Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekly Update 9.18

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is in progress, what is an attempt to give you a glimpse of the process of making the game and abilities and powers discussed in this blog my not work as described here.

Small update this week, John and Anne have been diving into feedback from this past weekend’s testing session. Work continues on the player chapter, but mostly this week has been devoted to working through testing feedback.

But, the update is also short because I had a bunch of questions to ask in this week’s meeting, so without further ado here is my mini questionado...

How many Blessings/Bonuses/Steps will be present in each Talent?
As it stands now there are 20 “steps” per talent, what these “steps” are going to be called is still being finalized.

Is it possible for two characters that focus on the same Talent to do different things?
Two characters focusing on the same talent, will have access to the same powers, there are not "specs" within a given talent. That being said, with all the options within Aspects it is very unlikely that two characters are going to develop in the exact same way.

Will there be Blessings that do the same thing in different Talents?
Yes, there are blessings that do similar (but not the same) things in different Aspects. In a previous blog post it was mentioned that you could potentially intimidate someone via powers in the Lover, Leader, or Warrior Aspects. The outcome of the use of these abilities would be similar, but the power used would not be the exact same.

Is it possible to have every single bonus on the Web of Talent?
Yes, this is possible, but it'd take a while.

How often will a character be acquiring new bonuses and powers?
Generally you should be able to buy something after every game, but you might have to save for a big purchase over a game or two.

Is there a limit to the number of Sphere a character can take?
Nope, you can have powers in every sphere.

Will mastery of a Sphere affect the appearance of a character?
There might be powers within a sphere that could allow you to change your appearance, but just gaining mastery of a sphere does not change your appearance.

Does mastery of one Spheres hinder the mastery of others?
Nope, the goal is for you to make whatever hero you want to.

Is it possible to have every single power in a Sphere?
Yes, but it will take a long time.

Will the different level of power limit the character progression?
The power levels are Mortal, Immortal and Divine. There will be gating mechanics that will halt progression between these levels. Passing through these gates will be a collaboration between a player and the GM.

Will worship have an effect on characters?
When your character becomes divine they will have worshipers but the number of worshipers will not automatically have an effect the characters. Devotional domain powers will potentially involve worshipers though.

Is there a way to replenish the Labor pool?
Labors are broken into three types: episode, chapter, and saga, They refresh based on their name, episode labors will refresh every episode and so on. An episode could be understood as a single scene, a chapter would be a single play session, and saga would be a collection of play sessions.

How the different pantheons interact with each other?
This will generally be up to your GM, in the core setting they don’t interact much. They know about each other, but are too caught up in their own politics to pay much attention to one another.

Will the visual effect of the powers be fixed in the rules or will the player be allowed to describe his power as he likes?
For the most part, the use of a power is part of your hero's story so feel free to embellish what it looks like within reason. Improvised visual effects cannot alter of the effects of the power. For example, as you summon a fireball your hair appears to ignite in a wreath of flame, you look very cool, but your “ignited” hair won't set anything on fire or do any additional damage.

How many octopuses will be present in the book?
I haven't seen any artwork with an octopus yet, but I've heard at least one, but it may be hidden. Maybe there will be octopuses in the second book, it’s a mystery.

Will there be such a thing as 'Passive Blessings'? As in, we have seen small previews of the Web of Fate, and they appear to have bonuses to the Aspects and Talents, but I mean things like 'your illusions now last twice as long' or 'fire attacks do more damage' (off the top of my head) or something similar?
Yes they're called augments and there are two per tier of a talent. Some examples that I got were: making powers last longer, having powers be usable more often, or have more powerful effects.

Will all the HJ products be released simultaneously, or will it be possible that some things may come out before others? 
Unfortunately due to fairness and the cost of international shipping everything will be released simultaneously.

That’s it for this week, next Monday look forward to talk on Devotional Domains starting with the Deva!