Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekly Update 8.15

Disclaimer: This is being written about a project that is in progress, what is an attempt to give you a glimpse of the process of making the game and abilities and powers discussed in this blog my not work as described here.

If you've been following @herosjourneyrpg on twitter, this week John and Anne have been working in shifts literally 24 hours a day. My weekly meeting was with Anne and a half awake John doing his best Beautiful Mind impression. What follows is what I've gleaned from that interview.

Anne has been working diligently on finishing the Player Chapter which will cover all the things you need to do in order to succeed at things. The Player Chapter will also discuss episode types, there are currently four episode types. Previously we talked about travel episodes, but this time I was able to get details on another type of episode. The second episode I am allowed to reveal is… The Combat Episode.

Combat often occurs as a part of a heroic story, as a dangerous feat that must be overcome by the hero. When combat begins, it becomes the focus of the episode. Characters who begin, or are unwillingly brought into in a Combat Episode are rarely doing much outside of fighting. They may be trying to escape, or perhaps might be actively working to stop the fight, but combat is the focus. Blessings that affect combat will come to the fore during these episodes.

Anne is also in the process of reaching out to Kickstarter backers who pledged at the Lord of Lore Level to create an NPC. She is pleased to announce that these NPCs will have their own character art, and is in the process of reaching out to artists to create character art, more details as they come. A note, that this is something they wanted to do for backers but weren't sure if they could handle at the outset, and the money for this is coming out of their own pockets, and not from the Kickstarter money.

John in his frenzy has a lot that he has worked on, but little that I am able to share. They require deeper descriptions of full systems and my trying to describe them will not do it justice. In the coming weeks I will have more to share. He has been working with the design team to finalize the look and feel of the aspect webs.

On the artwork front, the Norse and Egyptian cosmology maps are done! The Greek is almost finished and the Hindu map is in sketches. Below is the in progress Greek cosmology map, that dark area will be the Greek Underworld.

There was only one question that I grabbed from the forums this week.

How separate are the three power tiers in terms of scale and capabilities?

The three power tiers are Mortal, Immortal and Divine; they will have an exponential power curve and the difference in the powers wielded between the three tiers will be significant.

More importantly though is that the power tiers reflect the story you are trying to tell. At the Mortal tier stories will be smaller and more personal, at Immortal tier is when you are creating stories the would be fitting for Hercules, and finally at the Divine tier you will be engaging in epic struggles that befit the gods themselves.

Next Monday, John will be continuing his series by talking about the Sage Aspect.

That’s it for this week, have an awesome weekend!