Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekly Update 8.8

Disclaimer: This is being written about an in-progress project, and is an attempt to give you a glimpse of the process of making the game. Anything discussed in this blog post is subject to change and may not work as described here. Also... wow there were some typos in the original wording of this. Cam seriously feels bad about that, and he feels equally bad referring to himself in the 3rd person.

John was away much of last week, so most of the work he and Anne did was done separately. Anne worked on a final pass for the setting chapter (they wouldn't give me any more info about the setting) before sending it to editing. This chapter will incorporate the Kickstarter influence map stretch goal, and discuss the spread of the pantheons in the world of Hero’s Journey.

John worked on subsystems for aspects, which was previously teased in the Leader update. Leaders in heroic stories are kings, captains, generals, and usually have a larger group of followers. The difficulty was representing this in game outside of their group of players they may or may not be leading. This is where the Leader subsystem comes in. Leader will not be the only Aspect with a subsystem; all Aspects will have them. I've been sworn to secrecy on the rest, but each subsystem will help the character better incorporate the benefits of the chosen Aspect.

On to your questions from this week!

Regarding pursuit: What about Cars and Cycles? Is it Streetwise? And what about catching a criminal on horseback? What am I going to use?

Pursuit will affect all times you’re pursuing something or simply trying to move quickly. If you’re using a vehicle you’re going to have to roll Streetwise, and if you’re riding a horse you’re going to have to be using Naturalism to make sure the horse listens to your commands. After you have successfully started the vehicle, or made sure the horse didn't hate you, you can then apply your Pursuit blessings.

Elaborating on “Travel Episodes”

I couldn't get a ton about this, except that a “Travel Episode” is a type of Episode involving traveling. There will be several Episode types in Hero’s Journey, and what type of Episode you are in is a collaboration between players and their GM. Depending on the type of Episode you are in, certain Blessings may apply more to a given Episode than another.

Will stunting provide any mechanical (or other) bonuses in Hero's Journey?

The Stunting system was designed for Exalted and then used by Scion, and as such it is the the intellectual property of White Wolf / Onyx Path. Hero’s Journey is its own game and will not be using another IP's systems. That being said, Anne and John do want to encourage roleplaying, but rewards for doing that will not come in the form of immediate rewards such as extra dice to use on rolls.

So finally this week, some art! As the Tridevi only lost their vote by one, I thought it would be fair to show you them this week. I confess that I know very little of the Hindu pantheon, so Anne helped me out with descriptions of Parvati, Lakshmi, and Sarasvati.

Parvati is wearing mala or sacred beads, used for meditation and recitation of scripture, and carrying the kamandalu pot that symbolizes purity and holiness. Lakshmi is carrying a lotus blossom, representing fertility and beauty, coins spill from her hands, bestowing riches and good fortune on the world. Sarasvati is playing her veena, demonstrating her power over and patronage of music, and carrying a string of crystal beads representing poetry; she's holding a lotus flower at the moment, but will be gaining a book representing her powers over words in the final pass.

Monday, John will be continuing his Aspect series by talking about the Warrior Aspect.

That’s it for this week, have an awesome weekend!