Sunday, January 18, 2015

Heroes Calling Heroes

Hey, a little content question! We aren't getting a lot of these since they normally go through Cameron, but we're happy to answer a few here and there. This one reads: Probably not in the core book, but in a future supplement or some such thing, will there be official rules on having PCs being God-Touched of gods that were former PCs? Like in Scion, creating a character whose divine parent (birth or adopted) was Sangria?

Good news, friend - although we have not given any guidelines for creating custom gods to act as the patrons of Heroes yet, the core book does in fact note that you can totally play Heroes of gods that are not in the book, provided you and your GM work out what benefits they should provide to you. (You'll have to wait for the book to find out what those benefits are, though!)

For most folks, that means that you can be a Hero representing Iris or Karttikeya, or any other major or minor god who wasn't in the core book's first offering of deities, or that you could even play as a Hero of a pantheon not yet in the official game line, as long as you square it with the GM. But there's no reason it can't also mean that you could play as a Hero of a deity who was in fact a Hero themself in previous games - anything your players and GM are comfortable with is golden as far as we're concerned!

It's most likely that we'll do some expanded material on creating new divine patrons and Heroes calling their own God-Touched representatives in future supplements, but don't let the lack of official material stop you right now!

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