Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekly Update 10.3

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is currently in progress, and is an attempt to give you a glimpse of the process of making Hero's Journey. Any abilities, powers, and mechanics discussed in this blog my not work as described here. 

Hey it’s October now, which means that summer is on its last legs here… and that makes me very sad. So rather than dwelling on the cold, it get's so cold here, how about we talk about Hero’s Journey instead?

This past week John and Anne worked finalized the crafting system. This system features the ability to make both normal, and as what one might expect from a game featuring the hero’s journey, magical items. There will also be a separation from crafting an item vs crafting a performance. They also tweaked dice scaling based on feedback from the playtesting. As well, J&A worked on polishing a myriad of minor systems.

In the writing world, Anne is working on expanding the worldbuilding chapter in order to better account for the divine landscape and to add some shading to divine politics.

The Art Department is currently working on the cover for the novel. In addition, they are also finishing the influence maps for both South America and Oceania.

This upcoming week they’re continuing to work on feedback that arose during testing, specifically they're going to be clarifying the health system. As well, the webmaster is starting work on a site overhaul in anticipation for Hero's Journey being published. I have no details as to when that will happen, but if there’s something that you've noticed that isn't working on the site please let terriblyuncreative know in PM… But please, don’t flood him with PMs.

Onto your questions! Keep asking them and please remind me if I miss one, I was away for much of the weekend and might have missed something.

Are antagonists, monsters, NPC's, etc going to have fully fleshed out stat blocks like player's character will have, or will they have a simplified format and mechanics?

There will be an NPC stat system in the core book, and it will let you know the types of rolls they might make, what powers they might have, and what kind of resists they might make, but they won’t use the same sheets that characters do.

The focus of Hero’s Journey is on the heroic journey of the player characters, not the NPC's. That's not to say that your NPC's have to be flat, they're just not the focus.

Are there any plans to include mythological races/cultures like the Amazons, Kitsune, Valkyries, and so on in HJ?

There are definite plans to include things like that, however don’t expect a ton of information about them in the main book. But, that is definitely something you might see in a supplemental book down the road.

Has it been established that by default that there is not a supernatural censor keeping people from see the myth stuff.  Instead it is just showing up again after a long silence?

There is no supernatural censor keeping people from seeing mythic things. If you’re using the default setting nothing "mythical" has happened since the previous age of heroes. It has been so long that their heroic deeds have become legend.

As soon as your heroes begin to do something mythic, or something crazy happens, people will most definitely notice and react. However nothing is stopping you from taking your game in a different direction, maybe no one notices or doesn't see anything as being amiss...

As of my writing, the Norse had edged out the Greeks in the informal forum voting, so I’m going to call it for the Norse. Next Monday Anne will be discussing the Norse Devotional Domain.

Have a great weekend!