Thursday, August 7, 2014

Game Recap: Last week of July!

Saturday: 10am - 3pm
This group lives in post-apocalyptic NYC after a zombie outbreak they were unable to stop. The plagues of Egypt follow them around and wreck the city on a daily basis, while the group is aware that something about reality "isn't quite right."

Russel: A punch-drunk brawler who was a member of the first ever meta-human government superhero team. He now works for Valentina as her bodyguard.
Corey: A NYC high-class drug dealer who turned his back on his pantheon and began worship of the "one true god" in order to save his friends.
Seif: An Iraqi insurgent who travelled to America with his daughter, and who is constantly confused about American laws and customs.
Valentina: A high-class diamond thief. In order to get a brief break from the plagues, she claimed the title of Pharaoh. She now has an army of cats that attend her.
Skylar: Boy genius who has real trouble connecting with people. He has spent the past few months engineering the zombie cure.

So we missed last week for the new video, which leaves us a week behind. I could combine the two Saturday games, but since it's a new story and different characters, I'll finish up this story this week, and combine the two first sessions of the group next week.

The group comes together and says:

"Okay... what do we do?"
"Is there still a horrible zombie monster rampaging and killing the few remaining humans?"
"There is. We should probably kill that."
"Eh... that sounds like a pain in the ass."
"Excellent point, lets do something else."
"Okay, fine, we're killing a zombie giant."

And then the great zombie giant fight began. They hit it with fists and lightning and cars and trash cans and flower power. Skylar stayed on a far away building and gave the play by play. Corey tried to join in but was knocked unconscious to save his wilting body from combat. At times it seemed like the group was outmatched. At times the zombie giant broke off pieces of itself to gain advantages. But the heroes found that when the destroyed these broken pieces, they were rewarded with legend or healing. Skylar, from his vantage point atop a building, also saw that the city seemed to be filling with healing and magical power, and that slowly humanity was reviving throughout the area. A side effect, Skylar noticed, was that reality seemed to be ripping apart. A more humorous side effect was that Corey kept becoming alive, running into combat, dying, and and then being resurrected by the rampant power explosions later. As they slew the last remaining part of the zombie, Skylar could see that most, if not all, of Manhattan had returned to life, but at the same instant, it seemed that reality fully tore itself apart. A bright flashing light lit up the sky and everyone lost consciousness.

Each of them woke up in a different hallway that led to a different room where they had a talk with a god, seemingly unrelated to them. They all had the talks separately, so they don't know what happened to one another. I don't want to spoil anything for them, but for you guys I'll give a very short synopsis. The shortness of them will probably put the characters in a bad light. I promise it wasn't quite as bad as it'll seem.

Room 1: Seif and Hades

Hades: It took me a lot of energy to bring all those humans back to life. You kinda ruined everything and were a bad person.
Seif: How do I be a good person?
Hades: You have to know that for yourself. If you don't get better, we'll have to kill you.
Seif: But tell me how!
Hades: Look within your heart.
Seif: What does that mean?
Hades: puts on helmet of invisibility

Room 2: Corey and Zeus

Zeus: Hey, you really fucked up down there.
Corey: I know.
Zeus: Like really fucked up, its taking me a ton of energy to fix all that.
Corey: I know.
Zeus: You cant do that shit again.
Corey: How do I fix being a horrible cursed monster?
Zeus: Yeah... you shouldn't have done that. Now you're stuck with it until you prove you won't give in to it.
Corey: ...I'll get on that, I guess.

Room 3: Skylar and Ra

Ra: You gotta make better choices.
Skylar: Okay.
Ra: What was your worst mistake?
Skylar: Meeting these people.
Ra: Haha... not quite. Try again.
Skylar: many things.
Ra: It was not saving or helping actual people and worrying about your own life instead.
Skylar: I'll do better.
Ra: Sounds good. Be more like Corey!
Skylar: ......

Room 4: Valentina and Athena

Athena: You messed up.
Valentina: /ignore
Athena: Who am I?
Valentina: I don't know, who are you?
Athena: You got a smart mouth.
Valentina: What's it to you?
Athena: You wanna be locked in here til you read some books?
Valentina: Fine with me, I love books.
Athena: Fine by me, you can leave when you know who I am.
Valentina: Guess I live here forever then.

Room 5: Russel and Persephone

Persephone: You messed up and I had to clean up after you.
Russel: I'm sorry.
Persephone: Sorry isn't good enough, I need to know you won't do it again.
Russel: I didn't have a good leader to follow.
Persephone: If you were following Hitler, would you know?
Russel: Wait, is Corey Hitler?
Persephone: If you have to ask if someone is Hitler, you definitely wouldn't know if you were following Hitler.
Russel: I don't wanna follow Hitler.
Persephone: Then your options are learn how to spot Hitlers, or stop taking orders from people and be a leader yourself.
Russel: Those both sound hard... but one involves learning, so I choose the other one.

Those each were much longer and took 15-20 minutes, but after that, all but Valentina headed to earth and helped humanity get back on its feet.

Next week! The return of Nic and the terrorist Michael!