for J&A.

    The sheets here are actually editable ones I built. At launch we'll have both color and printer-friendly minimal grayscale sheets, print and fill and editable pdf for each.

    1. Royce's character sheets are best character sheets.

  3. "I wrote a big long comment and then the blog ate it."

    Happens to me a lot too...I've taken to typing my comments into a notepad and then copy pasting them.

    "Basically, thank you! I'm glad you like the sheet. Spheres are to Domains what Talents are to Aspects, essentially. Don't think we've touched on Reserves yet so I'll leave that for J&A."

    You're welcome :) This really is beautiful. And the Sphere situation is a pretty big departure from what we knew so far, so thanks for that too.

    "The sheets here are actually editable ones I built. At launch we'll have both color and printer-friendly minimal grayscale sheets, print and fill and editable pdf for each."

    I was actually talking about how each of them had three Aspects whose symbols were coloured in. But thanks for the info all the same. I'm now very excited to see the Pantheon Specific Character Sheets. Looking forward to your work on that :)

    1. Oh, the Aspect symbols are totally clickable and can be toggled on/off depending on your character's Endowments.

      As for what exactly Endowments are, it seems like you might be learning that on the blog someday soon ;)

  4. Do the three colored Aspects on each sheet mean anything beyond being their most used?

    1. That is what I meant to ask too...and I will note that the three coloured ones on Zoe's sheet were her Primary Secondary and Tertiary Aspects during Character Creation...does that have anything to do with it?

    2. While it's not my place to get into details,I can say it does have importance.

    3. Actually, they do - those signify the Hero's Endowments, which are special powers they get for specializing more strongly in some Aspects than others. And since Samudra asked above, Reserves have to do with those. :)

      Hmm, sounds like a post about Reserves/Endowments might be in order...?

  5. How come Zoe has two dots of brawn but zero max brawn points to spend?

    1. Yeah, she should have a minimum of four points of Brawn, probably even more. :)