Friday, December 19, 2014

Weekly Update 12.19

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is in progress, what is an attempt to give you a glimpse of the process of making the game and abilities and powers discussed in this blog my not work as described here.

Here at the Hero’s Journey we’re still going full steam ahead to finish the core book, however holidays, travel, and time zones have made it difficult to meet. So this will most likely be the last update until the new year unless something huge happens.

This week John, Anne, and the Graphics team are continuing to grind away at the layout for the book along with finalizing Blessings. If you've been following us on Twitter, John got had his turn battling illness, so the finalization of blessings got delayed as he went down for the count for part of this week.

If you've signed up for the Hero’s Journey Gift Exchange, you should have a PM from Kekzakallu (Me) with your gift target. There is a forum thread where people are sharing their interests and will be posting their gifts as they arrive. Thanks to everyone who signed up! Please try to make sure you send your gift by December 31st. If you have any issues, please PM me directly.

There were no questions this week, so that’s it for me. Thanks you for being an awesome community and I look forward to talking with you all in the New Year!