Thursday, November 6, 2014

Game Update! First week of November

These havnt been coming as weekly as I'd like them to, but I'm hard at work in the "fixing things" dungeon and havnt been able to escape.

Saturday game: Gangs of New York

"Most importantly, be discreet"
These were the final words given to them by the gods secretly helping them. The final session began with Corey leading 3 Iron Man-esque robots to kill Michael in Washington Square Park. Michael had just exited the sewers and was screaming to everyone who could hear that he was hunting Corey. Seif was imprisoned by the military. Valentina and Nic were running down broadway attempting to avoid a pair of Jotun. A jotun soon joined the fray with Michael and Corey and in the ensuing chaos, Corey was murdered and Michael was mortally wounded. Michael made his way to a hospital, but the infections and radiation poisoning from the battle were too much. Seif broke out of prison to rally the troops against the attacking Jotun. He succeeded at destroying one, but died as the second and third assaulted the base.

Then some secret stuff happened to each character that not everyone knows about.

A new mini story starts where everyone is playing a character that has died in the campaign. They're competing in an arena for the enjoyment of the gods watching. The winner gets to live again.
The characters being played are

We haven't gotten to play this yet though, so not much more to tell.

Sunday Game:

Things are getting increasingly bad for the sunday crew. I'll be brief though.

Folkvardr finally made it to the Greek Prophecy machine(patent pending). He saw many things that were horrible. But many of which he has suspicions about anyways. It seems many "forgotten" gods may not be completely forgotten. Afterwards, the Greek tech goddesses kept him sedated and dissected him.

Jioni has become constantly plagued by attacks from Artemis. What was once an occasional bother has become a constant threat. This may be because even though many of the greeks are still locked away, Jioni's husband was let free on "good behavior" and is back ruling his world. Jioni has been spending most of her time in Solheim attempting to heal from her horrible wounds and waiting til she becomes a woman again(physically) so she can return to her husband and plead her case.

Sowiljr was late for a meeting with Vishnu and it seemed Vishnu left without him. He hung out with Indra for a while before attempting to head back to Earth so he could get to Folkvardr to save him. This was increasingly difficult because the illusion realm had started to pour completely overtake the Hindu overworld. Eventually sowiljr made it back to Olympus and made an exchange for Folkvardr. Tyr is headed over to help protect the mountain.

Eztli is in her overworld making sure her people are all well taken care of. This is more difficult because many are not pleased with her reign and most of the Aztec gods have left the great pyramid for the time being. There are only a cat and a bird on the pyramid at the moment, and they both seem to have very different ideas about how Eztli should be using her time.

Eventually everyone meets up at the pyramid. There are some quick problems in Mexico City because Sowiljr would'nt "comfort" a mourning Chalchiuhtlicue, but it gets quickly handled. They all head to the secret Roman Coffee Shop. And for the first time ever, they successfully blend some magic coffee.