Thursday, August 14, 2014

Game Recap: 2nd week of August

The games are all back in full swing this week! Prepare for many words! Also comical character introductions to change it up this time around.

Sunday Game: God Game

Although God game is back from hiatus, some work schedules made it so we had a half-game.

Sowiljr: King of the Aesir. Charming and beautiful.
Eztli: Queen of the Aesir... sort of. She's a Mexican goddess who hates white people and thinks Sowiljr's kingdom is a stupid waste of time.
Folkvardr: The only other member of the Aesir! This makes him in charge of "probably" too many things around the kingdom.
Jioni: Not an Aesir at all! She is one of the gods of western Africa and is here entwined in this new Aesir world because of her deceased friend Vala.

The group is split as Folkvardr continues his painful slog through the "magemoot." In Cleveland, Ohio, the site of a post-apocalyptic zombie infestation, one "fate-weaver" from each pantheon meets. They meet to attempt to repair the chaos the Greeks began when they destroyed the primordial realm of fate. They started the meeting when everyone arrived, but didn't notice/care that Folkvardr was being impersonated by Stribog. So the meeting began without him, and when he finally arrived, the city of Cleveland was enveloped in a giant tornado of fate energy with the past, present and future all being warped.

Folkvardr wrestles with the others in a difficult mix of chess and poker where every move changes the fate of one of the gods and each bluff risks the very real fabric of existence. This week he struggled with Ard, Orunmila, and Shamash. Folkvardr fought for the Aesir to have a place etched out in the fate realm, but his opponents were more experienced and more powerful. Shamash vied for completion, but the other two seemed more preoccupied with gaining territory in the realm than actually completing their task.

Meanwhile, the others busied themselves with the tasks of preparing to head into the ancient realm of plants and nature. Sowiljr needed to return to the Anunna to repay Sin for curing Eztli's madness... which led to him being gone just long enough for her to lose her mind again.

Eztli and Jioni were working their way through Europe disposing of the abominations that their last tour in the realms of the primordial had created. They ran into Radegast, who was also cleaning up the mess, but he was interested to talk to Jioni about omphali. Eztli mistook Radegast for a star-monster, but Sowiljr told her not to attack him. She tried her best, but the compulsion was too strong, and she freaked out and fled to Tamoanchan to bring the pain to the very stars themselves. Jioni raced to get Sowiljr and get him over to Eztli before she entered a fight they couldn't escape from. He succeeded and tricked her into thinking the stars had fled to attack Solheim. Once there, he created multiple armies for Eztli to fight until she had satiated her insanity. Then they hung out with the kids and did some parenting. They're continually confused by the children Goze left with them... they are strange colors and seem to age faster than the others... and also they can fly and make creatures. It's weird.

Wednesday Game: Demigod Game

Lionel: Southern plantation owner. When we did character Q&A he was overwhelmingly called "the worst."
Padma: A young Deva girl carrying plant babies in her womb.
Shadan: A young Yazata boy carrying plant babies in his womb.
Mohini: A young Deva girl who thinks at least four different gods are her husband.

The group has everything ready for the big production for his Imperial Majesty of France! Or do they? They leave Paris on their way to Versailles with 30 actors and a cart of fireworks in tow. They have a difficult time getting to the palace as Shadan refuses to be in charge of driving all four carts at once and is trying his best to keep his wife safely away from cart full of explosives. The actors run lines for a script they're seeing for the first time (most of them can't read, so that makes it hard) and they talk about changes they'll make, much to Shadan's chagrin. Lionel suffers from withdrawal from his drug addictions until he's able to score some off the actors.

They arrive in a small town outside of Versailles and stay at the inn for the night. Shadan tries to strike a deal with the innkeeper to barter produce in exchange for lodging, but there are too many actors, and they are drinking WAY too much. Shadan pays with one of his family's heirlooms and late in the night fills the cellars with fruits anyway. While everyone is asleep, he and Padma search the grounds. On the roof of the inn they find a living gargoyle; not the same one from Paris, Ezekiel, but apparently a brother of his sent to watch them. They chat for a bit, and he reminds them not to put any humans in harm's way, or else. Then the couple wanders off to an apple orchard. Padma shows Shadan a new power she has learned and makes the grove magical. They share an apple and pick a few for Mohini. The orchard grows in full bloom during a light snow as they leave.

Oh yeah, Shadan and Alfonse got in a fight during the night. I forget what it was about, but Alfonse stormed off. So hopefully he comes back, or their passion play is short the main character.

In the morning they head to the palace. It is immediately known that the palace is not prepared (or happy) about their arrival. They are given the arena to perform in because they couldn't be trusted with actors and fireworks at their first two choices of performance space (the gardens and inside the palace). They are constantly ignored by the guards and are provided with nothing to help set up. Lionel heads off to fix this while Shadan searches for Alfonse and Padma sneaks about.

Shadan searches, then heads back to town and tracks Alfonse from the inn. He heads south into the woods but loses Alfonse's trail at the same place that there are suddenly many ferret paw prints. Shadan uses his investigating knowledge and discovers that Alfonse was captured by brownies riding ferrets. He follows the ferret trail until that too was intercepted by hoofprints. There was a scuffle. The brownies fled and the hoofprints seem to head back towards the castle. Surely Alfonse is with this mysterious horseman.

Lionel goes about the castle convincing people to help his band of actors set up. Eventually he has a stage and lighting and everything they could need. All it took was trading some of the actor's "contracts" to a duchess. Dear actors, you are now indentured servants. You're welcome.

Padma notices that there is a part of the castle that she can't sense, and that there seems to be a barrier of fate round it. She sneaks into the castle and dresses up as a maid. She explores around and tries to make her way there, but is stopped by guards who tell her cleaning staff isn't allowed in that part of the palace. As she is heading to the bed chambers to change the linens she hears powerful metal footsteps in the hallway coming towards here and she makes quick evasive maneuvers to avoid them.

Mohini does a lot of nothing, because everyone else keeps telling her to not talk to or interact with anyone and stay under the giant cloak they're hiding her in, or her beauty is going to start a riot.

The game ended with Shadan arriving back and the show ready to start with Mohini but with no Alfonse or Padma.

Saturday Game: Hero Game

The story starts anew. Several characters from last saga have stuck around, but others from the very first story have rotated in. I'll do real introductions for these guys since its their first story together.

Seif: An Iraqi warrior in America for training... or he was before the zombie apocalypse. Now he lives with his daughter in New Jersey.
Valentina: A very literal cat burglar. She has just been mysteriously released from the prison a Greek goddess put her in.
Corey: A confused man who is torn between his old life and two versions of his new self.
Nic: After having his apartment and everything in his life destroyed he took a long backpacking trip through Europe. He arrives back in NYC today.
Michael: An ex-prostitute, he is disguised and working at a small comedy club downtown. He is a wanted terrorist.

It's the first game of a new story, so there is a bit of "meeting up" that has to happen. Also this post covers two weeks of game. I'll try to be short-ish.


Michael: After a long shift at work, two comedians get in a fight over money and one of them dies. Michael is brought in for questioning as the only witness and possible suspect. One of the comedians had a tarot card with Michael's real name on it. He takes it before the cops get there.

Nic: He awakes to room service he didn't order. The room service guys are assassins. They think he is the President of the United States. Nic evades them, but people on the street also think he is the president. The cops think he is an impostor and possibly part of the assassination plot. They bring him in for questioning. In a holding cell he is placed with a bartender. He figures out that it's Michael, who ruined his life last time. Michael sneaks out the back of the police station. Eventually the lights mysteriously go out in the building, everyone except Nic falls unconscious and there is a tarot card with a time date and place in his cell. He leaves and heads there.

Seif: Goes to his weekly fight club meeting, but finds a Tarot card with his name and an apartment in Manhattan on it. He gets his gear, leaves a note for his daughter and heads into the city.

Corey: I don't remember the exacts of how... but someone mouthed off either about God or the Anunna and Corey went immediately into a blind rage. Which led to him knocking himself out trying to fight a passerby (or something like that).

Valentina: Is still in her library prison. A package appears that has clean clothes and a tarot card in it. She takes it and notices that the door is finally unlocked. She leaves and finds herself on the streets of Manhattan in front of the address on the Tarot card. A cab pulls up and Corey rolls out of it, and a tarot card with his name on it is dropped on his body. The cab quickly disappears down the street. Then Seif shows up.

Seif and Valentina talk about going back to see Farrah. Corey tries to reason with them that they should wait here. Others are coming and they probably can't leave the city anymore anyway. This doesn't make sense to Seif and Valentina so they get on his motorcycle and head out of the city. When they get to the Holland Tunnel, however, they slam into a painful invisible wall. They have a few hours before the time listed on the tarot card. They head back, but stop at a hotel. They get washed and changed and have some intimate time before heading back.

Michael and Nic are heading that way when they both see each other, and Corey. The three of them stop to get acquainted at a corner taco shack. They become fast friends over tacos and margaritas until a few minutes before midnight when Seif and Valentina show up and they all head to the address. It is trapped and magically sealed. They break through and run up stairs. Corey rides his fox Dalia, but she gets nicked by a trap and is forced to stay at the bottom of the stairs bleeding as they rush upstairs with little time left.

Inside the apartment is a strange symbol that Michael and Nic know from the last time they were together. Some puzzle type stuff happens and then the room turns "on." Information flows out of the walls and the center of the room too fast for most to read. Some gods are looking out for this group and want them to break the shackles of this world. They want them to escape the city, the trap they're in - first for a short while and then forever. The plans for how to accomplish this dance in 3D letters around the room as schematics for a device to free them hangs in the center of the room.

Nic tries to explain everything he just saw and formulate a plan, but passes out from the sheer exhaustion of reading it all. Corey then tries to explain, but Seif and Valentina can't grasp what he means by fate and magic and what might happen. They are given a laundry list of things to do to prepare. They must acquire a jet and modify it to be completely stealthy and able to break through the barrier. Then they must head to the most desolate and uninhabited part of South Dakota to get further instructions. Their goal is to create a Las Vegas magic show that does three big shows, each of which are part of a ritual to break down the barriers to NYC for good.

(Also, a voice in Corey's head lets him know that his mother is in jail because he fucked around with the computer system and that this will free her.)

The notes carried two warnings.

1. Be incredibly discreet. If you get caught, or the military gets involved, this will probably all be ruined.
2. Because we're working against fate, fate will be taking a stronger hand with you. Be very careful about how much of your powers you use and why. Fate will be punishing you for its use and that's a vicious cycle you can't escape from. Also, fate will be probably empowering mortals to work against you when you use your powers, so be ready for that.

One of the things on the list is to get gallstones and kidney stones from these little rock monsters that are hiding around the city. Seif and Corey head off to do that. They find some in the basement of a building that was gutted because of too much mold. Seif heads down, powers up and easily murders them, but does not have the medical skill to retrieve the stones before they explode, so they leave empty-handed. When they get outside a guy named Chadd notices Corey and tries to talk to him. Every movie star paparazzi scene happens. Also, a mysterious person invites him to a party, with an appearance fee. This person seems to have powers.

Another thing they had to do was find a magical thing in an secret subway station. Valentina and Michael head off to do this. They find the station and find a traincar used by the president to secretly move about back in the sixties. They also find some rock monsters. They dodge rock monster attacks while searching the car for anything magical. Eventually they find what they're looking for: a pair of World War II-era secret service revolvers. Michael, trying to help, causes the rock monsters to fall in love with him. Valentina and Michael flee. They're gonna figure out how to ruin these priceless artifacts to make paint for the plane. Valentina is not happy about this.

The group meets up and decides they need to lie low. They head to Michael's comedy club and Corey gets some much-needed rest while the others watch improv, eat, drink, and play poker with a sad comedy clown. They do that through the evening and by morning Michael and Valentina need some rest. While Seif and Corey are ready to go! So Seif and Corey go looking for more rock monsters. They find some over by the docks.

It's gonna get a little confusing and crazy here.

Seif doesn't want to fight them because he doesn't like fighting underwater, but Corey doesn't want to leave them alive. Seif suggests bringing them on land, but then people would see them. Perhaps they should go find other rock creatures. They are apparently all over the city. No, Corey really wants to fight these ones. They argue about it for a while, then Corey starts saying if these rock monsters don't die, Seif's daughter will be in trouble. Is it a threat? I'm still not sure, but Seif charges into the water, hammer all lightning and body shimmering with gold armor.

Many people take pictures and video footage. Corey tries to distract them all, with mixed results. And then the earth begins to quake. Corey barely stops himself from falling into the earth that cracks under his feet. Out of that earth rises a giant stone dragon. One bite from it puts Corey down and Seif runs to stop it. At the same time, in different parts of the city (Michael's apartment and Valentina's hotel), earthquakes begin and more dragons arrive. Valentina flees with Nic's unconscious body, steals a car, picks up the also fleeing Michael and heads to Seif. Seif fought the dragon to a standstill for quite some time as it demolished building after building.

Seif was able to save Corey and eventually beat the dragon into rubble, but not before it took thousands of people with it. Valentina arrived just in time to get Seif and head toward the other dragons.

We'll pick up there this Saturday.