Saturday, December 27, 2014

Production: Casebound Hardcover Books!

Hey, this is a quick production question from somebody out in the field, who wants to know: Many RPGs have suffered from poor quality bindings in the main rule books [GURPS 4th edition particularly comes to mind], so are you guys going to make sure the printer does top-quality and enduring books for us faithful fans?

Heck yeah, we are. Trust us, we know your binding pain; we've lost many a beloved book to too much wear and tear, and John has personally complained at various gaming companies when he encounters something substandard. We don't want our core book to fall apart on you six months after you get it (at least, not unless you're using it to beat off zombies or sled down the hillside or something), so we're working to make sure we get something that looks snazzy and lasts for a good long gaming life.

It's about 95% certain that these books will be coming from DriveThruRPG, with whom we will be partnering later to provide downloadable and POD options. It's only 95% because we are still doing a few last-minute checks with some local printers and publishers in our area; we've been through most of them and DTRPG is still our best option in terms of price and quality (and they are the option we based our KS projections around), but it's always nice to work with folks locally if we can and we don't want to accidentally pass up something awesome, so we have two more printers to visit before we make a final choice.

DTRPG has a pretty great track record of quality hardcovers with quality binding, and we've always found their printings to be sturdy, sexy, and as useful for gaming as we could wish. So, you know, don't hurl the HJ book off of a moving moped or anything, but it should be just fine for reading, pondering, and pulling out during rules discussions!

I'm sure several of you have encountered DTRPG hardcovers before, but in case you haven't, we'll be posting photos of our advance copies in the future so you can see exactly what these'll look like. Until then!

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