Saturday, October 18, 2014

Game Update: Gangs of NYC

This week we update on Gangs of New York. Its been quite some time since they've gotten an update, but I'll try to summarize as best as possible. First, lets give a reminder about the team line up.

Seif: Champion of Ninurta. Big man with a big hammer. Iraqi soldier who came to America to train with the military but quickly found it to be a horrible death trap of a place.
Michael: Champion of Ishtar. America's number one terrorist. Ex-sex-worker who currently waits tables at a comedy club.
Valentina: Champion of Bastet. International cat burglar from somewhere in the former Yugoslavia. In the previous story, Russell balked at dealing with the plagues and Valentina did so and was crowned Pharaoh of lower Manhattan.
Nic: Champion of Enlil. Party boy who suffered through the first terrorist attacks with Michael and recently returned from a long trip through europe.
Corey: Champion of Ninhursag. Pot-growing, Wall-Street-occupying, rage-against-the-machining, Fox-News-intern turned prophet of the masses. Corey lives a strange life.

The group is currently working on two related projects, a major one and a minor one.

The major one is a ritual that will permanently allow them to move in and out of the city as they please without fate hassling them.
The particulars of the ritual are being slowly fed to them by some secret gods. They are working on the first part. They need to get out of the city to the Dakotas to obtain further instructions, but getting through the invisible wall around the city requires some very specific set-ups and they're working on acquiring those.

All the while, the secret gods are helping them be hidden from fate (which would try to stop them from leaving the city), but when the PCs exert too much energy or are openly supernatural, the forces of fate is able to find them and punish them.

They have a secret foundry deep underground where they build parts. Corey, Seif, Michael, and a cyclops are there building parts for their escape. Valentina has gone to Nic's hotel room Nic is drinking in a bar.

Seif and Corey decide to go out hunting for "goblins." These are little earth creatures that go around the city secretly cleaning up the leftover sludge from the zombie infestation. They are harmless, but in their kidneys they have stones that Michael needs to build his creations. They are quiet and often difficult to find, but after over half a day of searching they find a couple. Corey is very delicate, but is brought along because after the "goblins" die, they have only a few seconds to have their kidney stones taken out properly or they explode. So Seif needs Corey's doctor skills. The goblins are not powerful creatures, and they try to flee as the behemoth comes towards them. Seif makes quick work of them and brings their little twitching bodies to Corey who is able to grab the stones out safely.

Michael is building containment units for the nuclear energy they're going to build into their ship. He and the cyclops work hard all day and then have some loving, but eventually they finish the units. The cyclops wants to know why Michael won't come with him back to his world. Michael explains all the work he has to do, but the cyclops isn't buying it. Eventually Michael convinces him his pantheon is forcing him to do all this hard work, and if only his pantheon were gone, Michael would be free to live with the cyclops. The cyclops promises to return to get Michael once his people destroy the Mesopotamian gods and creates a molten hole in the floor and leaves into the crust of the earth. This ruins the foundry room, and Michael starts packing up to head west through the sewers and find another place to work.

Valentina has a plan. Since they blew their chance with their investors, she's going to buy a plane on her own. She'll need a lot of money, but last night they did a massive fundraiser to help support people whose homes were ruined by a dragon attack. And all that money is still locked in Nic's room at the hotel. So Valentina breaks in and steals the money and puts it all into large sacks. Much of the money was in check form. She spends the next day exchanging the checks at shady moneylenders and loan sharks across Brooklyn and Queens. A pawn shop tries to rob her, so she steals all their merchandise and leaves the owner locked in his own safe. Then she sneaks into a hospital and searches for a terminal patient that looks a little like her. Valentina steals her IDs, writes down her social, and starts heading off to deposit large sums of money into this woman's account at different banks across Manhattan and then re-wiring the money through several of her offshore accounts. And she would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those damn kids...!

Nic has been drinking through the night, and early in the morning heads back to his hotel to find that he's been robbed. He calls the police, and when they show up explains to them what he knows (which isn't much).

Corey the prophet had felt a sense of impending doom since all of this started. A feeling he just couldn't shake that something disastrous was going to happen before they left the city. And as he and Seif are heading back towards Michael, it happens. It is October 2013, and a freak, horrible, hurricane/blizzard spawns suddenly and horribly on the island of Manhattan. Suddenly everyone is insurvival mode.

Nic is immediately attacked by "goblins" that were under his bed. The police try to protect him. Nic escapes the hotel only to find a blizzard outside. He rushes back inside to get warm clothes and finds the cops murdered in his room and creatures chasing him through the hallways. He gives them a good yelling and tells them to not fuck with him, and they get in an argument with each other. Nic heads out into the blizzard to get to the police station to report the newest crime.

Valentina is also surrounded by "goblins" in the bank. She grabs her giant sack of money, gems and guns and flees across the street to St. Patrick's Cathedral. She uses her death powers she acquired when she was afflicted with the zombie virus to beg ghosts in the graveyard behind the cathedral to help her fight off the creatures that are invading the church. They help her, but she is slowly freezing from the horrible cold.

Michael is crawling through the sewers when the walls around him start moving and trap him in a corner. A human-sized pair of arms reach out from under the ground and grab him. They slowly crush him as he blasts them apart with the energy of the sky, the fury of the storm above giving extra power to his attacks. He destroys the creature (which has pulled itself fully out of the stone now and appears to be a human shape made of the stones from the sewers), and performs immediate surgery on it to retrieve the stone from inside its kidney. He is successful, but the cold finally overcomes him, and he falls down in the frozen sewer water, dying.

Seif and Corey hear the storm above as they're attacked by the large stone crocodile they've been searching for. It smells Corey and wants to eat him, but Corey blinds it with light and attempts to flee it while Seif beats it and strikes it with thunder (again, the storm above seemingly powering his attacks). Eventually they destroy it. Corey is on his deathbed again, but survives because he is just a tree. The sewers are starting to flood and Seif drags Corey to the safety above ground. Its a snowy apocalypse, but they arrive outside a Chinese restaurant that they take refuge in. Seif runs off to find and save Valentina, and as he leaves the restaurant, a rainbow appears and the storm suddenly stops.

End of Game 1

I just realized I have two more games to go! Bullet points activate!

-Seif heads north through the quickly melting snow.
-Valentina is attacked by the same ghosts she asked for help because she is also trespassing in their church.
-Michael lies dying.
-Restaurant people consider using Corey as food because he looks like a plant and Seif, who they dislike, told them not to.
-Nic heads south.

-Corey wakes up and calls outside for Seif, Nic hears this and comes to talk to Corey.
-Nic orders food.
-Corey yells at him for mistreating the Chinese workers.
-The ensuing shouting match lasts an hour and they spend a lot of energy.
-This energy makes fate notice them and suddenly they are all teleported to the Bronx Zoo in front of the rhino statue.
-All five are teleported here including Michael who has gained consciousness.
-The statue explains that it is the Yoruba god Obatala and he has been trapped here because of something they did .
-He also smells the stink of fate on them all and suggests Michael and Corey have dealt with dark magics.
-He also mentions that the walls that trap them here have gotten much stronger and wider now, and says it's their job to get him out, quickly.
-He asks Corey to stay back and talk; they talk about how Corey is a monster and needs to fix it. He can offer him help, but only if he starts acting like his old self.
-He insinuates Corey should get high and be a stoner more to get back to his roots and away from the "monster taint".

-The other four decide to split up. Nic and Valentina want to go back to the hotel and rest (they have many wounds). Michael wants to go check out the border wall and see how it has changed so he can calculate any changes he'll need to make to his plane schematics. He wants Seif to come with him to protect him from the border guardian.
-Seif wants to go to see if his daughters house is now inside the borders.
-Seif and Michael head to Jersey. They see Seif's house is under watch. They sneak in and get some stuff before the cops stop them then head back into the sewers.
-They find the border wall and the nice minotaur that lives there. Michael inspects the wall for information while giving the minotaur Corey's # and saying they should hang out sometime.
-Michael and Seif travel all the way back to Manhattan, through the sewers with Michael still on the brink of death.
-Michael catches the first American case of ebola.
-Seif remembers Corey saying something about there being a Rat King down here that might be able to help.
-He searches for secret runes leading to the tunnels and finds them.

-Back in the city, Valentina lies around healing and then sneaks out of her hotel room to get back to work on her secret plan. She does not get very far before things go wrong, as usual.
-Nic deals with some more detectives and then heads off to the offices of Walter Bremman to demand a meeting.
-They won't let him in without an appointment, but Nic pretends to work there and does some accounting til he can make his way over to Bremman's office.
-Nic discovers that Bremman is in Connecticut today.

-Back in the sewers, Seif drags Michael's ebola-ridden body through the sewers, attempting to politely tell the rats that he comes in peace.
-Then anthropomorphic rat soldiers appear and tell him he's under arrest.
-A battle ensues and although he takes down half of them, Seif is overwhelmed.

End of Game 2

Game three... is gonna seem strange.

-Corey leaves Obatala and heads to the old foundry deep in the sewers in lower Manhattan.
-It is a long journey and he uses the sewers of the rat king as he is allowed to by royal decree (because the rat king thinks he is also a monster because he looks like a tree, and has obvious monster qualities.
-On the way, he finds Seif and Michael unconscious and locked up in rat prison.
-He heals Michael to wake him up and he gives them both tree-skin to speed the healing of their wounds and hopefully pretend that they're monsters as well.
-He tries to talk some rats into letting them out.
-He finds the king's vizier, Ri, and says that Seif and Michael are his slaves and he wants to bargain for them.
-She agrees and they head to her chambers.
-Michael hears this and thinks Corey is going to have them killed. He turns into a tiny winged fairy version of himself and flies to follow Corey (hiding in Corey's hair).
-Ri and Corey try to hash out a bargain, but they can't seem to find common ground.
-Michael tells Corey to suggest using Michael as a sex slave.
-Corey asks if she'd like a sex slave. She says she'll take one for a while to give Corey time to think more about the trade.
-Michael appears as a 6 foot werewolf and they get to sexin' as Corey leaves.
-Michael impregnates Ri.
-Michael also makes her fall in love with him... and she locks him up in manacles in her chamber as her favorite slave.
-Michael waits patiently for Corey to come back and save him.

-That does not happen.
-Corey realizes Seif will be healing and waking soon. And that will be horrible for either him or the rats.
-Corey heads over, blinds all the rats guarding Seif and escapes with Seif. (It's a bit more extended and crazy than that... but thats the gist.)
-Corey tells Seif that Michael is safe and not a sex slave.
-Corey and Seif run back to the forge and retrieve all the materials Michael left there when he got teleported to Obatala.
-They bring them to the surface.
-Corey explains that he lied about Michael, and that Michael is a sex slave now.

-Nic is coming back to his hotel when he is accosted by a robot.
-These robots are common from one of the first stories. They're powered by energy from Nergal, but work for the military.
-It says is a metahuman is being arrested.
-He swears he isn't a metahuman, but obliges.
-They go to the military base. Nic swears up and down he isn't a metahuman.
-Nergal calls to him but Nic ignores him. Nergal is not happy.
-Nic passes all the military tests. They are certain he isn't a metahuman. They apologize and send him back to his hotel.
-They bug his phone and get Valentina's number and tracking info from him though.

End of Game Three

So that was a wild ride. I'm impressed if you stayed around for all of it. I'll leave you with everyone's current sad details. They have incredibly stressful lives.

Valentina: Now being tracked by the military. Her flying out of the city got harder, and her cats are under attack and being tortured.
Corey: Monsterfied, Just stole prisoners from his one ally. Sold his nephew into slavery.
Seif: His daughter is kidnapped but he can't get out of the city to save her. He is a wanted terrorist. Nergal wants him to sacrifice everyone else to him.
Nic: All his plans are constantly ruined by storms and explosions. He is back at square one with talking to Bremman. He is broke.
Michael: Is a chained-up sex slave, living in a rat nest, being fed toxic hot dogs in the sewers deep beneath the city.