Thursday, September 4, 2014

Game Recap: 4th week of August

Lots of end-of-summer cancellations leave us with only Saturday game this week.

Saturday Game: Gangs of New York

Seif: An Iraqi warrior in America for training... or he was before the zombie apocalypse. Now he lives with his daughter in New Jersey.
Valentina: A very literal cat burglar. She has just been mysteriously released from the prison a Greek goddess put her in.
Corey: A confused man who is torn between his old life and two versions of his new self.
Nic: After having his apartment and everything in his life destroyed he took a long backpacking trip through Europe. He arrives back in NYC today.
Michael: An ex-prostitute, he is disguised and working at a small comedy club downtown. He is a wanted terrorist.

Seif goes to search the sewers for creatures, but doesn't find any before Michael calls him back to the lair.

Michael has gone out to deal with the police investigating the most recent Seif sighting. Its a long ordeal that involves Michael shapeshifting a lot and becoming several different homeless people. He eventually decides that the lair is not safe though, and begins moving it even deeper underground. It was then that he called Seif to help him move things. Michael leaves Seif to finish moving everything as Michael heads into the city to get clothes and a shower. He does this by befriending a group of Williamsburg twenty-somethings for a post-bar morning of drinks and drugs, and then leaves around noon with their money.

He returns to the lair to find Seif gone and a note left on the Ishtar statue.

Cleaning the new lair somehow reminded Seif that he left his daughter alone for four days. He decides to give her a call, and finds suspicious silence. After a few more attempts, a male voice informs Seif that he is wanted for questioning. They pick a meeting place in a secluded alley, and Seif meets up with several robots who escort him to the military base for questioning.

Michael followed Seif's trail through the sewers and found the alley. In the alley he found another robot waiting to arrest him as well.

Meanwhile, Valentina and Nic are in Nic's hotel room drinking and perfecting their act. They have a charity event tonight on the roof and an act they haven't practiced much yet. Eventually, they "get their act together" and head up to start the event. Its a high-class charity auction to help the survivors and families of the recent dragon attack. Chadd shows up and soon after him a cavalcade of guests who flood the party. Nic notices that some of them are definitely beings of magic. However, they are beings of magic willing to donate to the cause and have a few drinks. The crowd has gone far beyond capacity, however, and they're growing restless for entertainment, but the guest who they were trying to impress with the show is not here yet. Nic introduces Valentina as the opening act with an impressive choreographed dance from her homeland. She improvises the dance for as long as she can to buy time for Nic to find their mark, Walter Bremmen III, a wealthy philanthropist. Eventually Nic recognizes Bremmen's executive assistant in the crowd and asks him about what is going on. Unsurprisingly, Bremmen was too busy to come, but did send his assistant to see what it was all about.

With haste they start the show and do their amazing escape act/dance number, including magical costume changes, sexy acrobatics and an escape act where Val is dangled off the edge of a skyscraper. The crowd loves it and Nic and Val sneak out because they have a meeting with Henry in just a few minutes. Val steals a motorcycle and the two of them rush uptown.

Meanwhile, Seif and Michael have sat in prison cells beneath the military complex for several hours. Both have had experience with the being who powers the complex, a Mesopotamian god named Nergal. On the way in, Seif even recognized some of Nergal's zombies hiding around the area in military fatigues. Michael doesn't handle jail well, and soon he's visited by Seif and a zombie. Seif explains that the zombies work for Nergal and are releasing them to pay tribute to Nergal.

There is a long debate between the trapped Nergal and the young Mesopotamian heroes who owe him for their escape. The children want things, and Nergal keeps reminding them that he doesn't care what they want and he's gonna tell them what to do... and eventually, they'll do it. Seif bargains for his daughter's life. Nergal says he'll think about it if he brings him Valentina to devour. Seif is appalled and says he'll get him other things to devour instead, and gives him much of his own flesh. Michael hides. As they are about to leave, Seif fills the Nergal-stasis chamber with all the energy he can muster, and then they flee as the building starts to shake and a mushroom cloud rises behind them.

Nic and Val get off their bikes as they see the cloud rise into the sky at the southern part of the island. Their jobs just got much harder.