Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lovely Ladies

Okay, so I am super horribly sick with the flu right now (thanks, plague-bearing players who know who they are) and wasn't able to get a blog post up for today.

But we missed a blog post for Awesome Mythological Ladies Wednesday the other week and I hated that! So instead, here's just a bunch of awesome artwork of goddesses from around the world to enjoy, and I promise to pick back up with the long essays about erasure in mythic history next week.

Amaterasu, empress of heaven, ancestor of the imperial line and goddess of the sun! (Japanese)

Astarte, goddess of love, warfare and seafoam! (Canaanite)

Durga, invincible goddess of warfare and power! (Hindu)

Freyja, goddess of sorcery, beauty, love and war! (Norse)

Ilmatar, virginal goddess of the air, sky and natural world! (Finnish)

Ix Chel, goddess of floods, creation and disease! (Maya)

Mama Ocllo, goddess of fertility and family! (Inca)

Milda, goddess of freedom, love and desire! (Lithuanian)

Na'ashjéii Asdzáá, goddess of creation, stars and spiders! (Dine)

Nüwa, serpentine goddess of creation and the natural order of the world! (Han Chinese)

Olumeye, goddess of ritual and messenger to the gods! (Yoruba)

Seshat, goddess of writing, recording and libraries! (Egyptian)

And a million more, but I need to go sleep off my exhaustion and fever. See you all next time!