Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Phew that was a long week!

Two very eventful and informative playtests happened this weekend. Saturday we watched 7 local friends hold a playtest session and on Sunday our Canadian counterparts ran the same playtest game. Playtesting an RPG is a strange beast. You write an adventure built around certain things so that the players will use the powers and test the rolls that you need them to, but players are always far too inventive and surprising for that. So a lot of the things we wanted tested didn't quite happen, and we got some great notes on things we didn't think we particularly wanted tested. We worked hard to not but in on the game we were watching, and I was not ready for how stressful it would be to watch someone else play the game you have created. It was very fun, very exciting....and just incredibly stressful.

We now have pages and pages of notes and player feedback and we are ready to dig through them. Based on feedback we're already planning for some changes, and we have a list started of things that seemed to need some tweaks but we weren't quite sure how to tweak them. As we get deeper into the notes and start really going over things we'll of course let you know if any changes happen to things you already know about.

I worked myself into a sinus infection(thats what we get for living in the area of the country with the HIGHEST pollen count. Its true, google it!), so I'll be taking a couple days off, and I'm urging Anne to as well(we'll see how lucky I am with that) so that we can relax a bit and come back to all these playtest notes with a full head of steam.

We have another Canadian playtest coming up with weekend, and soon Stephen will be having a playtest in Atlanta. So hopefully over the next couple weeks we'll have even more people getting their fists on the playtest version and giving us some notes. With a mild break from the stress of working, we'll be available to talk more on the forums if people had some questions or just wanted to talk shop or mythology. We'll still meet with Cameron and he'll have a rundown for you on Friday as we get back to work and will be on full Blog swing again next monday with some awesome Devotional Blogging(starting with Devas as requested).

As always thank you everyone for your love and support. And a huge thanks to our brave playtesters this weekend.