Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekly Update 10.17

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is in progress, what is an attempt to give you a glimpse of the process of making the game and abilities and powers discussed in this blog my not work as described here.

The above picture was supposed to be included in last week’s update, but John is bad with “the technology”. But I managed to get it this week after some technical wrangling. It's from last week's week's To Do List. Since the picture was taken, three of the items on the list have been completed... I'll be giving away one of them in this post, the rest is open to rampant speculation.

The work on the Hero's Journey Core Book is nearing the finish line. That means that John and Anne are hammering out the last systems, and pulling the book together. They’re now entering what they're telling me is “The Grind” phase of development. The Grind is a highly technical term describing a most magical of places where Anne and John work to ensure that everything is finished, polished, makes sense, and works. These things are mostly minor parts of other systems, they're the small loose ends that need to be tied up. They unfortunately don’t make for earth-shattering revelations.

For the item on the list that definitely was finished, it's the Health System. As well, they finished armed and unarmed combat which wasn't even on the list. I have been told that armed and unarmed combat are balanced, but are distinct from one another. So you should be able to make the combat character you want without feeling that you're missing something based on your combat style.

This week the lead editor is going to get all in progress chapters to begin the editing process. John and Anne will continue to grind through the last remaining systems, as they continue to get closer to the core book being in our hands.

In the art and layout world. The team is doing work on the cover. The sketches for the last unfinished gods have been approved and are going to inking. The Graphics team is also working on visual aids and layout for the Kickstarter credits page.

Next week Anne will be wrapping up the Devotional Domains with the Greeks.

We’re getting close to the final stretch. Have a great weekend!