Thursday, August 28, 2014

Game Recap: 3rd week of August

Last week's post was insanely long. Gonna try to be more brief this time around.

Sunday Game: Kingdoms of Heaven

Sowiljr: King of the Aesir. Beautiful God of bears, sunlight and cold.
Eztli: Indestructible protector of the Mexica people and bringer of death to their enemies.
Folkvardr: General of the Aesir armies and grand mystic of the pantheon.
Jioni: The darkness Queen Erebus and goddess constantly stuck between worlds.

The group continues to be split up as Folkvardr and the other fatemakers of the world attempt to weave the ruptures in destiny itself back together.

Folkvardr is paired for the next attempt with a nightmare group: Tezcatlipoca, Isis, and Brahma. One person that hates him, one person that hates Sowiljr and will take it out on him, and one1 complete wild card. It goes pretty awkwardly. Brahma steals a lot from Folkvardr. Isis is able to control the random fate things that are happening, but only to a small degree, and Tezcat is causing randomness that made it difficult for the others to get their footing.

The highlights of the event were:
Gilgamesh was resurrected.
Eztli and bat were momentarily split from each other. It went very, very poorly.
Tyr was resurrected. This caused Garm to be resurrected as well, much to Hel's annoyance.
Shamash was ejected from the meeting, but was not replaced (yet?).
Tezcatlipoca fulfilled the first of four faterealm pillars. The great task is 1/4 over and he is very pleased with himself.

On the other side of the world (not on regular the world at all, in fact), the gang heads to visit Osanyin. They have some recipes from Danu to protect themselves from diseases that they need to gather ingredients for, but when they get there, they realize they underestimated the horribleness of his lands. The many toxins and poisons from the horrible plants all over were far too much for them. They survive for miles, but are eventually overcome by the potent toxins. Eztli alone remained conscious when they reached Osanyin, but even she was mostly paralyzed. She and Osanyin immediately went toe to toe. He summoned a horde of plant creatures to attack her and she let loose a torrent of horrible lightning. Eventually the lightning ricocheted into Sowiljr, waking him up from the toxins. He froze Osanyin in place just as Osanyin was covered in armor, rallied by Cronus' watchful eye. Sowiljr had Eztli wake up Jioni and they began searching for the plants they needed frantically while waiting for Cronus to arrive. They soon realized that they had no chance of finding the particular plants they needed in this forest of herbs and fled to the massive autumn palace where the omphalos was currently being held. Sowiljr filled the palace with water while Jioni and Eztli broke the chains holding the omphalos here. They put the omphalos in the holding area in Rome, and noticed that someone had recently been making coffee in their secret coffee shop. Then they returned to Iceland to find Tyr alive. Sowiljr sent Jioni off to talk to Tyr while he and Eztli went to the Underworld to save Hel from Garm.

Wednesday Game: Eastern Promises

Mohini: Trained dancer and Hindu warrior
Shadan: Persian prince on the run from his family
Padma: Half Hindu/half British aristocracy
Lionel: American southern plantation owner

The big day was finally here and they were all about to go on stage, but Padma was still being hunted through the castle by a man she had yet to see. She tried to make it out before he found her, but eventually he called to her across the courtyard. He was a man who seemed out of time. He was gorgeous and strong, in full plate armor that looked almost ceremonial, but well used. He had a series of questions for Padma (who was still dressed as a servant) that took her all over the castle and finally she was saved by Shadan who wove a just barely not-good-enough story about their plans for this evening.

That got the knight to wander towards the stage, where he demanded many things and it eventually went to swords. But quickly after the fight broke out, Lionel ordered him to leave, and he did just that. The gathered servants thought it was an excellent stage combat scene that highlighted how awesome the show was going to be and the palace became abuzz with excitement.

The group was still missing their lead for the play because Alfonse was missing, so Lionel went over the script and was going to attempt to play both Jesus and Judas. It would involve some quick changes, but was doable.
As the emperor was coming out to see the Mass before the show began, Shadan realized that the show might be too sacrilegious for him. They made a last minute change, and suddenly, instead of a passion play, they were performing a play about the second coming. Which is good, cause that's gonna make all the fight scenes and dragons and fireworks that Mohini added to make it more interesting make more sense. They let everyone know, and did their best to "wing" the parts of the performance that now were unscripted. Padma played masterful piano and improvised new duets with Mohini (who was taking over for Alfonse on guitar, but who hadn't studied the music). Shadan and Mohini took the leads dancing and singing and fighting. At one point when Peter (Shadan) was assaulted by a horde of Rakshasa with only Mary Magdalene (Mohini) at his side, one of the extras tripped and was about to fall in the way of Mohini's sword. Luckily, Shadan acted quickly, blew out of his skin and went flying backwards into the tents for a flashy quick change. Lionel was forced to improv most of his changes as Judas has some big numbers that were followed directly by a Jesus number. And at the end, Jesus is on stage while Judas is getting burned alive by the fire breathing elephants. So it was tough, and required some vamping by the others to pull off, but he did it.

Oh, and also, the group realized that their powers seemed to sometimes not work, or have strange side effects while the Emperor was around.

As the show finished, the moon high in the sky began to swell and pulse with energy. Padma and Shadan were so taken with the power of each other's performance that they dove beneath the stage for lovemaking while Mohini, Lionel and the rest of the cast took accolades from the audience. As the moon continued to pulsate and grow, it finally shattered in a torrent of lunar energy, showering the group in light as it swept them away to another land.

You may be confused about the Jesus story... it was originally going to be a standard Christian passion play, but they needed Mohini to write it because she had the most talent for it. Mohini doesn't quite know or understand Christianity, and she made many changes to make the story more to her liking. The audience was confused, but seemed to love it anyway.

Saturday Game: Gangs of New York

Seif: An Iraqi warrior in America for training... or he was before the zombie apocalypse. Now he lives with his daughter in New Jersey.
Valentina: A very literal cat burglar. She has just been mysteriously released from the prison a Greek goddess put her in.
Corey: A confused man who is torn between his old life and two versions of his new self.
Nic: After having his apartment and everything in his life destroyed he took a long backpacking trip through Europe. He arrives back in NYC today.
Michael: An ex-prostitute, he is disguised and working at a small comedy club downtown. He is a wanted terrorist.

Tired of writing... Saturday, you get bullet points this week.

Valentina disposes of barge, and gets attacked by a merman. She flees to Staten Island and takes the ferry. On the ferry she is attacked by a fish creature. Seif rushes to save her but is far away, and he gets lots of local media attention as he bounds across the Brooklyn Bridge. Valentina appears to fall off the boat and die, but finally kills the creature. She swims back and meets Seif halfway. They head through the sewers to their lair, but halfway there Valentina passes out from her injuries.

Back in the lair, Corey and Nic rested and healed while Michael built a forge/statue to Ishtar.
Valentina arrived and Corey did what he could to heal her as he hung out as a plant/sunlight hybrid creature.
Nic headed out to get a party for investors planned.
Seif headed off to search the tunnels for little rock-dwarf/troll/things to kill and harvest their rock organs for Michael to make crates out of.

Seif eventually finds the tracks of what he thinks must be a giant cockroach. He follows it until he finds a large underground area filled with giant balls of feces. A massive dung beetle with a hard earthen coating is placing its young inside them. It has been cleaning the sewers of waste and depositing it here. Seif sneaks up on it and attacks. They go toe to toe for a while and eventually Seif attacks its children with lightning. The sewers catch fire and the beetle freaks out as its children burn. It goes into a rage and attacks Seif. Seif destroys it. He goes to harvest it for its kidney stones, but is unsuccessful and they blow up in his hands. He returns to the lair battered and bruised. He gets healed by Corey the healing sun-tree and they relax together on the coach as Michael builds with the kidney stones they already have.

Valentina left shortly after being healed enough to walk. She went to go find Nic and help plan a party. They met up at a generic magic store near Union Square. While looking for items, they are approached by a man claiming to work there. He can see they need excellent products and he wants to show them the "good stuff" downstairs. He takes them to a gymnasium full of high quality items in a secret room downstairs. A live-in bartender provides excellent, incredibly old alcohols. He leaves them for a few minutes to figure out a trick he has that Houdini used to do.
Nic puts Val into the complicated chains with many locks and dangles her in the air. Just then, the mysterious man opens the floor below her to reveal a tank of sharks. He strokes Nic's shoulder as he watches Valentina escape and rewards them with more drinks. He is impressed, and wants to sponsor their eventual show in Vegas. They're to come back at midnight for a fitting. They exit and find out two days went by in what seemed like hours.

A stranger recognizes Nic on the street. The stranger knows both his name and who his father is. He asks Nic to show him some flying and Nic obliges. The man ALSO wants to invest in the show... but only if they make the minimum ticket price $10,000. He doesnt want riff raff seeing the show. He seems like an asshole. But Nic and Valentina love the idea. As the stranger walks away, a voice on the wind (Enlil) tells Nic that he shouldn't be dealing with the poor anyway. Royalty does not mix with the plebes.

Back in the lair... this suddenly made the other representatives of the Mesopotamian gods feel really good about their place in life, but also wonder where the heck Nic and Valentina disappeared to for days.