Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Wintry Afternoon Post!

Hey, everybody! Did you miss us?

We've been "gone" for quite a while, which really just means it's been radio silence here on the blog as we spend every waking moment working on finishing Hero's Journey and the zillion tiny things associated with it. I'm writing and editing and vetting research, John is running systems projections and probability tests and balance comparisons, Royce is building enormous intricate graphics for literally hundreds of Blessings while also fielding our last-minute "hey sorry we changed this so the graphic you made needs to be changed too!", Alex is finalizing maps and meticulously labeling features and parsing through art options for eventual layout, Jess is rereading the same giant sections of text over and over and asking us if we really meant what we said in X, Y, and Z dimensions and what that means for continuity, and Stephen is designing website upgrades and fancy gadgets like a pro.

So basically, we are doing all the things! And so we stopped blogging for a little while, because that's a couple of hours per week that we needed for work pursuits. But now that things are starting to wrap up (in that way where they're not done, per se, but we can see the day when they will be and it's glorious), we're back. We missed you, y'all! It's been too long since we got to talk about neat stuff and hear your thoughts!

We'll be trying to get some blogs rolling in the next weeks, so that it won't be quite the empty desert it has been (except for Cameron, of course, who is a champion about prodding us to keep all of you updated). And speaking of blogs and missing all of you, we're going to be enabling comments on the blog here as well as the forums, so you can engage with us directly if you want, or talk about stuff amongst yourselves on the forums when you don't want.

So we'll be back on our horses in the coming weeks, and you'll see some fun mythology posts and answers to the questions you've sent in (we have them, don't worry! we didn't lose any!) when we are. Cameron will keep handling news and updates, and we're looking forward to hanging out with everyone.

Until then, have a great winter holiday - we'll see you when we all come back!


  1. You all sound like you could use some house-elves! merry christmas!

    1. Maybe, but we'd just give them all socks and tell them to celebrate, too. :) Happy holidays right back at you!

    2. My god, we do need house elves.

    3. S.P.E.W would like to remind Bryan and John to treat their house-elf servants well and, if you have the time, read through our few pages about which rights any magical creature should have!

    4. Inability to upvote comments is a tragedy