Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekly Update 1.16

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is in progress, what is an attempt to give you a glimpse of the process of making the game and abilities and powers discussed in this blog my not work as described here.

Hello! Hopefully you've had an excellent week. John and Anne have both recovered from their ailments and have gotten back to work digging through the blessings chapter, which leads us directly to the numbers...

Which now stand at...

3 out of 10


4 out of 10

Progress is being made, but there was some argument about whether or not it was three or four. When I'm giving estimates I tend to be a pessimist so my official line is three. John says they're at closer to four. Anne would have weighed in, but unfortunately was unable to attend the weekly meeting. So this week you have a Choose Your Own Adventure status update.

Regardless of how you count, this means (if you've been following twitter) that the Devotional Blessings are done, and now they're about halfway through the Aspect Blessings. Once Aspects are complete, all that remains is the Sphere Blessings and then it's off to the publisher!

There was a question on the forums this week which came from Rasmus.

What's your stance on streaming Hero's Journey? Is it okay? What restrictions would there be? 

The short answer is: Stream to your hearts content!

The longer answer is:

We would love to hear about your experiences with Hero's Journey. Seriously in whatever media you want to use, let us know about it!

You, the person reading this blog represent our core group of players, you have been following the game during its development through its ups and downs. You're awesome for doing it and we genuinely humbled by your devotion (no pun intended) to this game. This year, after the game releases, we're going to be working on getting the word out. But one of the best ways to get the word out doesn't come through us, it'll come through you talking about your experiences with Hero's Journey.

We want to keep an open dialogue with you as much as possible, so let us know both the good and the bad. We can't wait to have those discussions.

So, again, at this time there are no restrictions, if you want to stream your game go for it! Just let us know about it, because we want to see it too!

So that's it for this week! Have a great weekend, and I'll talk to you next week!

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