Sunday, February 1, 2015

GM Appreciation Month

According to the fine article-writers over at Wizards of the Coast, February has just been designated Appreciate Your Game Master Month!

In the past we've seen various other GM celebration times declared, including the month of July and March 4th, but we figure it's never a bad time of year to appreciate the long-suffering folks who write our stories, mediate our disputes, put up with our rules-lawyering, and grin and bear it when we decide to ignore their painstakingly crafted plots and instead build a rocketship and go to the moon.

So love on your GM a little this month, whatever game you may be playing! Buy them a drink, sing them a song, run a game for them for a change, or just maybe let them get in a ruling even though you would normally fight them to the death. It's a rough job, so let's raise a glass to all those who do it for us.

(Psst, hey, our players - John likes exotic alcohols and being told how great he is. You know what to do!)

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