Friday, October 24, 2014

Update 10.24

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is in progress, what is an attempt to give you a glimpse of the process of making the game and abilities and powers discussed in this blog my not work as described here.

So I'm kicking this post off with a teaser poster because I like it when I have things to share. The above image is one of the posters put together by the art department in anticipation of the release of the Hero's Journey. The first poster can be found on the Hero’s Journey Facebook page… here.

So next thing I'm allowed to say is that from now on Fridays will now have a countdown. The countdown is the number of things left before the Hero’s Journey systems are done. It’s a mix of some small things, and some bigger ones. But right now it sits at…

25 Left

I can guarantee that some weeks will move faster than others and that this is not The Final Countdown. I will post this again when we get there. There’s still more work to be done after the systems are complete, but once this hits 0 it will mean all system work is done and ready to go.

So on to last week's accomplishments. First was escaping combat, this has been mentioned before, but now has been hammered out. Escape will not be simply a physical thing, as generally the players who are trying to escape are often those with lower physical abilities. So multiple aspects have a means to escape, and will escape differently. Those aspects that get escape mechanics, will have some of their blessings augmented to help your characters bravely run away.

Also Divine Favor was worked on. The systems surrounding Divine Favor were hinted at in Brent’s preview  have now been finished. Divine Favors are gifts from your patron god and can take various forms; They could be an item, a companion, or something more ephemeral like a a title or a prophecy. Your character will not necessarily get these at character creation, but they will probably have one before you meet the other players in your story. As your character continues their journey, they will receive additional favors.

In reviewing pantheon selection John and Anne felt they had lost a little bit of making pantheon's have a unique flavor. So to correct this, they added Pantheon Specific Blessings. These are small things that help to bring some additional flavor to you selected pantheon. For instance, the Greeks will be able to, on occasion, be able to inspire themselves.

In art news, aside from the poster, the final line art for Lakshmi and Nephthys have been completed!

Next week, Anne and John are heads down knocking items off the list, so I’m going to be hijacking the Monday post to talk about gods in popular culture.

Have a great weekend!