Thursday, August 21, 2014

Game Recap: 3rd week of August

This is late, gentle people, because John wrote it, saved it in a draft, and promptly fell asleep. I just found it, so here it comes!

Sunday Game: Kingdoms of Heaven

Sowiljr: King of the Aesir. Beautiful God of bears, sunlight and cold.
Eztli: Indestructible protector of the Mexica people and bringer of death to their enemies.
Folkvardr: General of the Aesir armies and grand mystic of the pantheon.
Jioni: The darkness Queen Erebus and goddess constantly stuck between worlds.

The group continues to be split up as Folkvardr and the other fatemakers of the world attempt to weave the ruptures in destiny itself back together.

Eztli, Sowiljr and Jioni finally head off to the primordial realm of fertility and life. They want to arrive in Danu's portion of the realm to try to talk to her, and find the shortest path to their destination through Mag Mell. Jioni guides them through the underworld and they arrive off the coast. A river of blood flows out of the realm and all around it the rolling hills of Ireland stand before them. The realm is massive and even at Eztli's top speed they cannot cover enough of it to find Danu in a reasonable time. Every hour Sowiljr struggles to fight off the sexual desires that the realm forces on him. In order to blend in, he activates some of his powers over plants. He turns into a green plant person, but finds that although he can heal very quickly, he can no longer speak the language of humans or animals.

They continue to search, but stop to ask local flora for help. A tree tells them that there are many ways to find Danu, but none of them involve searching. Of the many possibilities, the group decides on having a chariot race with one of the giants, which they hope will get her attention. They have Eztli craft a golden chariot and Sowiljr creates a massive horse to pull it. Then they are off to find a giant to challenge. They find one, but if he wins the race he demands to sleep with Eztli (or, barring Eztli, he'll also accept Sowiljr). They agree and he goes off to build his chariot and create his horses. He creates a massive chariot that is pulled by 16 gigantic vine/moss horses. Sowiljr decides on trickery being the best option for winning since this giant refuses to use fewer horses. Eztli releases the horse and straps her nahualli, Cuacitlali, to the cart for maximum spee, while Jioni rides along to pump the cart's speed into overdrive. Then as soon as the race starts, Sowiljr blinds the giant with his bangin' body and wipes his memory. The race took many hours as Eztli and Jioni traveled across the plane and through different fairy courts at Mach 26. And while this was happening, every few hours the giant would be like, "Hey, whats going on?" and Sowiljr would say "You're in a super important race! You better get going!" And then he would blind him and wipe his memory again.

Finally Jioni and Eztli came down the home stretch, and the gathered fairy creatures spectating cheered and when it was all explained to the giant he was super pissed off. He fell into a towering and violent rage, but Eztli was quick to react, showing the giant his own insanity in the mirrored reflection of her massive teeth and intimidating him into returning to his senses. Sad and defeated, he told them how to find Danu, and the group paraded off to cheers and chants.

Eventually in a small, quiet, blood-dripping-from-the-trees grove, they found Danu. They chatted with her about the plight of the Irish pantheon (which was largely destroyed during Ragnarok and is now made up of a few homeless vagabonds) and possible ways she could help them rebuild. They explained that they were soon heading to the realm of all diseases, and Danu provided them with a recipe to help them there (and info on where in the realm to get the necessary plants). Although Sowiljr really wanted to, he decided against attempting to convince Danu to leave and beget a new pantheon for fear that Cronos, to whom she currently owes allegiance, might find out and come directly for them. Instead they headed off in their cart towards the center of the realm to finally retrieve the omphalos.

In the meantime, the "fate-tornado" was not going well. Folkvardr's opponents at this time were Manannan Mac Lir, Nuwa, and Ganesha. They struggled and fought over the fate energy in front of them, all attempting to build lasting pieces of the realm. Knowing that with each success and each mistake, real and permanent consequences changed all over the world. Folkvardr worked hard at creating one of the four pillars of the realm. He was making so much progress that Nuwa abandoned her own work to help him. But by they soon realized that everything they had been working on was an illusion caused by Manannan to trick and delay them. Realizing their time was almost up and that it was probably too late, Ganesha joined Folkvardr to help him as well, but it was for naught, as Manannan's illusion had put them too far behind and they had to start all over. Around the world, there were consequences of the horrible abuse of fate committed here. The group saw some as positives and some as negatives.

1. Ra was resurrected from a long and apparently not permanent death. The Egyptians who have been playing the Game of Thrones in his absence have a lot of explaining to do.
2. Jioni's inner motivations were forcibly aligned with those of her Orisha forebears, giving her sudden and strong urges and inclination's she's never before had. She has very mixed feelings.
3. Ganesha was stripped of his fate powers and removed from the meeting. He was replaced by Brahma. No one is happy about this... except Brahma. He is gonna shit all over Folkvardr.

Saturday Game: Gangs of New York

Seif: An Iraqi warrior in America for training... or he was before the zombie apocalypse. Now he lives with his daughter in New Jersey.
Valentina: A very literal cat burglar. She has just been mysteriously released from the prison a Greek goddess put her in.
Corey: A confused man who is torn between his old life and two versions of his new self.
Nic: After having his apartment and everything in his life destroyed he took a long backpacking trip through Europe. He arrives back in NYC today.
Michael: An ex-prostitute, he is disguised and working at a small comedy club downtown. He is a wanted terrorist.

Nic awakes to find everyone in a car fleeing the scene of a dead dragon. News outlets all over talk about a new hero in town (Seif) and how the army wants to talk to him about joining Containment Prime. Nic freaks out, everyone ditches the stolen car, and they hang out on the streets of Alphabet City trying to come up with a plan. Seif waves at adoring fans. They decide to split up to accomplish many goals.

Michael takes Seif underground to an old sewer/hobo communion he used to know and start planning ways to build all the things he needs to build. They want to get Seif out of the public eye so that he isn't taken away forever by the army.

Nic takes Corey to go talk to the ghosts who reside in the new york public library. They keep the Rose Room quiet with magical crystals, and the schematics that the group has for their silent jet require some of these crystals. Corey is going to see what they might need and help them while Nic gets him around.

Valentina has a laundry list of part numbers that the schematic say they can get from a railyard. She goes off on her own to "acquire" these.

Michael and Seif head off to hide underground. On the way, Michael tries once again to explain to Seif about not using his powers because they are being stealthy. He punctuates this by immediately using his powers to contact Valentina to complain about Seif. Then both Seif and Corey feel gross invisible webbing on their bodies. They try to brush it off but are unable to, and then everyone in the group feels fate change a core part of who they are. Michael and Seif aren't too worried about it. They find the old entrance Winona showed Michael and they work their way through the sewers. They find the giant room where Michael spent so much time many months ago, and Michael gets to working on a beautiful statue of Ishtar to adorn the forge he's building down here. Seif patrols the halls and does a lot of exercising.

Nic and Corey headed uptown to the library. Reminder: Corey is still unconscious from the dragon fight... and he is also a leafy plant person. Nic is carrying his unconscious body uptown when he is stopped by some police officers. Nic explains... that Corey is totally not the guy that was on TV just now. Nic tells them he has a plant-man fetish and this is his sex doll. They let him go on his way. He gets Corey to an alley and tries to make phone calls while Corey sleeps off his wounds, but after the attack cell coverage in the city is a nightmare and Nic is having a tough time getting through to anyone.

Eventually Corey wakes up and looks at his horrible wounds. He realizes that if he becomes human again, he'll probably die from diseases and bacteria since his body is so weak. Instead, he gets some clothes and attempts to avoid notice as a walking celery person. It is surprisingly effective. They get to the library... and this is when they are hit with the whiplash from Michael's use of his powers. And Nic, who wasn't a genius to begin with, is changed; he becomes impossibly unintelligent. He no longer really remembers the plan or why they're doing things and is instead completely occupied with getting his Dad on the phone to demand a new hotel room in the city. Corey eventually wrangles him and they get entrance to the library where Corey has a meeting with one of the ghosts. They attempt to work out a deal. The ghost explains that when the zombie apocalypse ended they lost their zombie servants. and if it was in Corey's wheelhouse to get them some new ones, they'd part with their magic silencing crystals. Then Corey and Nic parted ways. Nic headed to his swanky hotel room and Corey went to hide in the grass in Central Park.

Valentina's first priority was making sure that Farrah was safe amidst all of this nonsense. She can't get through on cell phones and breaks into someone's apartment to use their phone. Eventually she gets through to Farrah at school but isn't allowed to talk to her. They say they're sending the kids home though, but when Valentina calls Farrah's apartment someone picks up, but doesn't speak. Valentina flees the apartment she broke into, not yet sure if she was too late getting to Farrah. She heads off to the Queens trainyard and puts on the ol' confused girl act. She gets the attention and help of several men and fakes her way through pretending to work for a construction company in the city and billing all these parts to that company. The order is much too large, though, and it'll have to be shipped tomorrow. Valentina gets it expedited and has them agree to load up a boat and ship it all late this evening. She contacts Corey and Nic and tells them to meet Michael and Seif down by the sewers.

They meet up and wait for Valentina. Nic and Seif are dicks to each other. Corey gets carried downstairs to avoid the infections. Michael finishes the plans for his statue of Ishtar.

Valentina gets taken by barge down the east river. The ten men transporting her cargo have no idea what they've signed up for. Silently, Val sneaks through the dark corridors of the ship. She brought a nice soft mallet to knock them out, but she quickly learned that she didn't know how to judge her force. She runs through sneaking and murdering until the boat is clear she is alone. Quietly she drives the boat towards the sewer exit and flashes the lights to Nic who is waiting outside. Seif leaps over and starts transporting things when he notices Valentina cleaning up some blood. They have a stern talk about what happened on the boat. Neither really seemed satisfied by the other's reaction... and then they started offloading.