Thursday, September 18, 2014

Game Update, 3rd week of September

Its been two weeks so every game has had a chance to get some action in. However, my memory is a bit fuzzy on the specifics of the games so they might be shorter than normal. Also, sunday had two games, so thats all muddled in my brain.

Hero game! Gangs of NYC. Saturday Morning.
The group is currently planning on using schematics given to them by a group of mysterious benefactors to build a jet that will let them escape new york.

Seif and Michael have just had another run in with Nergal and have fled custody.
Corey is healing in the deepest sewers guarding the forge and tools that Michael has crafted.
Valentina and Nic are heading to a meeting with a mystical fan of theirs that wants to invest in their magic act/escape plan.

As the guys escaped Nergal, there was a large explosion from the south where Nergal resides that rocked the city.

Corey wakes up and decides to travel the sewers in search of the New York Public Library. He made a deal with the spirits that live there which he doesn't think he is going to be able to fulfill and he wants to see if he can arrange something. He gets a little lost on the way there however and eventually runs into a anthropomorphic rat claiming to be the king of the sewers. The king of the sewers shows Corey the way to the library and tells him to come visit him in his throne room sometime.

Seif drops Michael off at the forge and michael gets to working again. Seif heads out to find Corey. He finds him halfway to the library and they begin a ridiculous series of arguments and events that only Seif and Corey are able to pull off.
They argue about how libraries work, and if Corey needs a library card or does corey's plant-like body mean that a library card won't help anything. Do they need to hunt the sewers for monsters? Is the rat-king a monster? Should they hunt this normal, but oversized alligator? Should Corey help fight it. Should they skin it even though more are coming and Corey is wounded? Should they take other trophies from it? They've skinned enough for some clothes for the rat king. Should they make armor for the rat king instead? Corey got eaten alive by another alligator, is he dead? While taking Corey home, get attacked by a cyclops. Should we fight it? When we flee, should we make sure to lead it through the rat king's sewers destroying them?

Back at the underground sewer-forge, Michael is also attacked by a cyclops. But he convinces it to clean up the mess it made attacking him and start building with because it loves him. They have a cuddling and crafting relationship until Corey and Seif arrive. They argue some about who the boss is and if they should kill the cyclops. The cyclops wants to kill them. Michael controls it but there is much bickering. Eventually Seif and Corey lay down for some rest. Seif reads a book by "corey-light" and Michael and the cyclops craft things. Afterwards Michael and the cyclops have some sexy time off in the sewers.

Valentina and Nic get to the New York Costume and Halloween Adventures, where they are meeting Henry, the attractive, heterochromatic store owner. But they find the doors locked and when they break in, no one is answering them. Valentina decides that this must be a date type meeting for Nic and leaves. She heads up town to find Grand Vizier Bacon. She had heard he was staying at the Rainbow Room. They have a clandestine meeting in the Rainbow Room's restroom. Bacon updates her on the cat kingdom wars. There had been some deaths in battle, and Bacon wished to start using torture techniques such as tying an enemy cat down, and putting food just out of reach or "running the vacuum." Valentina approved the torture and began planning some Northern Kingdom enemy combatant captures with Bacon. Then they snuck out and headed back to see if Nic's date was over.

Instead of finding a date, Nic found a very hurried Henry who was being distant and aloof. Henry was making up an emergency about his mother being sick and him having to leave the city immediately. He said he'd be back in three days to talk about their performance, but Nic knew he was lying. Nic tried to convince him that he'd given lines like that a thousand times as well, and that Henry didn't need to pretend to leave the city, he could just be honest. But Henry was definitely spooked by something and he hurried Nic out of the building.

Nic was accustomed to time moving incredibly fast when he was with Henry, so he wasn't surprised when 8 hours had gone by while he was talking. Valentina pulled up on her motorcycle just in time for a cyclops to come bursting out of the earth. She quickly explained that this is what it was like when the dragons attacked a few days ago. Nic lept onto the motorcycle and let his divine beauty shine through so that the cyclops wouldn't dare touch him. Valentina gave Nic the "wheel?" of the motorcycle and became invisible on the back of it. The cyclops, dazed and confused, went into the Halloween store.

So far this was going horribly. Nic and Valentina took a break a few blocks away and called in to the man they were hoping was going to bankroll their project. They got his secretary. Apparently there were horrible collapses in the downtown sewers that caused catastrophic building destruction. Their benefactor is an insurance mogul and is now swamped with work. The secretary, who loves Nic and Valentina's work said he'd get them an appointment as soon as humanly possible, but that it couldn't be soon.

Devastated, Nic breaks down and starts planning a weekend of alcoholism and meaningless sex. Valentina was already concocting a plan to get the money by robbing the charity they just started, and Nic being a drunk mess fits nicely into that plan.

God Game! Sundays!
God game is super crazy and complicated right now. After next game, the fate moot will be over(hopefully) and I'll try to do a synopsis of the insanity that has taken place.

Demigod Game! Eastern Promises, Wednesdays

Three friends and a charismatic slaver travel the world solving moon related problems for their patrons.

Having just succeeded in Paris, they head to Egypt. They have a ruined temple to Hathor that they have been slowly fixing up here and they're trying to convert the populace of the local city. Last time they were here, a magical spring appeared in the temple with an oversized crocodile, named Padma(yes, that is one of the character's names as well. They named it, not me). IT has been quite some time since they were here though, and the spring has flooded the temple and the surrounding desert. The temple has a giant crocodile sized hole in it, and they find themselves swimming outside in 12 feet of water. Whenever they arrive here, they are always greeted by frost giants, this time is no different.

While they're fighting the giants Padma(croc) attacks them as well(its very hungry). Padma was a gift from Sobek(a misguided one) and so they aren't sure how to deal with it. But after Padma the croc attacks Padma the person, Shadan flips his ship and murders it with a powerful surge of plant energy. Then they have a problem. Padma decides the best way to handle this faux pa, is to give the crocodile a proper burial and mummification. Shadan begins his search underwater for appropriate funerary items and tools. Padma tells Mohini she thinks Mohini would be best at performing the ritual, but Mohini "pulls caste" and assures them a woman of her station cannot touch and dissect dead things. So it is up to lionel. He begrudgingly handles the intricate ceremony and complicated surgery like a pro. By the end they have a skinned croc, a roaring fire cooking meats, and 4 properly filled canopic jars(and also a giant pile of brains they weren't sure what to do with).

Hrmm.....that episode of Eastern Promises was summed up VERY quickly. I guess the giant fight took a while....and there was a great deal of hemming and hawing about what to do. Players let me know if I left out anything important.

Also I just realized that NO games were playing this week so next week I'll have nothing to write about here. Maybe I'll talk about the playtest from here in greensboro?