Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekly Update 11.7

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is in progress, what is an attempt to give you a glimpse of the process of making the game and abilities and powers discussed in this blog my not work as described here.

So welcome to November! Despite it's being published at noon today, I am actually writing this in the dead of night. I have been on Jury Duty for the past four days, which cruelly strips away the opportunity to use any devices that can connect to the internet. But enough about that, let’s talk numbers.

This week the countdown sits at…


11 items down from last week, which is some pretty strong progress.

This week John and Anne had a big meeting with the layout team where they finalized the majority of the Style for the layouts in the book. At the meeting they reviewed and accepted the first 20 pages of the GM Chapter. Also this week, they worked on the above 11 items, which they’re keeping secret, even from me.

I wasn't able to meet with Anne this week, but John will be working with the layout team to finalize the look and feel of the Web of Fate for the book.

In Art news, Art has wrapped. This means that all the artwork that will be used in the book is completed!

That’s it for updates, on to your questions! Thanks to those of you who waited an extra week for answers.

How are divinely important objects (Like Mjolnir) handled in Hero’s Journey? 
They would be significant Divine Favors, these objects probably still exist and are in the hands of the heroes and Gods that wield them. If they were lost, then chances are they’re still lost. Of course your GM might want to use them to particular effect in the Hero’s Journey that they’re helping to tell.

Ethoi spoiler on Monday Posts?
I unfortunately am not able to speak to this question right now.

Benefits from Patrons?
Your Patron gives you two key benefits. The first is extra labors usable for specific aspects. For instance, a champion of Ares will get extra labors in the Warrior Aspect. The second benefit is an extra blessing that is unique and separate from the Web of Fate. However, some gods may give the same blessing, for instance Thor and Ares give their champions the same blessing.

How do Divine Favors work? How are Divine Favors Integrated? Limits and Restrictions on Divine Favors?
The are huge and awesome questions, and they're going answered in the book, it just takes multiple pages to explaining the systems, integration, and restrictions. I haven't all of them yet and I can't speak further on it today unfortunately.

So, we're the first new heroes of this time! the first since Hercules, The Hero Twins, Chu Chulain, Sigmund and so on. But what does the setting say about all the mythic creatures? Have The Phoenix been spotted? Is the army dispatched to deal with Nemean lions? Is medusa still hanging about? Does Jotun still visit the earth?
In the core setting these mythic creatures have also disappeared, and begin to appear to help or hinder your hero’s heroic journey. However this is not to say that you can’t alter your setting to dial up or dial down the level of fantasy of your world. Maybe mythic creatures never existed before your heroes appeared, or maybe mythic beasts ran rampant without heroes to keep them in check. There are a lot of permutations to play with.

So that’s it for this week! Now that by the time you’re reading this I will (hopefully) be out of jury duty, I’ll be back on Monday with another modern mythology post. I’ll still be talking about Mythology and (Augmented Reality Games) ARGs.

Have a great weekend!